15 Marriage Vows I Didn't Know I Should Make

Knowing what I know now, vows are important. They remind us to keep holding on or they raise red flags to aspects of a relationship that need some attention. ...more

5 Things We Learned From Solange's Wedding

This past weekend, Solange Knowles (now Ferguson) taught all of us a thing or two about wedding planning and how to shine on your special day. I have been a fan of hers for years because she has always exuded an eclectic spirit and seemed very happy ...more

What Happened When I Tried to Blog Playing Dungeons & Dragons

I recently went on a deep undercover writing assignment. My goal was to infiltrate a local Dungeons & Dragons group and make them believe I could be one of them, just for one night, so that I could write about the shenanigans that are role ...more

Hello, Optimistic & Energetic Sagittarius!

That lucky old Sun bounces into Sagittarius on Saturday November 22, 2014. Ruled by “more is always best” planet Jupiter, this time of year is about livin’ large, taking chances, everything is great, the million dollar deal is done, “BIG”- ideas, ...more

Easy Starbucks-Inspired Red Cup Lattes You Can Make at Home

It's a very special time of the year. No, I'm not talking about the holidays. I'm talking about Starbucks red cup season! Alas, they are only here for a limited time and it's a busy time of year. It's not always possible for me to pop out to a Starbucks when I get a craving. Luckily, the internet has those moments covered. I was able to find speciality coffee recipes for all of our seasonal favorites. Click, brew, and enjoy! ...more
BlogHer awesome!!! Woo hoo!more

Beyoncé! Why I Need Her New ' 7/11' Video To Break the Internet

It's been a rough week.   Kim Kardashian's oily backside and everyone's reenactments of her Paper Mag photos are still trying to break the internet.  We're still waiting for a grand jury indictment announcement in Ferguson, where Gov. Jay Nixon has already issued a state of emergency and police are mobilizing.  ...more
love it! and I hear ya about the teething stuff my little one hasn't slept well in a while.. I ...more

3 Wedding Traditions Single People Absolutely Hate

Weddings get on my nerves!Don’t disregard my opinion because I’m divorced, currently unwed, and over 35. To be clear, none of these things have anything to do with how I feel about weddings and hey, I actually planned one before.I’ve attended a LOT of weddings and, for the most part, they are all the same. Sure, some couples add culturally diverse touches, try a few of the new, trendy ideas, or buck one or two of the “traditions”, but most weddings follow the same rules and procession.That. Is. Borrrrring....more
There is a question worse than "So when are you getting married?" Asking the lucky couple when ...more

How to Make Simple and Beautiful Fall Table Place Cards

Whether you're hosting rap stars or just family, these place cards will definitely liven up your table. The simple version is perfect all alone. I am weak when it comes to glitter and couldn't resist. Here we go....more
Love your enthusiasm! Glad I'm not the only one!more

How to Practice the Art of Online Shopping

When I tell my friends that I do the majority of my clothes shopping online, they look at me like I am crazy. Little do they know that I am the queen of online shopping!...more
jen sattler busywifebusylife got to love ebates. :)more

Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt

If you’re a woman (I’ll give you a minute to go check), you’ve probably been told to be nicer to yourself. Be more accepting of you, don’t beat yourself up. If you’re a man who is not Stuart Smalley, you never have these kinds of conversations, and you should probably consider yourself lucky....more
Being estimable - I love that! And a rudeness to servers is a good indication of someone's lack ...more

Top 10 Thanksgiving Side Dishes of All Time

Wouldn't it be fun to play Family Feud with the topic of Thanksgiving side dishes? If you haven't seen this American TV game show, two sets of extended family members square off against each other to try to predict what the most common responses are for a particular topic. I'm guessing the number-one response for Thanksgiving side dishes would be mashed potatoes or stuffing, but after that, who knows? ...more
all look really delish, I love your pictures, I wish my pictures come out that good :)more

President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration: About Time? Or Too Much?

On Thursday night, President Obama made a long anticipated announcement about immigration reform. After a bipartisan immigration reform bill died in the House of Representatives, the president decided to take an executive action to change the broken immigration system. Image Credit: PBS NewsHour ...more
Bout time. More of course will be needed, but he acknowledges that and is calling on Congress to ...more

My Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Though the Turkey is the star attraction to the Thanksgiving meal, the side dish is the "Show" as far as I am concerned. ...more

By Heart

Music speaks through lyrics to tell stories. It touches hearts and minds because it connects them to life experiences - good or sad moments....more

Stash Report – Week 47, 2014

Nothing added and nothing used! Used this Week: 0...more

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Weekend Links!

Affiliate Link Check out Prime Beauty's list of The Best Beauty Gifts Under $25! Grab your sneakers and go!...more

Charming Home Tour ~ Cedar Hill’s City House

This past week I’ve been up to my eyeballs in Christmas decor, with a goal of getting all the halls decked before Thanksgiving. Why so early? Because the week after Thanksgiving I’m joining a virtual holiday house walk with about 30 other bloggers ....more

Weekend Things

Good morning from Tomales Bay! L and I flew out to California yesterday morning. We’re spending a few days in Tomales Bay where the plan is to go hiking and trail running, make a few stops at Cowgirl Creamery, eat our weight in oysters, and get in a few dinners at one of our favorite […] The post Weekend Things appeared first on The Corner Kitchen ....more

Sunday Reflections: You Get What You Give

Een foto die is geplaatst door Jocelina (@pinkchocolatebreak) op Nov 11, 2014 at 1:38 PST Sometimes I feel that people walk around and interact with one another thinking “What’s in it for me?” Other people then become a gratification for a hunger and void inside of us and instead of fulfilling our mind, body and […] The post Sunday Reflections: You Get What You Give appeared first on Pink Chocolate Break - Color Me Happy ....more

Her Name

It's 5:47 AM as I begin writing this post back home in Charlotte, and I've been tossing and turning since 4. I think I'm too happy to fall back asleep. I wanted to share a little about our daughter(!!!)'s name ....more

Over Easy Eggs with Smoked Salmon, and Veggies {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free}

The ultimate high protein low carb breakfast to kick start the day – Over Easy Eggs with Smoked Salmon, and Veggies. Both Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free too. Over the last week I have spent 40 hours in the car, driving over 2000 miles from Massachusetts all the way down to Southern Florida ....more

Race Recap: The Ultracentric Experience 6 HR

Good morning. ...more