Saturday Keynoters Will Talk Avoiding Blogger Burnout

Achieving long-term bloggy happiness means avoiding burnout. Get pro tips from these five food blogging superstars at #BlogHerFood15. ...more

Join Sarah Michelle Gellar in Our #BlogHerFood15 Instagram Challenge!

BlogHer Food is coming up on November 6 and 7 in Chicago.  ...more

Why You Should Be a SheKnows Expert

What does it mean to be a SheKnows Expert? It's a question I've heard almost every single day as people learn about our growing community, where people share their passions and find new connections through the SheKnows audience.  ...more

Learn a Lesson With September's NaBloPoMo

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month?  ...more

Super Sweet Throwback: Watching the Early Episodes of 'The Carol Burnett Show'

Carol Burnett is my all-time favorite television artist. That's saying a lot, because I also love Lucy to bits, and bow down to Tina, Amy, Oprah, Diane Sawyer and Mariska Hargitay as TV gods who mean a great deal to me. But no one compares to the legendary Carol, who is important in every way, and her impact on television, comedy and women's empowerment in the entertainment industry is undeniable. Image: © Globe Photos/ ...more

3 Helpful Habits That Teachers and Bloggers Can Share

My time as a teacher has made me a better blogger, but it has nothing to do with subject matter and everything to do with organizational skills. Here are three tips that help me as a teacher that also apply to being a blogger. ...more

Redecorate! How To Design a Room Using a Color Palette

One of the first steps in designing a room is choosing a color scheme. The internet is full of color palettes with real paint colors ready for anyone to use, but once you choose a palette, what is next? ...more

The Truth About Waist Training

In addition to the sudden celebrity fascination with overly lined lips and bold brows, waist-training has become the latest body-modification fad. ...more

Is Keeping Your "Cookie" in the Jar Unrealistic?

I am on strike and it’s nothing new. When I am single I usually do not partake in casual sex. Honestly it’s a bunch of effort creating a false sense of intimacy with a guy, so we can have real sex.  Creating false trust with a man is like watching sand fall through an hourglass, it’s just a matter of time before something shady goes down....more

9 Kids' Board Books That Won't Feel Like Bored Books to Parents

Before I had Ella, I didn't I realize how many weird children's books are out there. I had images of us happily reading for hours, tickled pink by the wide array of stimulating prose and lovely illustrations we would encounter (okay, that's a little much). I was mostly thinking about the classics, like Goodnight Moon, or The Runaway Bunny. While we have had a lot of fun reading together, I've realized that a lot of kids' books are just plain boring or annoying! And, of course, those are often the ones they decide to become obsessed with, right? ...more

In Pursuit of the Perfect Vegan Backpack

“Maybe you’re trying too hard.”...more

Some Men Believe Their Kids Deserve More Than the Kids Of Working Moms

I worked for a man who talked a lot about how hard he had to work to make enough to keep his wife home with their daughters and how important that was to him. I took the job because it offered early morning hours (from 4 am – 12 pm) that allowed with me to be with my kids the majority of the day. After working for the man for more than six months, I put in a written request to leave early three days a year, so I could continue to be a room mother in my kids’ classrooms and volunteer at the Halloween, Holiday and Spring party each year. I was dismissed the next day without explanation....more

How to Survive Living With a Roommate for the First Time

For most of us, going off to college and living in a dorm room is the first time we have a roommate (at least one that isn’t a sibling). It’s a huge adjustment! It was an even bigger adjustment for me because I don’t have a sister, so I wasn’t used to living with another girl (besides my mom). All in all, I loved living in a dorm. I loved bonding with a roommate and having another freshman there who was also brand-new to college and nervous. I loved it even more my sophomore year when I chose my roommate and became really good friends....more

How Do I Get My Kid To Sleep in His Own Bed?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Our son is almost 4 and still sleeps in bed with us; right there between my husband and me. It’s awful. No one's getting any good sleep, and sex is basically out of the question. How can we gently take back our bed? Signed, From the Edge of the Bed ...more

I Cut My Mother Out of My Life to Protect My Child 

I've reached a crossroads in my life, and have chosen a difficult, but necessary path. After a lifetime of emotional manipulation and abuse, I've decided to completely cut my mother out of my life. ...more

What They Don't Tell You About Menopause

The low point of the day was The Photo. For some reason, my friend wanted to take our picture in front of the sand sculpture, something that we have never done before, and then post it on Facebook for the entire world to see. I avoid having my picture taken, especially since going through menopause. ...more

Is My Blog My Midlife Crisis?

I heard some information on the radio a while back that said you are most likely to encounter a midlife crisis around the age of 42. It will last roughly 5-6 years, during which time your tastes in music will get significantly younger. Once those 5-6 years are over, they will change back. This information worries me. Not just because 42 is getting uncomfortably close, but because I've always liked music that 12-year-olds like. How will I know if I'm having a midlife crisis? Am I having one right now? What are the other signs? ...more

Dutch Doctor Defies Anti-Abortion Governments 

While women's health and reproductive rights in the United States are the subject of much current political debate, Dutch doctor Rebecca Gomperts, 49, has been taking the cause into her own hands for nearly two decades. ...more

How to Improve Your Video Skills With BlogHer University

Happy 10th birthday, YouTube! Video is bigger than ever. According to Cisco, "Globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014."...more

8 Signs You're in a Toxic Marriage

The first time I heard the phrase “Toxic Marriage” I felt a little sick.  That couldn’t be me… could it?  If you’re reading this now, maybe you’ve got that little nagging intuition that tells you something in your relationship is ‘off’.  Is it? See if any of these eight signs sound familiar and you be the judge: ...more

Are You a Blogger Who Really Wants to Be an Editor?

While not all of us have aspirations to be editors, I hear from lots of bloggers who are looking to get paid for editing in some way, shape or form. I've put together some suggestions of various ways you can get editing experience and recognition before you land your dream job as an editor. ...more

10 Reasons Why Raising a Middle Schooler Is the Absolute Best

Here are 10 things that I love about raising a middle schooler (because it's important to highlight the elements that are not stank feet and eye-rolls): ...more

Loved the Discontinued Starbucks Sausage Croissant? This Recipe's for You

I always loved the now-discontinued Starbucks sausage roll — I don't know why, but pastry with sausage meat is so delicious. And I can't believe it is THIS easy to make them at home! (Also, my sausage rolls are much better!)...more

ANNOUNCEMENT: #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us Splashes into L.A. Next August

It seems like only yesterday that we were catching roses from Boyz II Men at #BlogHer15, but even as the sun set on that beautiful summer day in New York, we were planning for next year. Today we are so excited to announce the dates and location of #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us, and to offer SUPER-Earlybird pricing for the conference....more

How Amal Clooney Changed the Way We Think About Marriage

 Are we all looking for a George or striving to be an Amal? First let me start off by saying I have so much respect for Amal Clooney and that the following disclosed trend is in no way her fault....more

(REVIEW) 3 Amazing Charcoal-Infused Cleansers That Love Your Skin

There’s been a buzz building about charcoal-powder-infused soaps for a while now. You can find charcoal-powder-infused soaps for men, women, babies, and yes, even dogs. The Ancient Egyptians used a messier form than what we use now for cleansing and for healing wounds....more

Join Us for 10 #BlogHerFood15 Instagram Challenges With Sarah Michelle Gellar

BlogHer Food is coming up on November 6 and 7 in Chicago. Our team is working hard behind the scenes to get ready to celebrate all culinary things, especially how to write and share about them. (Who am I kidding? That's just the tip of the iceberg!) We are excitedly anticipating this very special weekend in the Windy City -- if you haven't registered yet, click here!...more

Fathers Are the Other Half of the MotherHood

"The problem with you women," the senior partner at my law firm said, "is that you say you want to be treated just like men.  But you don't, really.  You want something different." Image Credit: David Bleasdale via Flickr...more

The 4 Worst On-Screen Births

One of the unexpected downsides to having a baby is that I can no longer watch Grey's Anatomy without wanting to throw my coffee at the screen. The same goes for Private Practice, Offspring or any other show that involves a lot of babies being born. Image: Warner Bros. Television ...more

5 Ways to Get Yourself Over Writer's Block

This page was white just before I started typing "this page was white," which, as you know, is a trick writers and bloggers use to just get past starting to write when the creative crumbs of creating cease to commence. I was recently reading Geronimo Stilton The Enchanted Charms: The Seventh Adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy as a bedtime read to my eldest son when I felt a connection from writer to writer with Geronimo. ...more

An Apology to Those I've Hurt While Depressed

I'm sorry. I know those two words seem so small, and they are. They are nothing more than nine simple, basic characters, but I don't know where else to start so I'm sorry; I'm so sorry. There are things I'm not sorry for, things I can't be sorry for. I'm not sorry for my illness. It is something beyond my control. It is a physical disorder as much as it is a mental one. But I am sorry for the years I've wasted feeling sorry for myself. I am sorry for the years I have tried to hide it, to keep it a secret. ...more

A Message to the Moms Whose Kids Are Not Heading Off to College

I've seen so many beautiful photos on my timelines this week. Moms are sharing pictures of their children heading off to college. I've enjoyed seeing all the pics of packing, dorm rooms, and tearful farewells as you drop your babies off at the university of their choice. I'm so happy for all the Moms and young adults embarking on the next phase of their lives. But what about the Moms that aren't making that trip? I wonder how they're feeling right now? ...more

How Low Testosterone Affects a Woman's Sex Drive

Low sexual desire, difficulty becoming aroused and lubricating during sex, and increasing difficulty in reaching orgasm are all common complaints of women in mid-life, and all are signs of low testosterone in women. Many people don’t realize that women’s bodies need the “male” hormone testosterone (T) in their system for optimal sexual function, just as do men. But recent studies have provided insight into how testosterone supplementation can be a safe therapy to improve sexual desire, arousal and pleasure for women....more

Favorites From the Anthro Mega Sale

I’ve had my eye on so many amazing pieces at Anthropologie, just waiting for them to go on sale. ...more

For My Friend Who Knows It's Time

 When you tell me that he belittles you and the children - it's time. When you t...more

For My Friend, Who Knows It's Time

When you tell me that he belittles you and the children - it's time. When you tell me that the children are harming themselves due to the stress in your home - it's time. When you tell me that you don't talk to family and friends about all of this anymore because they've all lost respect for you because you won't go - it's time ....more

Crispy Spicy Fries

Crispy Spicy FriesWho says fries can't be healthy? These Crispy Spicy Fries are just what they say...crispy, on the outside, spiced with smokey heat and NOT deep fried!!Ingredients...more

Cheddar Gougères (Savory Cheese Cream Puffs)

This is one of my absolute favorite times of year. ...more

3 Ingredient Guacamole

Living in SoCal, it seems we have an endless supply of avocados year round. They are also incredibly affordable....more

Home Sweet Home #236

Hello and welcome to Home Sweet Home! ...more

Play Date With My Camera

This morning I decided to have a play date with my camera. ...more

Rodan and Fields Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion Paste Review

My neighbor is awesome. Instead of bringing over cookies or food when Wyatt was born, she brought over beauty products. Talk about an instant-win and major points for being the coolest neighbor of all time ....more

gear we love for our gals

hi friends!after yesterday's yellowstone post i received a few questions regarding the backpack we use for the girls.i would have replied directly to the questions, but i didn't have an e-mail to respond to, so i'll just dedicate a post to - osprey poco...more