What Makes a Blog Appealing

You offer me something. It can be anything: knowledge, a feeling, a thought, a perspective, an inspiration, a connection. The ones that pull me in are the ones who share a piece of their world or knowledge with me in a genuine way. They always keep ...more

5 Tips to Start Yoga at Home

Yoga can be intimidating. I know; I was completely intimidated by it at first. I started yoga because I saw beautiful poses on Instagram and wanted to try them. When I did try them, they turned out to be harder than they looked. So, I started ...more

Rustic Tomato Zucchini Pie with Cornmeal Crust

Don't worry if your pie-making skills are not that advanced; this recipe has fantastic instructions for making pie crust in the food processor.  ...more

Class & Race Are Different: The Day I Got Schooled

I used to be what I would consider "white privilege neutral." I believed it existed, but I unknowingly had the wrong definition in my head. I thought that white privilege was class exclusive, and that it was really only financially pertinent.  ...more

That Time I Dropped a Mint on Discontinued Lipstick

We've all been there: Faithful to a particular cosmetic item; loyal as can be. We've grown to depend on it day in and day out, and it has come through for us—pun intended—with flying colors. Then, one day...Poof! In comes word that said ...more

3 Simple Tips for Better Pet Photography

For many of us, pets become much more than just pets. They are companions, exercise partners, therapists, fur babies, etc. There are those who just want to share pictures of their pets with their friends and family. For others, photographing their pets becomes a valuable source of income. Here are three simple tips to help you improve your pet photography. ...more

A Guide to Road Tripping the American Southwest

The southwestern portion of the United States is home to some of the most breathtaking sights and locations in the world. With major attractions such as the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas drawing millions of visitors a year, these states can be quite a “hot” spot. To really capture the beauty and vastness of the region, traveling by car to make sure to hit all of the great sights is a must. Here are a few tips on hitting the open road in the great American Southwest....more

Pickles 5 Ways

As Alton Brown says, “If you’ll just take a little time to learn a few basic procedures, not only the whole produce section, but the whole world, will be your pickle … and good eats.” It’s true: Quick pickles all sort of follow a pattern. You’ll be pickling pretty much anything you want in no time at all! ...more

Help Your Child Understand Ferguson (And Other Tragedies)

I was six years old when the Philadelphia Police Department dropped a bomb on a house in a residential neighborhood in the city. The house was inhabited by members of the group MOVE, a Black liberation organization founded by John Africa. There had been a lot of conflict between MOVE, the community, and the police for a few years. In May of 1985, the conflict escalated, and ended with a bombing and fire that killed 11 people (including children), and destroyed an entire neighborhood. I remember that night vividly. ...more
My children are a little older now so we've talked through several tragedies over the years. ...more

When I Realized My Kids Are Good Kids

Seated at the fancy Grand Hotel, in Mackinac Island, MI, I started to sweat. A slight panic attack lurked in the back of my mind as I glanced down at the fine china on the table, the massive assortment of silverware stacked around the place setting, and our two young kids eyeballing them with wonder and mischief. We were on vacation and, on a whim, decided to bike over to the swankiest resort on the island and fork out a small fortune to stuff our bellies full with the lunch buffet. It was a gorgeous hotel, full of history and old-school luxury and expensive decor. ...more
YES!!  Thank you for this!  There have been so many blogs and tweets from snarky bloggers about ...more

11 Ways to Organize Your Playroom for Moms Who Hate Toys, Playing, and Pinterest

If you’re looking for a color coordinated wall of bins, or a toy bin label printable, you've come to the wrong place. I buy my bins at Walmart, and I don’t actually know what a printable is or why we would call it that. Isn't anything on your computer screen technically printable? Anyway…...more
@MrSteve_W sfdc_nerd I am so satisfied when I secretly dispose of junk toys.more

Watching TLC's Who Do You Think You Are? and Researching My Own History

Lately I've been watching a show on TLC called "Who Do You Think You Are?"  Largely sponsored by Ancestry.com, it follows various celebrities around as they trace bits of their family history.  Given my own history (and frequent lack thereof), I find this show fascinating.  Image: TLC ...more
I love the show, the concept and spend a lot of time on Ancestry finding some pretty awesome ...more

Yum! Almond Coconut Bars by Jenica Parcell

Jenica Parcell, blogger at A Slice of Style, demonstrated her Almond Coconut Bar recipe live on Good Things Utah's kitchen segment. ...more

10 Things I Don't Care About Now That I'm 29

I once cared deeply about these things. But I’ve gotten older and “wiser” (debatable), I’ve realized they just don’t matter to me....more
I was just thinking that Paula. At 40 I have a LOT more.more

Six Months Later – The Romance Checkpoint

This post is for the romantics - for those that actively pursue those passionate and romantic moments in a relationship.It has been six months since “V” Day and time to prompt all you lovers to check the romance gauge in your relationship. Here is a checklist to get you started. Image: Rennett Stowe via FlickrIn the past six months:...more

Explaining Police Violence and Racism to Young Kids

As a black mother, I always knew I'd eventually have to talk to my son about race. I just didn't think it would be in the first grade....more
P.S. Candice, thank you so much for this post.more

8 Tips for Drawing Up a Will

It's not something we like to think about, parents or otherwise, but it is a serious and imperative document to establish once you have kids. The #1 reason people put off making a will is the cost associated with it. I'm happy to tell you that you can make a legal and binding will without forking out the cash to hire a lawyer*. ...more
As a parent AND an estate planning attorney, I think it's really terrible advice (especially to ...more

Make Gorgeous, Easy Graphics for Your Blog with Canva

People, please sit down, because I need to tell you about something awesome. People of the web, meet CANVA. Canva, meet the people of the web. Canva is an online tool where you can make beautiful web graphics -- without fancy graphic design software. Canva is fantastic. All bloggers should finish reading this post and then scurry on over to Canva and begin creating your first blog post graphic. But really it isn't just for bloggers.  It is for anyone who uses any form of social media. ...more
canva totally love Canva saves time and money!more

Create an Everyday Board to Promote Learning at Home

Gigi, my five-year-old, wants to know everything about... EVERYTHING! Questions, questions, questions. all. the.time. I love her inquisitive nature and her thirst for knowledge, but boy can it be exhausting answering every question she has. So in order to help both of us out and turn her curious mind into actual factual learning, we made together an "Everyday Board." There are two important aspects of the everyday she needs and wants to know: Weather and Time. I broke them down on the board in 5 different ways. ...more
Boomer Grandparent Absolutely! Thanks!more

"Lesbian Bed Death": Fact or Fiction?

I first heard the term "Lesbian Bed Death" aka LBD when I was 18. Women would mention it and say that is was real, and it happened to women after they had been in monogamous relationships for many years.  I was never worried because I was quite young and was not in a monogamous relationship, so I didn't even give it a thought....more
I hate perimenopause...I just started having trouble sleeping. And don't get me started on my ...more

Seasonal Eating: 6 Ideas for Summer Tomatoes

Have you grown tomatoes this year? I have never had such an abundant season of these luscious ruby and sunshine hued fruits. I always plant a variety of large, medium and cherry tomatoes, but this year some tomato seeds survived the winter in my soil and those grew, too. I am flush with tomatoes right now, and needed some ideas for using them up. ...more
I get a ton of tomatoes from my CSA!  More than we can eat before they go bad.  I toss them into ...more

Who Is Smarter in Your Marriage?

My husband and I have different educational backgrounds. I really enjoyed all my years of school, made excellent grades and went off to complete college in less than four years. My husband's experience was different , as he doesn't have many fond memories of classes....more
Hubs and I are about even when it come to education received, but he's getting smarter the ...more

Help! I'm Too Tired for Sex!

This week’s column is one giant sad trombone coming out of my pants. Sorry for the TMI but I used to be a total sex person (didn't we all?) and now I'm a born-again virgin (not really, but … you know). Someone asked that I address post-baby sex, and to be honest, I don't really want to because what is there to say? Image: ginnerobot Gross? Ew? No thanks? ...more
At 55 yrs and after raising 5 sons (one more at home still), we have more sex and more variety ...more

Talking with Hummingbirds: 10 Years Without My Mom

My eyes fluttered open at four o’clock in the morning and I found myself waking to the awareness of the brevity of life, my mortality, and the mystery of it all. A slightly uncomfortable feeling washed over me, a sadness. It was then that I remembered that it was the ten year anniversary of my mother’s death, and that realization was breathtaking for me. ...more
Be comforted in the truth that those we loved and loved us are always with us. I experienced the ...more

Why My Family Talked During the National Moment of Silence

Thursday at 7 p.m., thousands of Americans gathered together at vigils in memory of Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, and the other people who have lost their lives in incidents of police brutality. As those crowds drew together to observe a moment of silence, my family talked. ...more
Laurend1985  For the record, it has been revealed by the store owner that his shoplifting of a ...more

5 Clean-Eating Breakfast Ideas That You Will Love

Do you hate eating breakfast? Then don’t come over to my house. This meal will often have me making 12 servings of oatmeal, two or three dozen eggs, three loaves of whole-grain bread, a one-kilo tub of yogurt, or 24 whole-grain waffles, plus six to 12 cups of fruit … just for my 3 boys. If you think I’m joking—just ask PJ. ...more
Thank you for the recipes. I made the over-night oatmeal. Since my husband doesn't like melons, ...more

I Will Never Forget My First Love

I like to think that no matter what happens in our lives and how much time eventually passes, the one thing we'd never forget would be our first love. These past balmy nights, the ones that come with a soft wind blowing through my hair, take me back to my summer before college. I knew then I'd be leaving home at the end of August, and my high school boyfriend could also feel a change in the air. ...more
Thank you, BlogHer! People have told me I should answer yes, but I don't want to disturb this ...more

Your Average Child: Ordinary Isn't Bad

Wow. Look at the news. A 14-year-old girl just graduated from college. Hey, did you see that article about the 11-year-old girl who invented a chemotherapy backpack? How amazing is that? When you hear about news items like these you can’t help but wonder if your child will add something amazing to this world....more
I really love this post. My husband's oldest brother has four daughters all of whom are high ...more

Photos from the National Moment of Silence

Since unarmed Black teenager Mike Brown was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri last weekend, BlogHer’s Love & Sex editor Feminista Jones took to Twitter to plan a National Moment of Silence at 7p.m. EST/ 4p.m. PST today. ...more
Nordette Adams Thanks for sharing the video!more

I Don't Know What It Feels Like to Be Black in America, But I'm Listening

As I watch the coverage of the events in Ferguson, Missouri, my heart hurts.I don’t know how to process the flurry of emotions coursing through my body right now.How is this acceptable? How is this the right thing? How does this happen?...more
Too many young men without work and without all of the "things" they think they deserve. Same ...more

Who Needs a Dog? Get a Pet Dragon Instead!

A bearded dragon that is, and well truth is we have three dogs, but I digress. A year ago my parents decided to stop keeping fish in their 100 gallon fish tank and the lugged the dang thing to my house where it fits perfectly in my hallway. I didn’t want to fill it up with fish though; been there done that and was never very successful. We decided to make it a terrarium, and get a reptile. My kids' hearts were set on a chameleon, because who wouldn’t want a crazy reptile that changes color....more
the public should know that NO pet is a "set it and forget it" pet. don't understand why anyone ...more

9 Tips for Quick Trips: How (and Why) to Pack Light

Now that most airlines charge to check bags, the words “carry-on only” are becoming more attractive. When packing for a trip, I’m in the “less is more” camp. My packing tips fit my comfort zone and the kind of traveler I am. Will they work for you?...more
Love this. I have an entire column on my blog called "Travel Light", includes packing lists, ...more

Close Comments on Old Posts to Keep Out the Spammers

One of the things that makes me happy when I check my blog statistics is that visitors to my site often come to me through an older blog post. It is kind of fun to “see” (through site stats) which posts have caught someone’s attention. And it makes me sad that they can’t comment on that post and tell me why it caught their attention. Thank you, comment spammers. ...more
Yes and that's exactly why.more

The Ferguson Shooting Has Me Scared for My Son

The Ferguson shooting and so many incidents like it scare me. ...more
@Kristi Walker How could you possibly know this won't happen to her son? Even if Michael Brown ...more

Potato Sandwiches

It’s no secret I love Indian street food. Potato sandwiches are definitely one of my favorites, and they are amazingly simple to make at home! Really they are just a step up from grilled cheese sandwiches, but so full of flavor ....more


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Maggie: Our Adoption Story

We quite suddenly adopted a dog two days ago. My husband was wary of me visiting the dog adoption clinics at a local pet store, and I assured him I wasn't ready for a dog....more

Narnia And The North

Thoughts on camping and returning home:Brian (formerly known as the Smile-y Child) was upset that we dragged him on vacation with us. ...more

Back to School BOOST Sale (August 20th only)

Hey everyone! In case you haven’t seen around social media, it’s a major sale day tomorrow over at TpT! ...more

Rerun : Rails to Trails The Virginia Creeper

A new post from She Wears Many Hats. This Rerun features one of my very first posts here on She Wears Many Hats: The Virginia Creeper Trail, part of the Rails to Trails Conservancy Progam. We’ve taken a few trips to ride the bike trail, but are long overdue for return jaunt ....more

Please Stop the Gun Violence and the Killings – Ferguson and Others, We’re Praying for Healing

Words cannot explain what I am feeling today. I am going off subject today....more

Celebrating with My Girl

A few months back when I asked my daughter what she wanted to do to celebrate her 9th birthday, what she wanted most was not a friend birthday party or tons of presents....more

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Review

Press Sample Today I am very excited to show you Younique 3D Fiber Lashes! I have been wanting to try this because I love fiber mascaras and I can’t put on falsies! I have itty bitty lashed and they need all the help they can get ....more

Spanish Rice Recipe with Ground Beef

Spanish Rice makes a favorite side dish recipe. This version takes spanish rice to the main attraction! One of my favorite dishes to order when we go to our local Mexican restaurant is their spanish rice ....more