10 Tips for Safe Summer Runs

It's definitely easier to stay active in summer, but it's also important to respect the heat and stay safe. Here are 10 tips that will keep you safely running through hotter temperatures. ...more

Dealing With 'Grey's Anatomy' Grief

The problem with recovering from the grief of a death of a major character in a Shondaland show is that you have many, many emotions to calm. Sadness and the pain of loss, of course.  The ache of nostalgia overtakes you in the inevitable cascade ...more

The Best Quick & Easy Frittata

I've been focusing on quick and easy recipes for Meatless Monday over the last few weeks, like a super-quick chickpea dinner and … another super-quick chickpea dinner (can you tell I like chickpeas?). ...more

11 'Right' Reasons to Get Married

This is a very important question and sadly, I don't think many people actually ask themselves this question until it's too late. Lets talk about the "right" reasons to get married: ...more

Quick & Easy 3-D Hand Art

 Now doesn't that look absolutely cool? I'd been looking for a cool way to start crafting away with my newly bought fresh Sharpies and found this idea being pinned away madly on Pinterest. ...more

How to Make Your Friends a Garden Seed Envelope Gift

Craft this fun DIY garden seed envelope gift as a simple housewarming or Mother's Day gift! This is a fun and easy activity to get the kids involved in....more

Will the Confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General Bring Justice for Black Women?

Loretta Lynch made history when she was sworn in as the 83rd attorney general of the United States of America. She is the first African-American woman, and only the second woman, to hold the position and is certainly cause for honorable recognition....more

8 Steps to Becoming a Crazy Bird Lady

The sun is shining on a chilly spring day. A breeze cuts through tall grasses as 15-year-old me tromps through the wetlands on a school field trip. I am utterly miserable....more

Sexual Assault, How Far We Haven't Come

I lived on New York City’s Upper East Side during the terrifying days of the Upper East Side rapist. I had attended so many self-defence workshops put on by the NYPD that I had become quite the padded crotch-kicking expert. They would have us act out scenarios in which we were threatened with sexual assault to teach us how to defend ourselves. They encouraged us to be vigilante, to avoid risky situations where we could, but then what to do if we ever found ourselves vulnerable....more
Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds eerily similar to mine. I'm so sorry you didn't get ...more

Cute Mini Papel Picado Banner Craft for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a big deal in Texas. So big that I decided to decorate a tree for it. ...more

How To Build a Gift Closet & Give More Generously

When I was younger, I thought I was the first person ever to have come up with the idea of a permanent stash of gift items you keep in your house for those "just-in-case" moments. I pictured a chest of drawers with purchased and homemade gifts and gift wrap for those inevitable birthday party invites my future children would have. ...more
reillysmom16  I think that's such an awesome idea.  We don't have kids yet, but I know I will ...more

What Transgender Allies Can Learn From the Bruce Jenner Interview

I have a confession: Reality TV isn’t really my thing. I tried to watch Bruce Jenner and the clan in a few episodes of “Keeping up With the Kardashians” and definitely couldn’t keep up....more
(Cross-posting this reply here, since this was originally a Facebook comment, but I would like ...more

How To Overcome Birth Regret

Birth regret is poison. I drank a lot of that poison. IF I had demanded the c-section, IF I hadn’t been cavalier about being able to push him out, IF the on call doctor had been more insistent, IF this, IF that, and back to the beginning. The loop was suffocating and unproductive. ...more

Picture This! May's NaBloPoMo Is a Photo Celebration

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month? ...more

Your Sex Life Should Be Free of Regrets

“I just wanna fuck.”How often has this though crossed your mind, when you’re sitting next to someone who seems like a pretty wild ride in the sack?...more
B.O.B.---I love it!  I've always called mine Mr Happy.  Well I certainly never expected to be ...more

Chambray Every Day: How to Style It for Every Season

Chambray Every Day: How to Style It for Every Season Who doesn't like a good chambray? It seems like anywhere you look, chambray is the common denominator in a variety of outfits. Its versatility makes it a must-have closet staple for every fashionista. It goes with pretty much anything and can be worn in all seasons.In case you were wondering, chambray is a lightweight, plain-weave cloth initially made of linen but later applied to cotton and even silk. It's typically blue, but can come in any color....more

10 Tips for Staying Connected with Your Husband

For most families, life is starting to get crazy.  If you have children from preschool through high school, you're probably feeling inundated with school project projects, sports, recitals, and end-of-the-year activities.  Even if you don't have school-age children, you know that many activities - work, church, community and volunteer - swing into high gear in the spring....more
briannarbell Thanks so much, Brianna!more

Pass Along the Good Karma

"Someone special helped me when I needed it and I passed the good karma onto you."...more
What a beautiful story and so very true. Kindness doesn't cost a thing, but its affects can be ...more

What We Learned When We Adopted an Old Dog

A few years back, my daughter had her heart set on adopting a dog, but my husband’s memory was still vivid with the array of crusty droppings in the backyard, yellow-stained grass peppering his lawn and tumbleweeds of fur hair floating across our cherry hardwood floor that once belonged to our beloved lab mix, who passed at the age of twelve....more

The Problem With Calling the Black Widow a Slut

You might have seen that Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner during a press junket responded to a question about Black Widow's romantic interests in Avengers: Age of Ultron (not saying who, SPOILERS, but it was brought up to them because in prior films it seemed like her interests were aimed at Captain America and Hawkeye) and both men joked that she's a slut, a whore, and she has a fake leg (which painted people with prosthetics as being something unattractive)....more
The "it's a jokemore

Why You Should Ditch Social Media Buttons on Your Blog

Ditching social media buttons sounds like blogging insanity, right? After all, aren't we supposed to engage daily through social media if we ever expect our blogs to go anywhere? I've always heard that social media is the secret to successful blogging. Maybe yes and maybe no. While it's true that many bloggers became successful through social media, I think that is becoming more and more difficult every day. ...more
We should get together sometime if you'd help me figure out how to set it all up. I get your ...more

The Worst Thing You Can Say to a Working Mom

“I would never let someone else raise my children.” If you're a working mom, you've probably heard this sentence. Maybe you saw it in a Facebook post. Maybe you overheard someone saying it. Worst of all, maybe someone said it to your face....more
Well said!  Every parent makes the best possible decision for their child. For a lot of parents, ...more

Can You Even Help Your Kids Gain Independence Today?

The other day, Sam, Alrik, and I wanted to head out to the playground—and Mikko didn't. Now, the playground is literally a block from our home. Mikko is seven years old, nearly eight, and perfectly capable of amusing himself and retrieving drinks or snacks as needed in a short absence of parental supervision. But we knew we couldn't leave him home alone, and told him as much. "But whhhyyyy?" he asked. Indeed, kiddo, why? Because the neighbors might call the cops on us, that's why. ...more
rachael40711 That sounds really healthy, and like a worthy change to make from the way you were ...more

I Just Don't Like Sex

By Dori Hartley for YourTango.comI have a friend who claims to be an asexual. Asexual is a word that, to me, suggests a single-celled organism. Isn’t an asexual a creature who divides in two — or some kind of dual-gendered seahorse who fertilizes and carries his/her offspring to term? So I asked her what she meant by this claim and she said, “Well, I just don’t partake in sexual activity.” It seemed simple enough, yet I still couldn’t quite grasp this seemingly unnatural lack of sex-drive. “Ah,” I said. “So you’ve taken a vow of celibacy?” ...more
I can't even imagine... thank you for a different perspective. It is hard to wrap my head around ...more

Follow the Ladies of Prey As They Take on the World Championship of Taxidermy

A dead bird in the hand feels like a grenade: cold, compact, loaded. On a Saturday morning at Prey studio in downtown L.A., eight taxidermy students — a grab bag of artists and curious amateurs, all but three of them women — lower frozen European starlings into kitchen sink baptisms. They take scalpels to the specimens.  ...more

Sick Days Provide Focus In a World Gone Blurry

The days all start the same. My wife is the first one up, and she isn't quiet about it. Then the household menagerie begins their matinee performance: The cats run and scratch and meow and jump and bounce and run some more. The dogs spin their heads in time to the frisky felines, their necks adorned with tags of domesticity, jingling like a band of sleigh bells turned to 11. ...more

What Was in My April Birchbox

I opened my Birchbox packaging this month and saw that the box was made from Rifle Paper Co. and just about died with excitement. I think my dog still has some hearing loss from all the squealing! ...more

The Best Basic Cream Cheese Icing

You know what makes me angry? People who buy icing....more
Normally I'm in complete agreement. But cream cheese icing? Arrrrgggghhh it always splits on me. ...more

How to Make a Sweet DIY Moss Garden

This DIY project quite literally fell into my lap. It all began with a wild windstorm that passed through this last weekend....more
It is beautiful! Funny, how we get inspired. I love it.more

How to Add a Profile Picture to a Wordpress Blog

Your avatar is your profile picture. You can set your avatar to display next to a comment you leave on a blog or a forum, rather than the anonymous, default logo. Your avatar could be a photo of yourself, or your company's logo. ...more

Which TV Daughter Has It Worse: Paige Jennings, Sally Draper or VEEP's Catherine Meyer?

What a tough season for daughters on television. The young women on some of the best television shows are delivering nuanced performances as they confront the corruptions and miserable failings of their parents. It is both cathartic and brutal to watch. ...more
I had the exact same thought this week. First I thought how relieved I am for Sally that she's ...more

10 Things Your Kids Need to Know

As I sat in the departure area waiting to board a recent flight, a middle-aged woman sitting across from me took a call on her cell phone. It was hard not to overhear the almost immediate anguish in her voice. I garnered pretty quickly that she was getting news of a death. Her face turned gray and her voice shook as she tried to console the bereaved person on the other end of the phone. "Oh honey, you can't blame yourself," and, "I'm so sorry. This is such sad, sad news." And then, "Well, you never know, he might reschedule. Maybe he just got busy."...more
I'm not intending to take away from all of the good in this post, but she doesn't know what this ...more

Dear Mom, You Gave Me A Voice

How do loss and grief become a blessing? I’ve said before that writing is how I heal. And never is the weight of grief more lifted than when I’m writing letters to my mom. Dear Mom, ...more
Thanks so much for sharing my post from For the Love of Dixie :)more

I Think of First Marriages As 'Rough Drafts'

I can never help crying when a bride is coming down the aisle. Mostly, I cry because I'm shallow—nothing makes me happier than seeing the results of a woman spending anywhere from months to years on the way she's gonna look for one fleeting afternoon. ...more
I think that list was meant to be humorous, but it just comes across as bitter and sad. What she ...more

Trolls and Humans! Oh My!

Hey everyone! I took a mini-blog break for a while. It was a nice time just to get caught up with things around the house. I plan on posting at some point about some spring-cleaning (belated spring cleaning) ideas and concoctions to help get your house back in order after winter. I feel that it hasn't quite been warm enough for myself to do that right now as it still hasn't tipped into the mid 50's yet here. Once I can leave my windows open all day though I swear I'll be cleaning this house from top to bottom. I'll also share some tips to get your life and home organized again too!...more

You're Gonna Love It: Post SNAP edition!

Welcome back to the Party! ...more


Actress Jayne Meadows, 95, a fixture on television, especially panel shows, during the 1950s and 1960s and even afterward, died yesterday of natural causes.She was the older sister of actress Jayne Meadows, who died of cancer in 1996.Jayne was married for many years to talk show host/entertainer Steve Allen and often appeared with him. In one of "his" shows, Meeting of Minds, a panel show where various historical figures yakking and arguing among themselves, she was frequently seen.Allen died in 2000 in freak circumstances (suffered a heart attack after being in a car accident). Jayne retired from show businesses afterward ....more

Is What You're Giving Worth What You're Getting

In this world where it seems as if our worth is defined by how busy we are, we can sometimes feel the pressure to “keep going” and “continue pushing” without stopping – especially nowadays where we have immediate access to digital devices that bring the world to our fingerprints. We can send emails from bed, reply to texts during our morning commute to work, and scroll through the endless updates and photos on social media....more


I hate to be the type of person who needs to take stock of the simple, good things in her life – but turns out I AM....more

Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace by Jessica Thompson is a perfect nudge on how to "infuse all your relationships with the love of Jesus"....more

Do you know Blurb? If not, you will now!

Like many great companies before it, Blurb was actually started by accident. In the early 2000s, Eileen Gittins, Blurbs’ Founder, rekindled a passion for photography while trying to figure out her next career gig. She wanted to compile her photos into a nice coffee table photo book, but she only wanted to print a handful of copies ....more

Baked Scrambled Egg Cups

Baked scrambled egg cups, a fun twist on your average scrambled eggs! Serve with toast for a complete breakfast. Yum!http://www.neveradullbite.com/2015/04/27/baked-scrambled-egg-cups/...more

4/27/15 50% off at The Children’s Place

Right now you can get 50% off your entire order at The Children’s Place – no exclusions! Use code PLACE3 at checkout. Click here to shop the whole sale ...more

4/27/15 $8 Figurine Play Sets at The Disney Store

Right now at The Disney Store you can grab some great figurine play sets for only $8 – regularly $13! Shipping is free with an order of $75 or more with code SHIPMAGIC. Theses figurines are made of PVC and are only 4″ tall so they would be the perfect toy to keep kids busy in waiting rooms, while traveling, at church etc ....more