How Our Workplace Policies Are Keeping Women Poor

Beyoncé—a performer, working mother, and American icon— shows many of us the woman we want to be. But to state the obvious, we can’t all work it like Beyoncé. Literally. We can’t work, raise a child, and pay our bills like Beyoncé can, because ...more

What to Do When 8,597 Elsas Come to Your Door

Warning! They're coming. Not the walking dead. Or the Boy Scouts with their popcorn. No, the Elsas are coming. All 5,082,367 of them. How do I know there will be so many of them? A couple of weeks ago I took my daughter, 7, to a Halloween ...more

Brittany Maynard's Right to Die: Is It a Sin?

I can never forget that time in college I had to write about euthanasia. What is euthanasia? The act or practice of killing someone who is very sick or injured in order to prevent any more suffering ( As I was doing my ...more

Join Us for November NaBloPoMo & Win a Pass to BlogHer PRO '14

Join NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) on this November, and commit to post every single day this month! Every November, thousands of bloggers commit to posting daily. But it's about much more than getting that post up—it's ...more

The Infinite Sadness of Halloween: When Kids Choose Their Own Costumes

I'm feeling like maybe I've done all of this parenting stuff wrong. Maybe every choice I've made, every time I've encouraged our two sons to embrace their individuality, brought me to this point of infinite sadness. ...more

How to Make Your Own Maternity Jeans

Almost two years ago, I broke the zipper on a pair of my jeans (I've never done this before or since, happily), and I thought, "WHAT could you possibly do with a pair of jeans with a broken zipper?" And then I remembered that I'd made myself a pair of maternity jeans once upon a time, and this pair might be a chance for me to do it again, now that I knew a little better what I was doing. So I stashed them away for many many months until I was pregnant again....more
This is a very great idea! I will definitely keep this in mind in the future!! Great tutorial, ...more

Help! My Friend Wants Me to Lie as a Job Reference

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I run a small internet-based business and over the years have had several employees. Recently, a good friend of mine asked me if she could use me as a professional reference. She has been a stay-at-home mom for about twelve years and is having a hard time finding a job. I want to help her, but I feel uncomfortable about lying. Is there any way this can be considered a "white lie"?Signed,I'm Not Her Boss...more
No way. No no no. No!  For heaven's sake, I'm a convicted felon and would never lie about it. I ...more

How Do You Help Your Kids Hold On To Their Cultural Identity?

My husband is a Gujarati of Indian descent born and raised in Africa. Like me, he grew up in a household where his family’s cultural traditions, food, clothing and language were a source of pride and engrained in his childhood years. ...more

Would You Enjoy Working for $5 an Hour?

Over the years I've worked a lot of crummy jobs. I've worked a lot of low-paying jobs and jobs that paid all right but worked me to the bone. I've been undercompensated; I've done jobs that were above my pay grade because I would work for less than I was worth. And I wasn't happy, but I can honestly say that I'm happy now. I only make $5.00 an hour, and I am happier with that than ever before....more
Ellen Kolb That's a beautiful way to put it, "My worth and yours? Incalculable."  I agree, even ...more

How to Make Perfect Caramel Apples

Have you ever made Homemade Caramel Apples? I'm not talking about dipped apples made with those cute little caramel squares that you buy in packages in the supermarket. I'm talking about REAL, honest-to-God caramel apples that you make from boiling-hot-sugar that's sticky and gooey and oh, so delicious. ...more
jazzpastord Lol! I like the way you think! -Momomore

Keep Your Pets from Getting Scared This Halloween

Holidays can be a stressful time for our pets, and each one brings a new set of challenges. Halloween is no exception. A few simple tweaks to your Halloween routine, however, can go a long way toward keeping your pets safe....more

When Publishing a Powerful Memoir Means Your Mother Won't Speak to You

After Michelle Theall's book came out in February, her mother stopped talking to her. The story, which chronicles Michelle's childhood growing up in Texas, her struggle to come to terms with her sexuality and her tense relationship with her mother, a devoted Catholic, a hypochondriac and a constant critic, would be too painful to read, according to her mother. Instead, the book, which is now available in paperback would become a wall between them. ...more
This post resonates with me so much, in such sad ways. I'm only beginning to deconstruct these ...more

My Education Ruined My Relationship With My Mom

“We got dressed to go to the gym, but decided to put our house on the market instead,” my mother casually delivered this news to me on the phone and across the 1100 miles that now separate us. She was in the middle of preparing dinner; I was in the middle of a powerwalk.I always talk to my mother in transit. It is my way of multitasking, and she despises it. (Of course, preparing dinner while on the phone with me is the only acceptable version of multitasking, if she even acknowledges it as multitasking in the first place.)...more
cchinsethagid Thank you! I will definitely need a good dose of luck and wisdom.more

5 Ways To Keep Poor Kids From Ruining Your Halloween If You're A Terrible Person

Have you heard about the wicked wealthy witch who wrote a letter to Slate's Dear Prudence advice column complaining about her 1%-er neighborhood being overrun by mini vans full of less fortunate 99%-ers out to pilfer her mountain of full size $100,000 bars on Halloween? Here it is. Get ready to cringe and seethe simultaneously. ...more
I always end up having too much candy to pass out, I live in the "bad area" my town and wish ...more

I Support Brittany Maynard and Death With Dignity

It's not uncommon for Mr. T to look over and see tears running down my face when I'm watching TV or videos. Usually, I'm sniffling over silly fictional storylines, but last night I got close to a full-on cry fest while watching Brittany Maynard talk about her brain cancer. Maynard is currently famous (or infamous, depending on your side of this issue) for planning her death on the first of November....more
I agree 100% with you. Its her life. Her right to choose. I'm a nurse and I have seen the pain ...more

What's the Biggest Lie You Tell Your Kids?

Lying is bad. I know this. But all parents sometimes lie to our kids. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy are prime examples of lies we tell our kids. We dress up the lie in cute stories and fun experiences, but in the end, it's a lie. The biggest lie I tell my children isn't dressed up in fairy tales or glitter, though. It's simple, plain, and three words. I'm almost done. ...more

Happy Internet Day: What Was the Best Email You Ever Got?

Do you know what today is? Internet Day, the anniversary of the first piece of electronic mail sent back in 1969. What did it say? Just two letters -- L and O. Leonard Kleinrock was attempting to email the word "login" to Charley Kline and Bill Duvall, but their system crashed after the first two letters. Still, it's a start. ...more
I've gotten a lot of really nice, thoughtful, funny and complimentary emails in my life, but one ...more

Let's All Stop Worrying About Happiness

There’s a perfume called Happy and it smells terrible on me. If they made a perfume called Curmudgeonly, it’d be my signature scent. Image: A.M. Kuchling...more
I love this. I'm someone who often comes off as curmudgeonly, too.  But it's not necessarily ...more

Sexual Healing: My Journey to Fat Acceptance

I finally see myself.            When I was about 14, I was slim and fit, but curvy—except I wasn’t. Like being light-skinned, I just imagined I was. At the time, I was 5’7” and hovered somewhere around 220 lbs. I was used to it; I’ve been fat most of my 27 years of life. However, I have been disconnected from that fat—a part of my body—for most of my life as well....more
I love this!more

Mad Scientist Specimen Jar DIY

This year for my Halloween party, I decided to give my wet bar a "mad scientist" theme. I picked up beakers at the thrift store, displayed a Frankenstein head between bar glasses, and had fun making the final touch: specimen jars. ...more

How to Make the Most of Your Thrift Store Shopping

All of my friends know me well, so when I call and say, "Hey, you want to go out tomorrow?" they know that equates to giddily perusing though several thrift stores, hitting yard sales, or picking up stuff from Freecycle. Some decline unless I include lunch; others are as game as I am. ...more

10 Great Halloween TV Programs for Toddlers

I have to confess that we watch a lot of TV in my house. I’m not proud of it, but it’s a fact of life. All of us love TV. I try to limit my girls’ viewing, but there are some days that I suck at that, too. Grace seems to love TV the most. If the TV sits idle and dark, she will find the remote, hand it to my husband or me, then say, “TV on.” She really doesn’t like it if I refuse to turn on the television, and has been known to pitch a fit. The TV stays off but the rest of us are miserable. ...more
We had to plan to watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. No on on-demand - just had to be ...more

He's Army Strong, Mom's Still in Training

As a child, I remember reading about the Declaration of Independence in history class and quietly smiling to myself, thinking...THIS!...this is why my family is here. "Mom, I want to enlist into the military." But I cannot think of too many words, other than those my 15-year-old son has been saying, since he was 4 years old, that can simultaneously fill my heart with joy AND feel as if someone or something is trying to dig its way out of my chest, one spoonful at at a time. ...more
From one military mom to another... got your back!more

Malcolm and Jillian Bedell Are Starting a Food Truck + More!

Malcolm and Jillian Bedell of From Away recently launched a Kickstarter project to fund their newest venture -- a sandwich truck in Rockland, Maine. But not just any sandwich truck, as Malcom explains, "Not just sandwiches. Incredible sandwiches, baked on fresh, crusty bread and filled with braised meats and locally-produced cheeses. Highbrow sandwiches made with garlic-roasted asparagus and quick-pickled onions in the summer. Lowbrow sandwiches packed with homemade lamb chili and cheese in the winter." Visit Kickstarter to see more and to support 'Wich, Please. ...more

6 Things to Say (or Not Say) to Your Infertile Friends

Generally speaking, I am a driven, overachieving, type-A person, probably like most of the women on BlogHer. And like most women, I get things done! Not so with conception. I recently navigated the toughest, most heart-wrenching experience of my life: infertility. My journey brought me to my knees and nearly broke me. I recently gave a Tedx talk on the experience, a journey filled with twists and turns, extreme hope and shattering heartbreak. It's not for the faint of heart. And I know I'm not alone. ...more

How Should You Talk to Your Kids About Hemp and Marijuana?

"I really want to hang up my weed leaf tapestry in the basement," said my main mansky, Cransky, as we stood in the kitchen amongst piles of moving boxes. "So hang it up." "But it's got a giant WEED LEAF ON IT AND THERE ARE CHILDREN LIVING HERE." Cransky makes a potent point. But! The green times they are a-changin'. "Welllll, maybe we hang it up and it'll be a conversation starter about all the wonders of hemp," I responded....more
Hemp? Nope. I think we left that out of the drug talk.more

4 Places to Find Fabulous Plus-Size Jeans on a Budget

After spending some four hours in a department store with my mom today, I realized that there are some great plus-sized (size 12+) jean choices out there ... if you can afford them, that is. What about us girls who want great fit, but can't afford over $100 a pair? Jeans are a big deal for me—I'm 5'8, curvy, and I range between a size 14 and an 18, depending on the brand. (There seems to be little continuity in sizing. That's enough to frustrate me most days.)...more
Thank you Karen. Great information!more

5 Halloween Costumes for Your Princess-Hating Daughter

I’m not trying to be one of those moms that is forcing her daughter to reject super girly things. Though I'm no fan of the color pink, I do love wearing dresses, skirts and makeup. My daughter? She’s not even two years old yet, but she’s a rough-and-tumble chic....more
I was a "Tom Boy" myself, a term that I don't like...but my favorite costume for Halloween was ...more

Pumpkin Curry Soup With Coconut Milk

Curry Pumpkin Soup from Life's Ambrosia ...more
@scrummylane BlogHerFood Love the idea of making it in a crock pot!more

Who Am I? A Look at the Victims of Domestic Violence

Who am I? I am your mother, your daughter, your sister, your co-worker, your neighbor and your friend.  I am your nurse, your hair stylist, your chiropractor and your son’s piano teacher.  I am the lady in line next to you at the grocery store.  I am the woman sitting beside you Sunday morning at church.  And I am a victim of domestic violence....more

Friday's School Shooting Happened in My Small Town

"Mom, there's been a shooting at MP. Someone is dead and we don't know who the shooter is." I was just leaving my Zumba class Friday morning when my son called me with those words. MP is Marysville-Pilchuck, one of two high schools in our town of 60,000 people. My son attends Marysville-Getchell (MG), but I could hear the terror in his voice. ...more
I am so sorry for everyone. I live in Seattle, so I feel that you are all part of my community ...more

Jian Ghomeshi Is Fired Because He Says A Woman Lied About Him: An Example of Rape Culture?

Canadian radio generally isn’t a big thing in other parts of the world, but here in Toronto, former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi is kind of a big deal. He’s well known and well liked, for his views, for his interviews, and for his personality. Today, a decision came down from CBC firing Ghomeshi after he had tweeted that he was going to take some personal time off. The decision appeared to come out of nowhere, and I for one was a bit shocked....more
Anyway, those are some of my thoughts.more

Confessions of An Imperfect Mom

Y'all know I like to keep it real around here, and lately I have been finding myself wrapped up in guilt for a lot of the parenting choices I make. Deep down I know I am a good mom. My child is loved, she is never hungry and has a roof over her head with a warm and cozy bed to sleep in every night, so why do I let the mom guilt come over me? For me, mom guilt is the hardest part of parenting, I often journal about this topic, and I have come to realize that there is a common denominator in all of the guilt—that being social media. Comparisons. Measuring up. ...more
skye Haha I have to do that sometime's too. It's so funny sometimes, the things that are life ...more

The Case of the Missing iPad

Earlier this week, I spent an entire day trying to find my daughter’s missing Mini iPad. If you have ever lost an iPhone or other mobile device, you know it has an internal GPS function that you can track online. So in theory, how hard could this recovery be? Now, these days I’m a stay-at-home mom. Fifteen years prior, however, I was a producer at CNN. I’m also a smart ass. Thus, out of sheer boredom and a natural inclination, I reported my search for “iPad” to my friends on FaceBook. Naturally, it included quasi-witty commentary. ...more


Stephanie Mann discusses the bloody siege on that dark day in Irish history. According to the conventions of 17th century warfare, a besieged city that refused a summons to surrender and was then taken by storm could expect no mercy. Cromwell regarded the massacre at Drogheda as a righteous judgment on the Catholics who had slaughtered Protestant settlers in the Irish Uprising of 1641, a view that was probably shared by most Protestants at the time ....more

{Morning Thoughts}

Some discipline is better than no discipline. Happy Thursday, brave ones ....more

Loosening up the knots

I had really rough back pain this week, and then when the orthopedic physician said about arthritis working in the equation, well, the pain in the head worrying about it was almost matching the pain in my lower back.I forgot one thing. Flip fitness class....more

Favorite Fall Trend + A Piperlime Giveaway.

I'm back with my girls! We're teaming up again to feature our favorite fall trend....more

The Littlest Things

Yesterday morning, my day started with a quick message from an old friend.  Nothing real involved, just more of a quick, how ya' doin' kind of message.That message, however brief, put a smile on my face.  It made my morning just a little bit brighter.  Now I can guarantee you, that thought probably never entered his mind; that he might bring a little bit of joy to someone's day....more

Family Turkey Chili

Amber @ Mama's Blissful Bites: with wholesome goodness, this is our favorite family chili....more

DIY Blog design tips

Blogging makes you do weird things. ...more

Easy Potato Soup (Iowa Corn Quest 2014 Recap)

This easy potato soup will get dinner on the table in minutes! ...more

She Pushed Me

“Hey, she pushed me!” “Ashley’s using my hairbrush!” “STOP IT!” “Get OFF of me!” That’s how my sister and I talked to each other when we were growing up–the way sisters do. Now that I’m back home from a fantastic Adventure Girls trip to San Francisco, I’d like to report that my sister pushed me. […] ...more

The Rage

As was evidenced by my car naps, it takes me approximately .476 seconds to fall asleep at night....more