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5 Tips for an Earth-Shattering Orgasm You HAVEN'T Already Tried

My mother used to say, “In a world that is largely focused on male pleasure — the female orgasm is an act of revolution.”Her words have even more resonance in today’s on-demand culture where porn (largely produced, directed, and watched by men) is sometimes the only sex education young men get....more

What I've Learned From My Brother's Suicide

Being the oldest child gave me a few privileges growing up. One that I remember clearly was being able to stay up later than my brother. It was probably only 15 to 20 minutes later, but being eight or nine years old at the time, it seemed like I was up until midnight! ...more
I lost my brother the same way and I can't say the words yet. I hope we can be of help to each ...more

Learning How to Say No

I think one of the hardest parts of life is saying no. If you are a parent, you might be constantly saying no to your children. It starts to get easier. However, when it comes to helping and volunteering for things, I have a very hard time saying no to people and commitments. Perhaps it's the mother in me. Moms are very giving people who are willing to sacrifice their own time and energy for others. ...more

Dating God and Drinking Pretty Coffee

"I mean... God and I, we hang out all the time but we've never dated before." I uttered this comment in all seriousness but my sister-friend Yvette burst into girlish laughter, tickled by the thought of "dating God." It was an exciting but peculiar thought. I had only twice heard the mention of dating God....more

11 Clever Ways to Make Your Hair Look Longer

Lustrous and long hair is a dream for many woman worldwide. You put a lot of effort into your haircare routine in order to boost length and give it the luster and volume you desire. Yet, the improvement you see is not enough to satisfy you. There's no denying that growing out your hair can definitely test your patience. It seems as if you have to wait for years before you actually notice a difference....more

Valentine's Day Craft: Paper Fortune Cookies

With just a few supplies, you can make these adorable fortune cookies just in time for Valentine’s Day! They're pretty easy to make and can also be used for a Chinese New Year celebration, wedding or baby shower favors.Paper Fortune CookiesSupplies you will need:...more

Celebrating Chinese New Year & The Year of the Monkey

A little known fact – Way back in the 80's, before the world became this crazy place, I spent many of my informative years living in Saudi Arabia with my family. It was an interesting and culturally different place to live, and it provided so many opportunities to explore the world and learn about other cultures.  ...more

When Loss is Followed By Loss: From My Mother's Death to My Brother's Death

I had previously written a piece on my mum's journey with dementia, how it destroyed her and stole parts of me. The piece was a featured blog on BlogHer and I was humbled. I just wrote it to get the pain and hurt out and to share with anyone who was going through the same. Then five weeks and three days later, my baby brother, 49, died tragically, suddenly and in a twinkling of an eye, my life changed forever. ...more
Rita Arens Thank you Rita. I'm still fighting the grief and I will make it. At the same time, ...more

My Offline Life is Richer Because of My Online Life

Sure, there's a special quality to a face-to-face conversation. No electronic gizmo can replace the intimacy of a hug. You can't dry someone's tears over a cable modem. But there are times when you need to cry without letting the other person know you're weeping, to listen to a confidante without showing that you're shocked, to share a family moment without admitting that you're alone. ...more

Surviving the Tattle Battle: A Quick Guide For Parents

Whether in the classroom or at home, tattling can drive adults crazy! We all want children to have the ability to solve problems on their own. However, what we often forget is the complexity of the social/emotional skills involved in problem solving. ...more

Is Lunar New Year Finally Becoming Mainstream?

The San Francisco Bay Area is rolling out the red and gold for one its biggest events of the year. Not the Super Bowl (although I hear plenty of people are celebrating that, too). It’s the Lunar New Year, most often called Chinese New Year, which begins on Monday, February 8. In a periodic alignment of the moon and the NFL calendar, football’s holiest day also lands on the same weekend as the biggest holiday for many Asian cultures, including Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Vietnamese....more

The Myth of the Entitled Millennial

For some years now, we millennials have been the subject of countless negative think pieces, articles, and TV spots. You would think that because we're the best educated group in US history, you'd see older generations patting themselves on the back for what a good job they've done. Instead, we are told that we're lazy, entitled, self-obsessed, and a list of other adjectives that suggest that we're the absolute worst....more
Wow, Sanity Thief, this is intense. As a Humbled Seeker Gen Xer, I appreciate hearing your ...more

Barbie Just Got A Lot More Bootylicious

News flash: Barbie’s got some junk in her trunk! After nearly 57 years, Barbie is finally packing on some healthy pounds and she's not rushing to sign up with Jenny Craig to shed them! In fact, she's quite okay with it, and so are we....more

Should Childcare Providers Be the Experts in Everything?

With more and more states requiring childcare providers to fill roles they were never trained to fill, providers are struggling to provide a well-rounded set of child development services. As providers most of us never went to college for a degree in education or a teaching license. We also did not go to school to be qualified to perform developmental and behavioral mental health assessments. ...more

Maintaining Blog Traffic on Days You Don't Post

We all know that the highest traffic to your blog is when you publish a post. Makes sense. Now unless you are a full-time blogger (I'm envious of you) not all of us can post five days a week. So what do you do on the days that you don't blog? How do you maintain your traffic? I typically post three times a week -- Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday -- and on the days that I don't post I maintain my traffic in a variety of ways. ...more
SandyCVargo You're welcome!more

How to Know When You're Ready to Query Literary Agents & Editors

Maybe you've written a few chapters and they're fantastic. Or you have this great idea for a nonfiction book, and you want a deal in hand as soon as possible because you've got a conference talk lined up in a few months. Slow down, take a deep breath, and let's talk about this. How do you know when you're ready to query? ...more
Cookingfromyourheart Melissa Ford Always happy to answer questions.  Keep them coming as they ...more

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Young Mom

Motherhood came to me a lot earlier than I ever thought it would. I became a mom two months after my 19th birthday. I don't usually like to volunteer that information. I like for people to assume that I'm pushing 30 when I go somewhere with my three crazy kids, but it's not the case. I was a teen mom. ...more

Pregnancy After the Heartbreak of Miscarriage

For 16 long months I waited to get pregnant. I took my temperature every morning. I took all the ovulation tests. I tracked my symptoms. I took pregnancies tests. I got my hopes up. And for 16 long months I was disappointed. My heart was broken. Of course those months were made heartbreaking with the three miscarriages I experienced. ...more
I went through this as well with my first baby.  It was heartbreaking and it took a year before ...more

13 Whole30 Super Bowl Recipes

Hey y'all! Super Bowl 50 is upon us, and I have to tell you that I am SO excited! Not only am I a huge football fan in general, but Peyton Manning is one of my all time favorite celebrities. His career, philanthropy, and cheesy TV commercials have all been absolutely cherished by my family. The fact that this is (probably) his last season to play makes his Super Bowl appearance that much more exciting! GO PEYTON - VFL! ...more
allyfiesta The Instagram link has been fixed!more

How to Make a Valentine's Day Pom-Pom Wreath

Valentine’s day is not my favorite holiday but it’s pretty high on the list. Really, what girl doesn’t like a day of love, chocolate and gifts? I love to decorate for the holidays and this tutorial is a fun idea and it’s not your typical wreath. It’s fluffy! Lets get started! ...more
This is so cute! And such a smart way to make lots of pom poms at once!more

Joining the Cast of the "Biggest Loser" Is My Way Out of the Darkness of Self Destruction

People have always looked up to me. I don't mean to sound self involved, but they have. I have been a class clown far before I was voted one in the school yearbook. I have marched to the beat of my own drum, and people recognize that. I appreciated the recognition, because I continuously strived to be the entertainer and fulfill something in people that they were too scared to find. But as I hit adulthood I started to realize how unfulfilled I was: spending so much time on others so that when I looked in the mirror I had too much to piece together it was overwhelming. ...more
No. I don't watch the voice.more

Pink Heart Beet Pancakes

These pink pancakes claim their power from iron rich beets! Oatmeal also adds to the iron power of these pancakes, making it a great vegetarian option as well.  White or wheat flour can be used; the white flour making the pink stand out a bit more, yet the wheat flour boasts a bit more nutrition....more

The "I Ignore Homeless People" Club

This morning as I sat in my car, my seat warmer keeping my ass nice and toasty, Elvis Duran is entertaining me because they’re talking about what movie represents your love life … and I think to myself, "Is there a movie with clowns in it that isn't scary?" And it doesn’t dawn on me until they’ve been off air for two hours, that it’s "Patch Adams!" ...more
BlogHer Also, thanks for being the sort who thinks about this.more

Like Ariel Winter, My Scars Are My Souvenirs of Life

The successful and stunning Ariel Winter from Modern Family received some feedback for wearing a dress to the SAG Awards, which revealed a scar from her breast-reduction surgery. She felt compelled to justify her fashion choice on Twitter: “There’s a reason I didn’t cover up my scars! They are a part of me and I’m not ashamed of them at all.”...more
Mine are mostly bullying or gravity related. I got quite a few more scars than usual, last ...more

How to Make Your Own Cough Syrup

This homemade, all-natural cough syrup can be made from your kitchen pharmacy. This simply combination of ingredients will help you feel better. ...more
My Dad put pepper in whiskey if he thought he was coming down with something..they had Rock and ...more

It's Time to Talk to Your Kids About Sexual Health

It was a typical weekday morning in our house. I was the first one up, and my kids were moving slowly to get ready for school. I headed downstairs to make some breakfast for us. Marcia came downstairs topless and in a rush; she showed me a little red spot on her left breast and asked, "Mom, is this anything?"It looked like a small red mark left after a scratch, so I told her that and that it didn't seem to be anything to be concerned about, but that we can check on it again later. She bounded back upstairs to finish getting ready....more

Baked Pretzel Beer Dip

It’s Super Bowl time and that means it’s time to start thinking about your party menu for the big game! I know all of the men in my family are; that’s all they talk about actually –football, food, football, food. I mean, I love to see their passion – they always plan a big cottage getaway with all the boys (and no I’m not jealous!), but it does get me thinking about what to bake for the big day.  ...more
So very good. - Karenmore

Mom Jeans Are Back in Style... And My Crotch is Scared

Mom jeans are back, because obviously someone forgot how ugly these things were the first time around.The 80's are back and I'm not happy. Just when I'd finally made peace with lowrise jeans (OK, so 20 years after they debuted, but who's counting?) it seems that the fashion Gods have decided that mom jeans are once again stylish....more
Oh this is priceless ! Thank you for the levity and the memories and the perspective. We must be ...more

How to Coffee-Shop Write Like A Boss

As a writer, I want you to think of me as a romantic figure who sits in my Downton Abbey library, penning my words with ink and quill while dressed fabulously in my Downton Abbey wares.Are you picturing it? Beautiful right?But we're being honest here.When I write at home, this is my uniform (now that it's winter & things are chilly 'round here):...more
One summer we didn't have air conditioning that worked and the local coffee shop became my ...more

Pineapple Tarts

Delicate, buttery pineapple tarts made with 100% real, natural pineapple filling. Delicious and irresistible in every bite!...more

Kip met paprikasaus en rijst

Dit recept is een Tsjechische klassieker. Ik ben geboren in Tsjechië en kook daarom regelmatig recepten van mijn moeder en oma. Kip met paprikasaus is een gerecht die al mijn oma kookte. Het is afkomstig uit het kookboek van Marie Janků-Sandtnerová, Tsjechische lerares, auteur van kookboeken en een voorstander van een gezonde dieet. Hoewel ik denk dat de inzichten aan het begin van de 20e eeuw iets anders waren dan nu....more

Koffie-cacao cake

The Protein Question

The Vegan Files...more

Steamed Chicken With Mushroom & Herbal Gravy

It’s going to be Chinese New Year again in two days’ time.Time passes by so quickly. Last year this time, I was still waiting impatiently for the little one to be born. This year’s Chinese New Year would be the first one that the ten-month old is going to have....more

Formation... Unapologetically Black

Beyoncé just dropped that fire... I mean for a while I was NOT a fan. But I guess it's time I dust off my Bey Hive wings and glitter crown because she came out the woodworks with a mean black power trap banger.  I won't lie, I thought Bey was vapid and aloof and not paying attention in her glass tower; apparently I was wrong. She let everybody know that #blackgirlmagic is real....more

Strawberry Cookies 'n Cream Cookies

Who's in the mood for some cookies?...more

Ash and Me VS. Evil Dead (or ComicCon #2)

I meant to show you my second comiccon in November, but I've been disinclined to sit in front of the blank Blogger page. Plus stupid facebook and work and kids and laundry. ...more

Football Sunday

Today I been thinking about what to serve for tomorrow’s game! Football Sunday is an important day at my house as you can imagine, the screaming and swearing at the tv is the normal :)! Last year I served Falafel, Hummus, and Kibi. And for dessert I made white cake with cream cheese frosting and dusted it with chopped pecans.  I went the middle eastern route all the way! This year I am going to make some of my middle eastern dishes but adding to that some of the American traditional Football Sunday food to satisfy everyone taste and requests. The menu is: ...more

Super Bowl and Lunar New Year Ideas

This Sunday is both Super Bowl Sunday and the Lunar New Year’s Eve. We plan on celebrating both and trying our best not to miss our favorite traditional foods for both occasions. For those looking for inspiration and ideas, I’m sharing some of my favorite Super Bowl and Lunar New Year recipes as well as what I plan on serving tomorrow ....more