Understanding the Impact of Emotional Abuse

There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you.” Maya AngelouOctober is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I’ve wanted to address the subject of emotional abuse for some time on my blog. I recently made a couple of new friends and heard ...more

15 Seriously Cute Fall Jackets

What I love about fall is that you can toss on a jacket and voila! A tee-and-jeans combo instantly gets chic-er. There are lots of great jacket options out right now; everything from romantic fringed kimonos to edgy moto jackets—and each one adds a ...more

How to Make Your Own Fruit Leather

The first time I heard the words "fruit leather," the images that appeared in my mind weren't all that appetizing. When I found out that fruit leather is essentially the non-trademarked term for Fruit Roll-Ups, the bad images were replaced with good ...more

The Halloween Alternative: Trunk or Treat!

Have you heard of Trunk or Treat? It's often an event sponsored by a church or community group as an alternative to Trick or Treating. A group of people gather, typically in a parking lot. They decorate the trunks of their vehicles, and instead of ...more

When He Doesn't Believe He's Dying, What Do You Do?

How do you say goodbye to someone who doesn't believe he's dying? ...more

We're Making History! A New Political Party for Women

Yesterday in New York City, Hillary Clinton Governor Andrew Cuomo, Kathy Hochul, and Christine Quinn gathered to support equal pay for equal work for every New York woman. They were there to support a new political party called Women's Equality Party that's already received support from the likes of Lena Dunham, Anna Wintour, Christie Brinkley, and film producer Jane Rosenthal, amongst others. Check out the list here: http://womensequalityparty.org/supporters....more

Low-Carb Jalapeño Bacon Biscuits

Everyone loves those Red Lobster cheddar biscuits, right? Today's recipe is a kicked-up version of those—with just one quarter of the carbs. According to their nutrition facts, each Red Lobster biscuit has 16 grams of carbs, whereas each of my biscuits have only four grams total carbs, and just two grams net carbs once you subtract the fiber. After making today's batch, I had to physically restrain myself from eating all of them, so be prepared to have your willpower tested once these come out of the oven. ...more

5 Easy and Fun Last-Minute Halloween Crafts

I know people who start their Halloween crafts in September. I applaud their obviously superior organization skills, because that is so not the way things roll for me. The way it works in my house: I look at the calendar, realize Halloween is a few days away, and then I say, "GAH!" So here's a list of crafts for the BlogHers like me out there who need fun Halloween crafts they can whip together quickly. ...more

I'd Rather Be Home Alone, Listening to My Radio

I’m dating my radio. OK, don’t get judgy. And before you picture me in my New York City apartment, sitting endlessly in my jammies, singing “All By Myself” into a hairbrush-cum-microphone, surrounded by ten cats, let me first say that I’m still kind of a babe and, frankly, men dig me. Done. But in a city such as this, where people are strange when you’re a stranger, you long for a connection. However, there’s a genuine difference between being alone and feeling lonely. ...more

Will This Election Put More Moms in Office?

There it was, on the Time.com website, in great big black bold letters:Midterm Elections See Surge in Tough-to-Lure Candidates: Young Moms...more

I'm Your Girlfriend, Not Your 'Bro'

I've been reading a book called Gone Girl for the past week and just finished it yesterday. One of the things I see repeatedly in the chapters is the phrase, "the cool girl" (e.g. "He wanted me to be the cool girl" or "She's the cool girl type")....more

The Real Reasons Parents Love Internet Lists

When I say I love a list, I'm definitely not talking Grocery or To-Do. (Those are illegibly scrawled on scrap paper you inevitably throw out so you feel less guilty about forgetting everything on them.) I'm talking the new wave of Internet information provided in beautiful bite-sized segments that all parents can jump in and out of lickety-split. Because we all know the days of being curled up in a window seat under a fresh stack of fragrant new books, as sunbeams dance across pages of essays and 1400+ wild word musings arelong gone. ...more

When You Still Want to Blog Even Though You've Been Silenced

As some of you know, I’ve been all over the place on blogging. I’ve been a daily poster, blogging every day. At the moment, I’m considering myself accomplished if I post once or twice a week. Just enough so that my friends know I’m alive. You see, I’m finding blogging challenging. But it’s not because I’m burnt out. In my offline life, I’m in the middle of something I can’t write about. So I am chilled. Quieted. In multiple ways, silenced. ...more
http://remcuaht.vn/hoat-dong/rem-van-phong-3-tac-dung.html Rèm văn phòng 3 tác dụng tốt nhất ...more

Parenting Kids With Disabilities: How to Get Through Tough Times

When parents like me talk about our kids with disabilities and intense support needs, we have to be thoughtful. We need to make it quite clear that our kids are much-loved and very awesome human beings. We should never, ever state or imply that any challenges we face as a parent are our children's fault. We need to handle their privacy with delicacy. And we shouldn't accidentally enable disrespect towards children who are already too-frequent magnets for morbid fascination, and pity....more
Comment deleted. No burden talk here, please. -SRmore

Ebola in New York: Doctor Tests Positive for the Disease

Ebola has reached New York City. A 33-year-old doctor named Craig Spencer who treated patients in West Africa through the Doctors Without Borders program has tested positive for the disease in New York. Bellvue Hospital is kicking into its emergency plan, but this new case raises alarm. Whereas the average suburban dweller may come in close contact with dozens of people per day, the average city dweller who takes the subway, walks the crowded streets, and lives in a large apartment building comes into contact with many, many more. ...more
Here's a good info video from Dr Oz...who knows this guy too.  ...more

Plaid: The Key To My Heart

Plaid is EVERYTHING this fall, and I am loving it! ...more

Falling In Love Again After Divorce

After getting divorced many years ago, I never dreamed of getting married a second time. I had a household of three children who were all under the age of ten. Being a single parent is a very hard job and having a relationship just complicates things. I am one of those women that you would call a "soccer mom". I have my children in private schools, music, sports, and just regular old family time. Back then, we would leave home at 6 am every morning and most nights get home after 7 pm. After 7 pm there was no time to do anything but have dinner, take baths, and go to bed....more

12 Salad Dressings That Will Transform Dinner Forever

As I create recipes for my blog, I keep tabs on all the salad dressings I've made with a little document that includes the ones I use most. These dressings are the ones I come back to time and time again, because they are flexible and tasty. Once you have these dressing recipes under your belt, you can transform endless salads! All the following recipes will dress a salad of 4 to 6 servings. ...more

10 Surprising Turn Ons

It seems like every week there's a new study out claiming to boost your libido. Some of them make sense, but a lot of them are flat out bizarre. We rounded up 10 of the strangest sex boosters, in case you were looking for a new way to get in the mood....more

The Ottawa Shootings Can't Take Away My Canadian Identity

I was sitting in a Starbucks in Toronto when I saw a tweet that stopped me in my tracks. A soldier had been shot at the National War Memorial in Ottawa—where I live. It was followed up by another tweet telling me that the shooter was in Centre Block of Parliament. I looked around … and no one was reacting. No one else knew. ...more
It was tragic and extremely shocking for our country.more

How Did You Handle It When Your Son Told You He Had a Girlfriend?

My 12-year-old started his second year of middle school — his first year alone without his big brother, who has moved on to high school. I listened to him share stories about his classes, his friends, the clubs he joined. One day to my surprise he called me with some news. Image: damo1977...more
BlogHer it did :)more

It's Not Your Kids That Make You Time-Starved: It's Your Spouse

So much for you and your marriage partner working together to share the burdens of family life, regardless of who does what or how much. Turns out that it's actually married moms who are feeling the stress and pull of time starvation the most, not single moms, according to a new survey about the growing segment of "breadwinner moms" around the world, released yesterday by global communications firm Ketchum, in partnership with BlogHer. ...more

Easy Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

Bored with being a generic devil, cat or ubiquitous Freudian Slip again this year? I know you are. A costume drawn from pop culture hits all the marks, because it lets you find your tribe of fellow fans and lets you enter a universe you love without the long term commitment of cosplay community forums. Also, pop culture costumes are typically pretty easy to pull off. ...more
I love this post! Smelly Mellie made me giggle.more

An Evening with BlogHer: Building Your Blog for Business in 2015

Are you looking to build your blog for business in 2015? Then you can't miss this great Meetup we're announcing that will take place on November 6, 2014 from 6-9 PM. A preview of what we'll be covering at BlogHer PRO '14 the following month on December 3 & 4 (register now!), the meetup will help you get started on a great 2015. ...more

Why We Need to Push for Universal Pre-K

With the school year well underway, how many mothers have the pre-K programs they so desperately need? ...more
I'm sorry, but I just can't get behind it. We don't need to start our children so early by ...more

The Beautiful Ugly of Motherhood: More Like Teen Mom 2 Than Leave It To Beaver

The phrase “beautiful ugly” is a term used to describe a fashion model whose striking features could be considered either beautiful or ugly, depending upon the eye of the beholder. An apparent contradiction, it prompts one to reconsider their natural inclination to separate two extremes that are inherently related. It is a saying that in many ways describes certain characteristics of another highly esteemed occupation. Motherhood....more
danamatas  I can agree with the idea that the media portrays certain ideals for moms, sometimes ...more

Godinterest: Fabulous Site for Christians or Copyright Nightmare?

When I first heard about Godinterest, I was immediately intrigued. Being a devout Christian is not always the easiest thing to be in the online universe. Actually, "fitting in" and finding others who have similar views on social media can be one of my biggest daily trials. But here was a new site that was designed just for me. Or so it seemed. It is basically Pinterest for Christians. ...more
I tend to agree with you Laura!~  Good point on the "be of the world" issue.more

5 Important (but Random) Lessons Teens Need to Know

You thought you had a lot of lessons to teach your toddler? Well, I hate to break it to you, but potty training and spoon feeding are only messy in the literal terms when it comes to the lessons you will have to teach your teens and tweens. Most of our kids' friends are pretty smart and self-sufficient, but every now and then we'll talk about something and they have no idea how they would solve the issue. ...more
You might think this is a given, but show them how to do housework. I was at my ex's one day and ...more

Have You Turned Into Your FATHER?

When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was called “Mom, You’re Fired!” I still remember the bright yellow cover featuring an exasperated girl, nearly pulling her hair out in consternation at her mother, depicted in black and white in the background, cluelessly going about her job of embarrassing her daughter. ...more
hahah, definitely. and before reading this piece, I never thought of it that way, but yes. :)more

Finding a New Home for an Adopted Puppy Taught Us a Lesson About Our Adopted Children

This week I’m speaking to actor, writer, producer and parent of two, Dan Bucatinsky. You may recognize him from last week’s premiere of “Marry Me,” where he plays one of Casey Wilson’s two Dads. You may also have seen him on the Showtime comedy “Web Therapy,” coming back this Wednesday night. And that’s just a few of his recent credits....more

Don't Make Fun of Your Neatnik Friend: She Might Have OCPD

I have always been an anxious person. Whenever my mother would get angry or upset, I would follow her around the house until she grew happy again. Let me tell you, it usually had the opposite effect....more

What to Do If You Think Your Friend Is Racist

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I think a friend of mine is kind of racist. She always mentions if someone is black or Jewish or Hispanic. She doesn't say anything negative, but she whispers their ethnicity when it's not pertinent. Like: "There's a new waiter at the wine place. He's BLACK." She says it in this derogatory way.Should I say something or just let it go?Signed,Am I Friends with a Racist Person?...more

New Pew Research Confirms the Worst About Online Harassment

A new study from Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life confirms the worst news about online harassment. It is pervasive, endemic, and disproportionately levied against women. What we have done so far to deal with it isn't helping. As horrible as these findings are, do they offer ways to help safeguard ourselves, to be better Internet citizens, or to change the onslaught of harassment and danger? ...more
Great post. Tweeted it.more

Melting Witch Decorated cookie

Halloween is always a great time to make some funny things in the kitchen. This cute cookie, a tribute to the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, is one of my favorites. ...more

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So the war that we’re demanding these dermajuvenate products and spending our money buying these products in other places the war that the store started to kind of take notice the back and then started offering it started supplying this to actually the cost at that speed unit going down so I just encourage you guys to keep supporting is good natural prop products and not you know they will be calm war were widely available and more affordable to just as we increase our good man for those products really make it c...more

protect your skin with supplement

Enough for the conducting fluid and I'll show you that in a minute om I love it I will say that with the thanks master Vitafirm you could work around yourmouth and around your ass you couldn't reallydo your neck with it this on the other hand you can get yourneck but she tells you not to get too closearound sure now and not to get too close a rancher us so that would make it different I need to get something out like . ...more

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Can I use my eye cream the Bobby Brown hydrating eye cream in a row ninth and that's it I don't need the extra m hydroxatoneoisture but if you're going it's really dry you do go ahead in West riser on just like the style in first let it soaking a number to my stress relief that's the reason this product is not blown-up crazy man has all over YouTube it's because people don’t know about it they don't know if you think about it you going .http://svelmeantiwrinkle.com/...more

5 Outdoor activities our Highly Sensitive Child loves

A few years ago, when my 5 year old was just an infant, I didn't know many things. I knew some, but not many. One of the things I was sure of from the very beginning was the fact that my baby loved being outside. Whenever he got restless and cranky after I had tried everything to comfort him, taking him outside for some fresh air always did the trick.Another thing I was certain of was that my son didn't like to be around too many people at once, and he became inconsolable if there was too much noise where we were....more

Cloud Server Price War: Microsoft Holds Focus

Amazon, Google and Microsoft slash cloud computing costs A price war broke out in cloud computing in March, with the three main competitors all radically cutting charges for cloud servers, storage and services.  For more read http://www.serverconsultancy.co.uk/cloud-server-price-war-microsoft-holds-focus/...more

Fastest way to build muscle

Building bulk may be troublesome and time extreme strategy. To buildup your body for worn out and refined look is at present a greatest assignment. A large portion of the blokes need to seem luring and the greater part of the females much the same as the bulky collection of guys. to make you most engaging and alluring gentlemen strive a few ways. They pay hours in sports office and utilize a few supplements however don't get results reliable with your wishes. super nitro is natural dietary supplement is most loved of all weight lifters....more

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The Materialization of Abuse: My Story (3rd post)

Four months into our relationship, we were in a hotel out of town and found out I was pregnant.  This wasn’t meant to happen!  I must have been dreaming.  It wasn’t a dream or a nightmare.  It was really happening to me.  I was so upset that I was pregnant because it was with him.  He got very drunk that night and when I told him I didn’t want an abortion but wanted to raise the baby on my own, he became enraged.  He got up and said “If I can’t have this baby, then no one can!”  He started punching my stomach and as...more