8 Pinterest Promises to Get You Through the Holidays

It took me years to collect all of the essential cookbooks that a respectable kitchen ought to have. I’m talking about Julia Child’s, Moosewood, Joy of Cooking, Fanny Farmer. You know, the classics. After I became married, mortgaged, and with ...more

What Do You Think of Facebook's Thank You Videos?

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Facebook has unrolled a new video algorithm which culls moments out of your timeline and allows you to say thank you to someone on your Friends list. ...more

The Plight of My Youngest Child

Some days I feel like I've got things pretty under control. On those days that the children mostly got along with one another, and the laundry is mostly washed and mostly folded (if not mostly put away) and I've prepared a dinner that is mostly ...more

20 Fun Facts About Being 39

I am 39 years old. The big 40 is coming in April and I feel excited, nervous, proud, grateful, and again, nervous. I’ve already started thinking about what I want to do to celebrate the big day. Should I go to Vegas, Key West, Pentwater, Atlantic ...more

Connecting With the BlogHer Community About #Ferguson

BlogHer is a diverse community and never was that more evident than in our recent Twitter chat about #Ferguson. ...more

I've Been Through the Immigration Process and It's Complicated

I had a lump in my throat watching President Obama deliver his speech about taking executive action on immigration reform. I have been hopeful, waiting, for Congress to pass immigration reform over the last few years, but I’ve grown impatient with the infighting, the politics and the lack of action — one way or the other — to make changes; to have a definitive answer. I never expected to be fully satisfied with the option they’d hammer out, but I did expect something, and I’ve been disappointed, perhaps, for expecting too much from our elected officials. ...more
Stop sniping at the Republicans.  President Obama had the opportunity to do this when he had ...more

How Good is Your Love Life Without Sensuality?

I’ve been thinking that "Love" and "Sex" need rebranding.I think that this divide is reflected all over the web. What if I want to write about something flirty or sensual? Do I categorize that as sex? What if it has no S-E-X in it—is that misrepresentation? I mean, it might not be romantic enough to be considered love.Love has gotten a bad rap. It’s practically become a four-letter word in some circles, just like that other four-letter word in other circles. I think that’s largely because of what people associate love with—the negativity....more

What Do You Mean I'm "Spoiling" My Child?

You know what really grinds my gears? The seven words I'm willing to bet every mother has heard at some point or another: You are going to spoil that child. ...more

Fantastic & Fun Ideas for Your Hunger Games Party

With the release of Mockingjay I decided it was a great time to repost about the Hunger Games party we had in 2012. David (BEN!'s brother) is visiting and planning to go see it while he is here. Me? I love pretty much any kind of themed party. ...more

10 Christmas Wreaths You Can Make

When I think of Christmas wreaths I tend to think of evergreen boughs with ribbons and pine cones. They are the ones I buy almost every year and every year I think how I really could make my own. I went looking for homemade wreaths and I found that many of you already make your own. What really surprised me was how I fell in love with these 10 less traditional wreaths. There will always be a place for evergreen boughs, but I may need to work one of these wreaths into my holiday decor. ...more
This inspires me to start looking around more when I take the dogs out or when I am getting my ...more

What Is the Best App on Your Phone?

So what's your favourite app? I love peeking at people's phones and seeing what apps they couldn't live without. Since I can't see their phones, I had to ask this nosy question of all the other editors at BlogHer via email. Luckily, they answered me, and I got a few new ones to download. And now I'm turning over the question to you: what is the one app that you gush about? That you love love love. That you tell other people to download? Even more than finding out about new apps, I love hearing how people are cleverly using existing apps; even simple ones like Notes. So chime in with your best tips (and apps!) in the comment section. And don't worry that we're asking you to choose just one: we can spread this appiness every month. ...more

Thanks to Exercise, I Feel Better Than I Did 20 Years Ago

It was in 1985 while attempting to ski and smoke at the same time that I realized that if exercise's twain and my twain were ever to meet, it'd be in a dark alley and that one of us wasn't coming out alive. Though friends say my attempt that snowy morn was hilarious (sort of an Alpine version of hari-kari), it was all the excuse I needed to give up, and for the ensuing 30 years I've lived with the motto, “You've got to show your body who's boss.”...more
A few years ago I looked at my mother and thought---wow--I don't want to be her at that age!  ...more

How to Make Ugly Holiday Sweater Hama Bead Coasters

Perler beads, hama beads, melty beads: These wee little tubes of plastic go by many names. Traditionally thought of as a children’s toy, one quick look at Pinterest will clue you in that plenty of crafty adults have caught melty bead fever....more

Finding Love "Beyond The Lights": A Conversation with Writer-Director Gina Prince-Bythewood

Love is a comfort. Knowing someone loves you gives you courage and confidence in yourself. I want to share what I have with others so they know that it is possible. – Gina Prince-Bythewood...more

Teaching Young Children To Be Thankful

By Gena Kittner, Mommy Sanest contributor Getting a child to say “please” and “thank you” isn't terribly hard. We demand it. Want some fruit snacks? Say “please.” The Target lady just gave you a sticker, what do you say? But what I've been pondering, as the season of thankfulness is upon us, is how we teach our kids to mean it. In other words, how do we teach thankfulness? ...more
@chatelaine08 MommySanest genakittner BlogHer BlogHerFamily So true!more

Respect Our Police

Everyone in the country has an opinion today about the events that unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri. According to Twitter, it's assumed that because I am a cop wife, I automatically side with Darren Wilson....more
Too many people forget that without the order that police maintain by putting their lives ...more

'What to Expect When You're Expecting' Left Out Some Stuff

Like most new moms, I bought the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book. It introduced me to an entirely new vocabulary with words I'd only heard clicking through shows on TLC — episiotomy, amniocentesis, Pitocin. Image: velmegunar...more

Facebook Is Destroying Christmas for Me

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I am so sick of reading posts on Facebook like, "I've already finished my Christmas shopping! Gifts are all wrapped, too!" It's not even DECEMBER yet. What's with all the bragging about getting the holiday crap done before Thanksgiving is even over? I know Facebook is all about self-promotion, but this feels like too much. I would leave FB once and for all, but I like to stay in touch with friends and family. Any advice on not letting the eager beavers get me down? Signed,Shove It, Showoffs ...more

I Don't Have Kids but I'm a Happy Woman

Just as I passed the woman and her child, an entire gaggle of cats started singing "Happy Birthday." “Meow meow meow meow, MEOW MEOW.” The child was clearly delighted, so his mom opened the greeting card again: “Meow meow meow meow, MEOW MEOW!” “How revolting,” I thought, as I left the store to go to my quiet home. I’m not used to jarring noises like tinny, electronic singing cats. I’m not used to cartoons playing in the background. I don’t know any songs from "Frozen." I don’t even know the plot of "Frozen."...more
I was so happy to read your post because everything you said describes me also and I seem to be ...more

How to Follow the 80/20 Rule for Being Healthy

As a fitness professional, it's expected that I follow the rules. I work out almost every day, I rarely take a day off. I hardly ever eat out. I eat clean and commit to my daily Shakeology. Sounds good right? Where are those abs? Come on baby belly, when will you leave me? I still cheat almost daily. I allow myself to have one cookie. Sometimes I eat an extra carb. ...more
This is a great post. I agree that we should consider the big picture, and include the emotional ...more

What Will You Get Your Trendsetter Friend This Holiday?

We all know that girl who is on top of the trends. She knows what's coming, going, and sticking around for a few seasons. (She's also pretty hard to shop for.) Try this list on for size.1. Kristin Cavallari Layla Sandal ($149)...more

10 Turkey Soup Recipes Your Family Will Love

What to do with that leftover turkey? Make turkey stock and turn it into mouthwatering and nutritious turkey soup, of course. I've scoured the interwebs looking at turkey soup options, and here are my top 10 picks. Of course, this is a subjective list, and no one person can ever find all the good recipes for turkey soup, so if I missed your favorite turkey soup, please tell us about it or share the link in the comments. ...more
Delicious! Great turkey soup recipes to share! The Tortilla Soup sounds especially good!more

10 Fun Snowflake Crafts You Can Make

The thought that there are no two snowflakes that are exactly like has always amazed me. You know what that means for crafts? When yours don't turn out perfectly it means you are doing it right. Your snowflakes are just behaving the way snowflakes are supposed to behave. But we don't think you'll have problems with these 10 snowflake crafts. ...more

The Day My Blog Ruined My Life

Okay, maybe it didn't ruin my life, but my misuse of social media threw me into a terrible controversy at my kids' school. Today's post is about irony. Well, irony and how I messed up my life and the lives of a few others. And how I'm sorry. So very, very sorry. I sit here thinking, analyzing and obsessing about the events that transpired a week ago and set in motion an unbelievable shit storm. As some of you know, I'm a health and development educator for adolescent girls. In fact, I have a whole presentation on cyber-safety and how girls should always be very careful about what they post online. But right now, I'm sitting here, stewing in my own shame. I imagine I'm feeling much like the 15-year-old girl who insisted she knew what she was doing when she texted her boyfriend a boob-shot that went viral. She intended it to be only for his eyes. ...more
KelseySilver  Thanks Kelsey.  I love your comments.  I'm realizing very quickly that I don't ...more

The Most Effective Writing Question: What's Your Angle?

They say that there are no new stories. In fact, author Christopher Booker suggests that every story ever told is a variation on seven basic plots. So, how do you differentiate your story from every other comedy, tragedy, memoir, quest, or rebirth? The answer is in the specific angle you use to tell your tale. Consider Eric and Charlotte Kaufman's story. ...more
Great lesson. I appreciate the insights!more

Remembering Director Mike Nichols Through His Movies

Meryl Streep's recent reception of a The Presidential Medal of Freedom got me thinking about my favorite films of hers, including one directed by Mike Nichols (1931-2014) — a filmmaker far beyond my generation but still beloved by many of us nonetheless. Image: 20th Century Fox ...more

What Story Are You Reading To Your Child?

Stories surround us every single day. Humans have been telling them since we first put smashed berry juice to cave walls. The stories we tell aren't confined to firesides or a lone writer with pen and paper in hand. They never have been. They swirl around us, so many times too fast properly hear. One swirls within us, narrating our thoughts and emotions, telling the passage of our life. “After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” ―Philip Pullman ...more
Wow, excellent article!  Thank you so much!  I've often thought the same things but have never ...more

Black Friday 2014: Your Essential Guide to Savings

The posts I’ve linked to here will help you discover when and where to shop for the best Black Friday deals, as well as which toys are worth your hard-earned cash. ...more

We Must Speak Up Because #BlackLivesMatter

Heart heavy, I forced myself to go to bed last night.Part of me wanted to throw the covers over my head and cuddle with my husband. To lose myself in some mindless television. But I couldn’t stop scrolling through my Facebook feed as my friends shared the same hurt, anger, and frustration that welled inside of me. More reason to hold my black husband tighter. More reason to check just one more time on my biracial children sleeping peacefully in their beds....more
What a wonderful post. I agree that everyone who believes that this decision is wrong needs to ...more

The Ferguson Case Goes Way Beyond What Happened at the Police Car

Yes. I have given Officer Darren Wilson the benefit of the doubt, considered that his version of events may be true. And yes, I did read Darren Wilson's Grand Jury testimony about the killing of unarmed teenager Mike Brown. I read it because I like to read documents first-hand and not have network talking heads or biased prosecutor Bob McCulloch tell me what to think. ...more
The officers fear is real. It's happened before and will happen again ...more

Top 10+ Gifts for Artists

I love writing the artist gift guide every year. It's like window shopping for all of the things I'd love to find under my tree. So many cool things to make. So many pretty things to look at. So much awesome art. Scroll through some of my favorites this year. I hope my favorites help you find the perfect gift for the artist or art lover in your life. ...more
yep -- no such thing as too many sketchbooks.more

Announcing a BlogHer PRO '14 Fireside Chat with Entrepreneurial Icon and Tech Founder Caterina Fake

This is an anouncement of a BlogHer PRO '14 keynote speaker, but bear with me while I reminisce. Eight years ago, BlogHer '06, our second conference, took place. One of my clearest memories of that year is the pride I felt in featuring a triumvirate of blogging pioneers who were early bloggers, were amazing and entrepreneurial women in tech, and most thrillingly had each co-founded one of the fundamental tools in use at that time for bloggers like us. ...more

How I Went from Breast Reduction Surgery to a Mastectomy

My first breasts were cartoonishly big, and maybe the only two things about me even slightly aligned with the current female beauty standard where we’re all supposed to look like a video game animation....more

What's Behind My Tears Over Ferguson

No indictment against the man who caused the death of Michael Brown. No need to investigate further, it just happened.A crying lump in my throat threatened to push its way into tears. I swallowed it back and sat glued to the coverage.I'm still ferreting out from where the threatening tears were coming....more
ace1028 I'm just glad you read them. Thanks. xomore

Navy vs South Alabama Live Stream Free ESPN ||Watch CBS NCAA College Football Online p2p Broadcast Coverage Link

I think, you are surfing internet for get your favorite teams match Navy vs South Alabama live streaming NFL Season 2014 TV link directly on your desktop, laptop or net-pad. Don’t worry; we are here for your help. Here you can get your all sporting event easyle....more

Gone Fishin' (Backyard Tour)

My big brother came to visit us from Texas this Thanksgiving week along with my nephew, Oliver! Oliver saw the big lake in our backyard and begged us to go fishing! It was such a perfect day for fishing and just being outdoors ....more

Arkansas vs Missouri Live Stream Free ESPN ||Watch CBS NCAA College Football Online p2p Broadcast Coverage Link

I think, you are surfing internet for get your favorite teams match Arkansas vs Missouri live streaming NFL Season 2014 TV link directly on your desktop, laptop or net-pad. Don’t worry; we are here for your help. Here you can get your all sporting event easyle....more

That Time I Peed in the Cup

Every summer, my extended family goes on a great drunk-out I mean camp-out. Maybe it's my chronic aches and pains, or maybe it's because I'm the type of responsible drinker who can't let myself get wasted while caring for small children around fires and rivers, but I never have much fun, and my participation is sporadic. Also, the big selling point of shared meals and rotating kitchen duties doesn't appeal, because we're vegetarians and my extended family is exactly the opposite....more

That Time I Peed in the Cup

Every summer, my extended family goes on a great drunk-out I mean camp-out. Maybe it's my chronic aches and pains, or maybe it's because I'm the type of responsible drinker who can't let myself get wasted while caring for small children around fires and rivers, but I never have much fun, and my participation is sporadic. Also, the big selling point of shared meals and rotating kitchen duties doesn't appeal, because we're vegetarians and my extended family is exactly the opposite....more

Reason To Avoid Black Friday Sales

On Thanksgiving Day, we celebrate with family and friends.  We give thanks for all that we have been blessed with.  But the next day, Black Friday, we forget what we have and seek out more.We get trapped into a retail whirlwind, to purchase items, most that we don't even need.  We camp out in front of stores overnight, sometimes for days.  We brave the cold and long lines for material things....more

12 Crafting Days of Christmas

     No to alarm anyone, but there are only 26 days until Christmas. This is a fair amount of time, unless you are crafting. 26 days in crafting time is like the blink of an eye. If you are like me, you have more projects lined up than you can actually complete in this amount of time....more

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  You ate well and enjoyed time with family and friends.  But what are you going to do with all those leftovers?!  Here are a couple of recipe ideas to ensure that none of the food goes to waste....more

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Tricks

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ star Renee Felice Smith shares eco-friendly gift wrapping tricks that have been passed down from generation to generation in her family. Renee shares tricks on recycling greeting cards and grocery bags to go green this holiday season. Not only are Renee’s tricks good for the environment, they are also a great way to save money for more presents ....more

caught my eye + deals 11.28.14

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! These berries are the prettiest thing in my house right now as we clean up from the day of festivities, but here are some sweet deals to share with you. As you know, these can run out or change at anytime, so I wouldn’t wait ....more