BlogHer PRO '14: Check Out the Agenda & Make Your Plans

BlogHer PRO is just about two months away. Are you registered—or have you been waiting to learn more details? Let's see if I can help! Today, I'm happy to unveil the agenda for the conference.  ...more

Be Mindful This Fall With NaBloPoMo!

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month?  ...more

"Dude, No One Stole Your 1994 Honda Accord."

One of the best jobs I’ve ever had was as a parking lot attendant at my university. I sat in a booth for no more than six hours at a time, took money from people, and did my homework/read a book. It was awesome, especially since I had the night ...more

How to Adopt a Kid Without Signing Papers

Several of you asked, "What's the story behind your kid who doesn't look anything like the rest of you?" I made a phone call, asked permission, and am now laying it all out there. The short answer to the question "How To Adopt a Child Without Going ...more

California Makes "Yes Means Yes" a Law in California

In a groundbreaking legislative move, California governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that affirms the necessity of consent when it comes to engaging in sexual activity. According to this new bill, signed on September 28, 2014, any ...more

How BlogHer Took My Fizzled Out Post to 21,000+ Views

As I am writing this post, my other post is the most popular on  This is a post that had barely ignited and then fizzled on my own site, but was featured by BlogHer and took on a life of its own. This is definitely a testament to the power of BlogHer. It drives me nuts when people share stories about increased traffic, shares, or going viral with no stats, so I am going to lay it all out for you here, and you can judge for yourself. ...more
Good for you! I haven't been able to get anything published yet on BlogHer but I'm hopeful.more

Playing Dress Up with Golden Tote

I had heard several times, from friends and other bloggers, about services that mail you a package of clothing items that you can try on in the comfort of your own home, and then decide to either keep or return them. I was always curious to try one of these services, so imagine how glad I was when Golden Tote reached out to me to offer their service. They offer two options, the $49 tote of 2-3 items and the $149 tote of 5-7 items. ...more

A Survival Guide to Dining Alone

When I first set out on my lone travels, one of the things that worried me was going out for dinner on my own. I was worried about things like what I would do while I was eating? Would people feel sorry me for being on my own? Would I be bored? All of these things seem so silly now, because after a while, eating alone became one of my favourite things to do. If you are worried about dining out alone, here are some top tips to get you through it....more
BlogHer Does it goes like this: 1. Don't. Or maybe like this 1. Head down, 2. Order quickly, ...more

Advice from an Almost-Failed Cook

It's taken two years, but I no longer feel like a failure as a cook. Don't let that fool you—I am by no means a pro, and I'm definitely not qualified to give cooking advice. Yet, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Hear me out. Image: Still life with thyme, Shutterstock ...more

How to Handle An Extrovert

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately that are all about the introvert. My deep loner friends are linking to said articles all over their quiet little hide-my-Facebook pages. “How to Handle an Introvert” “What the Introvert Needs You to Know” “Introverts: The Misunderstood Delicate Geniuses of Our Time” ...more
BlogHer it could be just me but sometimes being too much of an extrovert can come off as being a ...more

43 Things I Learned From Dating Jerks

This post was born out of a conversation I overheard while sitting in a bathroom stall at a movie theater. I was so fascinated by what I was hearing, I stayed there listening in that dang stall much longer than is socially acceptable.  After about five minutes of pretending no one was occupying my tiny compartment, there was no way to walk out and face the small group of teenage girls without feeling awkward. I had been privy to a very private conversation...and so I just listened until they left.  The basic point of their conversation was this:  ...more

Why Dying At 75 Is Worth Considering

By now most of you have probably read Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel’s highly riveting and thought-provoking article in The Atlantic on why he hopes to die at 75. Based on some reactions I’ve read, I know that the ideas he put forward are contentious and made a lot of people uncomfortable and even enraged. However, I admit that this essay earned a huge nod from me....more
I hope you live a long and healthy life -- free of any dementia. Just keep in mind that some ...more

Which Is Worse: Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss or the Weird Way It Grows Back?

First of all, thank you so much for not saying anything about my hair. Because we all know I'd prefer that it looked much better than this. Any face-to-face discussion on the topic would be awkward and cause me to touch my head self-consciously, thereby making it look even worse. (Is that possible?) But, since you are in the unfortunate position of having to look at me, I think you deserve full information. ...more
moyermama ha! At least you now have plumbing to fall back on. As long as that patch isn't a ...more

5 Questions Moms of Girls Should Be Prepared to Answer

Parenting is all about preparation. As long as you realize you'll never be fully prepared. When kids are younger, preparation means making sure you can survive a two-hour trip out of your house. For me, that consisted of 14 diapers, seven bags of goldfish, three extra outfits, every first aid component ever made, toys, books, mats, drink boxes, and a protein bar. My family could survive days on a desert island if needed. ...more
Actually this is not my subject but when i was started reading...i read it ...more

Shauna Havey is a Finalist in a Cooking Contest + More!

Shauna Havey, blogger at Have Yourself a Time, was selected to be one of the top four finalists in the Extended Stay America Away From Home cooking contest. ...more

DIY: Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter

I try to live a healthy lifestyle, making small choices that really make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. I try to think about what I put in my body and on my body, and the things we use around the house. One of those little steps is making my own all-natural lotion. This project even ended up saving me money, so I think it's definitely worth a try. ...more
My mind is blown right now.  I'm so excited to try this!more

Making Peace with the Harbinger of Winter

If you love summer as much as I do, it’s hard to think of fall without the overwhelming desire to slay the messenger knowing that long months of cold winds and unrelenting snowfall are not far behind—at least where I live. And yet, I'm filled with a bittersweet swell of adoration for autumn’s evocative splendor....more

Adding 'Frozen' to 'Once Upon a Time' is Mostly Pretty Cool, But I'm Not Warming Up to Kristoff

"That's a pretty cool trick that they did with the troll." ...more

Why Title IX is Not Just About Sports and I'm Sure Patsy Mink Would Agree

This summer, I joined other advocates and parents from across the nation at the White House Summit on Working Families in Washington, DC. Among the speakers were President and First Lady Obama, Vice President and Dr. Biden, and dozens of other government, policy, union, and business leaders, many of whom were also working parents....more
Yes, I am certain the late Congresswoman Patsy Mink would agree and be pleased to see current ...more

"I Don't Believe 'Mr. Wrong' Exists": Why Every Relationship Counts

At some point in your life your mom, older sister, grandma, auntie, or random relative will tell you, “You have to date Mr. Wrong to find Mr. Right” or some variation of the same phrase (e.g. “You have to kiss a frog before your find Prince Charming"). While this is 100% accurate, I think this statement has somewhat diluted young women and, in some sense, has set us up for major disappointment when it comes to relationships....more
Great perspective!more

Is a Paleo Diet Safe for Pregnancy?

It’s Saturday afternoon, and you’ve just enjoyed a wonderful lunch with a friend.  You decide to take a stroll through a bookstore to look for books pertaining to diet now that you're pregnant. You find yourself in the Nutrition and Diet section facing a stupefying number of books on every topic imaginable relating to nutrition – and every single one of them claims to have the answer to what we should be eating. The only problem is, they are ALL insisting on a different diet! You are immediately seized with the overwhelming urge to turn and run as fast as you can out of that store. How on earth are you supposed to figure out what is right for you? ...more
Excellent summary of Paleo eating even for people who aren't pregnant.more

5 Tips for Taking a Great Headshot With Just Your iPhone

See that photo of me at the top of the page? I took it. And while I love my Nikon, and I know I can take amazing photos with it, I took that headshot with my iPhone. I swear. One day, I know I'm going to call Jody Mack, my very favorite local photographer, and have her take "real" headshot pictures of me to go in my sidebar and on my About page. (They probably be so good that I'll even want them on my business cards.) But in the meantime, bloggers need to know that you can take a headshot with just your iPhone (or any smart phone) and get quality professional results. ...more
Wow, I had no idea about the headphone trick! Thank you.more

5 Ways Homeschooling Made Me a Calmer Public School Parent

For our family, the daily schedule looks a tad different this new school year. A couple of years ago, we decided to homeschool our youngest daughter. Last year, we kept both girls at home. Sending them back into the public school system was not a decision we made lightly. As a former teacher, I have been known to be on edge about our kids getting the education I believe they need. Now, however, my stress level is way down in regards to the hours our daughters are spending under the academic guidance of others. ...more
Yes! We're in the same transition right now, so I totally get this.more

My Housekeeper Thinks I'm Bringing Sexy Back: A Mortifying, Not-Quite-Kinky Tale

Our housekeeper, Sabrina, has been with my family for almost four years. The day she came into my life, it changed for the better....more
Southernbellecharm Thank you for reading ;-)more

Want to Kick Your Kegels Into High Gear? The "Juve" May Be the Answer

By now, I hope that you know where your vagina is and how it works, or at least its most basic functions. I also hope that you have heard of the exercises that you can do to strengthen the powerful effect your vagina has on the world-- Kegels....more

Bodice Rippers Taught Me About Romance

My first lover was Brandon Birmingham, captain of The Audacious, a merchant ship set for the Orient. He’d mistaken me for a prostitute and had his way with me before he knew the truth — that I was actually an 18-year-old orphan who’d run away from a cruel aunt who hated me for my beauty and Irish ancestry. Did I forget to mention that Brandon’s eyes were deep gray, which reflected not only the tempestuous seas he tried to tame, but also his tempestuous feelings for me and the swells of my ripe, luminescent orbs of breast flesh? ...more

25 Tips for Small Shop Owners

Here are 25 tips for small shop owners I've learned from opening (and subsequently closing) my first boutique. Some are things I knew already and worked well, some are lessons learned the hard way. Owning a shop has been a lifelong dream. I went into it wholeheartedly and intent on succeeding. But as with any new venture, you don't know what you don't know....more
Thanks for this blog post! It mentioned things I hadn't quite thought of.more

New Releases to Read Right Now Based On Your Favorite Books From Last Year

What can last year's favorite books tell you about what you should read this year? Let's gather some suggestions for books you'll love this year based on the titles that kept you turning pages in 2013. No Country ...more
sunburntsaver I hope you like it! I thought it was pretty fascinating.more

My Bisexuality Is Real, Valid, and Simply Who I Am

When I talk about being bisexual, my mother always scrunches up her nose a little. “You mean, you’re AC/DC, right?” she’ll ask, as if I’m a battery that can do double duty power frequencies or an ‘80s rock band. Then she’ll smile. “It’s really the best of both worlds, though.”...more

Nominate an Outstanding Teacher for the Global Teaching Prize

Chances are you know a teacher worth a million bucks—real and metaphorical. You may even be that kind of educator. With a nomination by October 5, that money—the grand prize in the Global Teacher Prize competition—could be in her (or your—go you!) hands. ...more

Are You Sure You Should Eat That?

I can't remember the first time I was asked that, but I was young. Very young, maybe six? Seven? And, I felt it far before the words were said aloud. The looks. The awareness of every cookie, every second helping. It was another person in the room. It was a bully at the dinner table. It was a perfect reason to begin sneaking food. And sneak I did. Let me say this now. Internalize it. No one changes because you shame them into changing. ...more
Thanks, Renee. I'm glad you liked it.more

How to Plan and Prep Freezer Meals

I am so excited to tell you about something that has totally changed how I cook for my family: Freezer meals! It’s okay to get excited about things like this. Simmer down, Erin. I love freezer meals because I can knock out several weeks of meals in just a few hours. I’m not a seasoned veteran (what does the “seasoned” part even mean?) of this kind of cooking, but I feel like I know what to expect now going into it: lots of chopping and time on my feet. ...more
SimpleCheapMom You're so welcome! I'm so detail-oriented, and I felt like when I started, a lot ...more

I'm Glad I'm Married Because Dating In the Digital Age Is Frightening

Originally, my idea was to experiment with the social networking app Tinder for 48 hours. However, it took less than 4 hours for me to be absolutely grossed out with the state of the Tinder-verse and I had to power through to even make it to 24. At this very moment, as I'm writing this, just the thought of opening the app and seeing the little orange dot informing me of a new message makes my stomach churn the same way it did when I had the stomach flu last winter and wanted to die a horrible, horrible death on the bathroom floor. ...more
Just before I met my husband, I tried dating a few men I met on MySpace (yes, when MySpace was ...more

10 Ways I'm Better Now Than I Was 10 Years Ago

It's my birthday! Woot! Woot! I am officially 35 years old! Leaving your twenties is tough. I remember having a hard time when I turned 30. Not anymore. I feel like this is the perfect age. (until next year... then THAT will be the perfect age) ...more
In many ways, absolutely! I wouldn't go back even if I had the choice! :)more

Pumpkin Bread French Toast

Now this is a special breakfast! ...more

It's the Clean & Clear morning burst

It's the Clean & Clear morning burst station watch and whatsoever do I thinker it's getting even without makeup came crashing I think she is good forth skin one skin care routine that is a must for me and toner I use this witch hazel toner I think this helps also with the oil so I really like this and why do you think we should take good care bears: in at the last question because that mean that's what people see when they first meet you and if they think that he has bad candidate really set of the data a first impression though that the Carolina skincare I'm going to go put this on the...more

Furniture Removalists Melbourne - Furniture Removal Melbourne

Myself Muriel Butler and i am the Head of Moving Buddies.Moving Buddies is one of the top furniture removals company in Melbourne.  Our experienced furniture removalists in Melbourne will quickly and efficiently move you...more

Reduction in age spots and skin discoloration

The Derma Promedics Eye Renewal "lightens dark loops and diminishes under eye wrinkles and puffiness. Experience an exceptional, high power blending of add-ins which assists give your eyes a more youthful, fresher look."  To apply just "wash and dry your face, apply to ring finger and tap tenderly over whole territory. Permit time for item to assimilate. Utilize twice day by day for 30-60 days for most extreme results"....more

Soft Batch Apple Cider Gingersnap Cookies (Gluten-Free)

Soft Batch Apple Cider Gingersnap Cookies are soft, chewy and apple-cider spiked. Easily made gluten-free! Honey, I baked! ...more

31 Days of Encouraging Conversations: A Kick-Off with Kat Lee

Welcome to my 31 Days of Encouraging Conversations series! I absolutely loved last year’s 31 Days of Community series and couldn’t wait to pray about a topic for this year! I knew God had put it on my heart to still talk about community, to keep doing my Community Introductions posts, and to continue to encourage, equip and inspire as I wrote – and conversations seemed to be the perfect combination of all of those! ...more

Fall Colors Modeled Writing in Preschool

I am really enjoying the weekly #PLAYfulpreschool posts with my fellow preschool parents and teachers! There have been so many great ideas for themes related to apples, family, farm, and harvest. This week the theme is fall colors, and I’m sharing a simple (but very meaningful) modeled writing activity ....more


so...Izzie Stevens from Grey's used this mug in an early episode and I've eyed it at CVS ever since. ...more

The 10 Cent Tour–Storybook Cottage

It is 10:30 on Tuesday night as I write this post. I should be sleeping as I have been working 12-14 hours a day on the house while trying to recover from strep throat. I think the cleaning portion of the program will be finished tomorrow and I am feeling a wee bit better ....more

Cheese-Stuffed Soft Pretzels #FoodieExtravaganza

These pretzels are a bit fiddly to stuff, but the chewy texture created by the melted cheese inside is well worth the extra effort. And, honestly, it took very little time....more