10 Tested Tips for Time Management

As a mom of two active kids, wife of someone who owns his own business, published author, daughter, sister, aunt and traveling career women, time is at a premium for me, like I’d bet it is for you. ...more

10 Must-Haves to Take DSLR Photography to the Next Level

So you’ve mastered the basics of your DSLR, and now you're itching to stretch your photographic wings and be creative! Or have more control, or you just want to have fun! Today, I have 10 must-have items for your DSLR that will propel your ...more

Lies Stay-at-Home-Moms Tell Themselves

I've heard it all before: stay-at-home moms with endless excuses, reasonings, logic and lies that we tell ourselves (and other people) of how and why we are the exceptions to many social norms. "I'm too busy as a SAHM to be able to do that during ...more

The Journey From "Just"

I couldn’t look at her. I saw a glimpse of us in her bedroom closet mirror and the image made me doubt everything I just said minutes before. She was crying those type of tears where she had to stop every few seconds and gasp for a deep breath. And I ...more

White Jeans Styled Two Ways

Hello World! It has been some time since my last post. House buying, moving in and setting up a new home, and life getting in the way! Finally, getting back, and as an additional incentive, the NaBloPoMo for May involves photography. I have ...more

8 Family Rules That Made Me Comfortable With My Sexuality

I was fortunate enough to have a sex-positive upbringing, and I know firsthand the confidence and security in oneself that feeling OK about your body and sexuality can bring about. ...more

10 Best Vacation Songs For Your Travel Playlist

Music is a huge part of any traveling experience ,whether it be the CDs you listen to in the car or the songs you stream while laying on the beach. I am lucky enough to be going on my first ever tropical vacation next month, so I have been preparing every detail. I've loved putting music together that gets me into that beach holiday mindset. ...more

4 Elements of a Great Food Photo

Photography is different depending on your niche. However, there are four basic elements of a great photo that should lead you in the right direction, especially when you're trying to get your food photos noticed....more

5 Ways I've Learned to Make Time

Almost three months ago, I wrote a post about shifting my language from “I don’t have time” to “I don’t make time.”...more

Coconut Oil for Sunburns: Just in Time for Summer!

I am a big proponent for coconut oil. I slather the stuff on my skin; use it in my baking and as an agent for soothing sunburn. Coconut oil works wonders as a moisturizer, so when I came home from the beach the other day with a nasty sunburn on the backs of my legs (we’ve all been there, you know, that upper part near your butt that you always miss when you put on sunscreen), I decided to try a little coconut love. ...more
sonjafoust You could be right but I'm not sure that a sunburn is quite the same type of burn as ...more

I Dream In Muppet & Other Ways I Know I'm a Mom

Momfessions. We all have them, am I right? Things that you have found yourself doing only since becoming a mother—things that never even entered your mind before you brought a tiny human into the world.I want to share so many momfessions with you all, but I need you to know that I have stared at this screen for a sweet forever trying to come up with what to write. Not for lack of content, mind you, just—WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN?...more

Yes, Even Supermodels Breastfeed

Supermodel Nicole Trunfio breastfed on set because her child was hungry. The photographer took a photo. The magazine published it. Step back. Watch the furry, the worry, the confusion, and dread as the world gasps and figures out how to digest this enormous event. Really? ...more

10 Ways to Make Your Blog a Welcoming Space

My friend, Cassie, is huge on fostering a sense of community on her blog, and I love that about her. Her approach to encouraging community got me to thinking. How can I make my blog a space where readers want to return to and at the same time, how can I make readers feel welcomed and valued? Today I thought I would share with you 10 ways to make your blog a welcoming space. ...more

Save This Helpful Printable Kitchen Cheat Sheet

I follow a lot of blogs from all over the world. Most are food blogs, so I have to do a lot of conversions when making some of the recipes. Sometimes I don't have my computer available to do a quick conversion from cups to ounces to milliliters. I even have to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit. ...more
This is a great resource! Thanks.more

I'm a Mean Mom and I Don't Bluff

"If you aren't going to hold these toys, I'm putting them in the trash." No attention was paid toward my words. I repeated, slowly, firmly and a lot louder: "If you aren't going to hold these toys, I'm putting them in the trash." She heard me. She heard me every time. No attention toward my words again — for the fifth time in 5 minutes. (I know because she'd look at me dead in the eye and then deliberately turn away, purposefully neglecting to react.) ...more
Not a mommy yet, but wow that's harcore! I kind of want to applaud you and sit at your feet now.more

5 Things to Avoid Saying to A New Widow

"No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear." -- C. S. Lewis, "A Grief Observed"Death is a topic that can clear out a room of even the most kindhearted people. Just mention any of the following words -- passing, mortality, funeral, burial, death -- and people get nervous. Very few individuals are comfortable with holding an honest conversation about death, and even fewer know what to say to a new widow....more

5 Tips to Get Lawmakers to Listen to You

How do we take our stories straight to our elected representatives to make the changes mothers need in the US today? At the Mom-mentum Leadership Conference in March I met Serena Liguori, Associate Director of Herstory, an organization that teaches marginalized women — including homeless, imprisoned, immigrant, disabled — to write and tell their stories....more

A Letter To the Man Who Molested Me

Maybe I made this whole thing up? Maybe this never really happened? We've seen each other socially for years and years. I've hosted bridal and baby showers for both your daughter and daughter-in-law. We spend most holidays together, your family and mine. How could I be so seemingly calm if something really happened? ...more
Wow, that is all I can really say! I don't know what to say honestly, but I know you are brave ...more

Watch Lily Tomlin Soar in 'Grace and Frankie'

Netflix recently announced that they are giving Grace and Frankie a second season. This is really good news for viewers like me who see a Lily Tomlin performance as a little bit of grace in and of itself. Only a few of our greatest stars can operate at her level, and this chance to see her in her own series is good luck I won't take for granted.  Image via: Netflix ...more
debontherocks Excited for the second season!more

6 Tips For Staying Sane When Moving With Children

Moving is daunting. Especially, when you have a bunch of kids in tow to cross the country (or ocean) with you. Your stress levels are pumping and the children get pesky as they don’t wan to leave, while you need to keep an eye on the movers and control everything on your checklist. ...more

Surprising Things I Learned in Foster Care Orientation

Now that my husband has started his career, it is time for us to start on our next journey. My husband and I have wanted kids for a LONG time. I have battled with my infertility ever since we tied the knot. In the last three years I have really accepted the fact of not being able to give birth to my own biological babies, so we have been preparing our heart for foster care. ...more

My Defining Moment: I Conquered My Eating Disorder

I know exactly when I became consumed with my weight. In 2001, at age 21, I had major surgery on my back (corrective surgery for scoliosis)....more

10 Tips for Re-Branding Your Blog

A couple of years ago, I changed the focus of my blog. Whether you're thinking of shifting your blog focus slightly or making a big change, these 10 tips for re-branding your blog will come in handy. ...more
Interesting points here, thanks for sharingmore

How to Get Fit for Yourself

As we head into summer, the article titles being shouted from the front covers of the magazines in the supermarket talk about getting beach body ready, as if there is only one type of body that deserves to be on the beach. We are constantly comparing ourselves to other women. We look at those magazine covers or women that we see walking down the street, wishing our clothes would fall across our body as they do on models. Sometimes, as we look at other body types, we start to lose confidence in our own. ...more

Challenge: How Have You Shown #CourageToday?

We're on Instagram asking you to share what you had #CourageToday to do, whether it's standing up for yourself or branching out onto a new journey or asking for something you want or just doing something you haven't done before. We'll be sharing our favorites! ...more

Stop Giving Me Gifts, People!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I just threw a big party for my kid and got way too many gifts! People who didn't even come to the party are still dropping off presents. Is this the etiquette now? Am I supposed to be buying birthday presents for children even when my kid can't attend the party and we have RSVP'd "no"? This seems like overkill. Don't we all have enough stuff? Signed,Too Many Gifts __________________________________ ...more
I know a mom that asked people to give gifts for donation for her kid's birthday. Not only will ...more

5 Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me at Graduation

Over the weekend, I attended Sacramento State's Arts and Letters graduation ceremony. It was my first time on the faculty side and it surprised me how much fun I had watching so many of my students walk across the stage.I loved that the Communication Studies faculty lined the center aisle and shook hands and/or hugged every one of our graduates. (Next time, I might implement a High-Five policy because my hand is still sore from hundreds of shakes.)...more
@hazzeltoz I would love, love, love that!more

I Regret Circumcising My Son

A study was recently released that showed infants feel pain just like adults do, only they feel it more severely. Researchers put several sleeping infants through MRI testing, and poked them in their sleep. These pokes were not sharp enough to wake the babies, but were definitely sharp enough to register in the baby's brain. In fact, the severity of the poke registered in the baby's brain the same as a poke of four times that force registers in an adult. ...more
But what about the fact that it will keep him protected from many sexual disease, not to mention ...more

I Believed the Myth of the Perfect Body

For small moments, I forget about my children who smile and skip, enjoying the warmth after a long winter. Instead, I notice how my shorts feel too snug, how the back of my tank is riding up, exposing the soft pockets of flesh around my hips. ...more

Confession: I'm Having Wedding Weight Anxiety

I have a confession to make.My name is Loryn, and I do care about how much I weigh on my wedding day.It took me a long time to write this post for two reasons. First, because I knew it would be in direct contradiction with my last post, where I promised you, the readers, I would be body positive. Second, because it would admit that I care about something that I promised myself I wouldn’t worry about....more
There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good on your wedding day - it's one of the most ...more

The One Question You Must Stop Asking Your Kids

It’s unpopular but fair to say parenting today has become a helicoptering debacle. With tidal wave force, we’ve ushered in a new child-rearing style that probably isn’t doing our kids any favors in the life prep department. We’ve become nearly obsessed with our children’s diets, friends, grades, sports, and activities. And any category in which they are falling short is quickly redirected or remedied by us: their loving, devoted parents. ...more
I'm confused by this article, because when you ask if a child had fun... Isn't it after they've ...more

Quick, Crazy-Simple, and Fail-Free Rag Quilt Tutorial

Are you in a hurry to make a quilt? If you answered YES then this is the project for you! ...more

What's Behind All of These Shows Featuring Evil, Possessed Kids?

“We love to play games with our children,” generalizes the official website for the new show, The Whispers, premiering Monday, June 1 on ABC. “But what happens when someone else starts to play with them too? Someone we don't know.” ...more

Puppies Are Jerks. Adopt an Older Dog!

Since I was a child, I've always had a dog. So when my childhood dog passed away, I have always wanted another companion to keep me company. Having a dog is a true commitment, both financially and time-wise. ...more
keenlykristin For sure they can test your patience!more

Hitting the High Notes

Today's in-the-car-alone-at-6am-nobody-on-the-freeway-sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-and-dance-like-a-fool songs- You should have heard me try to hit those high notes. On second thought, you really shouldn't have. I may have had a pack of dogs following my car.I love 70's music.That is all ....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Does Friends with Benefits Work?

Dear Dr. Romance:I was browsing the net and came across one of your articles "No Strings Attached Sex" which I  found very interesting as it relates to a situation I am facing currently.   ...more

In Conversation with Aileen Gemma Smith, CEO of Vizalytics Technology Inc

 In Conversation With is a series of interviews with prominent women that inspire, motivate, and intrigue me. These interviews originally appeared on SharpHeels. Aileen Gemma Smith – Content Rescuer, Connector, Listener and Builder...more

#ContainTucson -- It's Here!

Tucson has hit the big time....more

Easy Magnetic Window Treatment

Our last apartment had this tacky paper window covers. I couldn't stand them but I was only there for a year so I wasn't wasting the time or money on it....more

Let's all wear foot jewelry this summer!

I’ve never worn foot jewelry in my entire life.  Putting jewelry on my feet seems about as strange to me as putting a tie or some makeup on my feet.  Or maybe a small wig on my toes for a beach side puppet show....more

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Puppy Chow

This has been one of my hallmark recipes over many years of making different sweets.  It is the perfect peanut butter- chocolate combination that leaves your mouths watering and your hands grabbing for more. It is enjoyed very much amongst friends gatherings as well as for a week night or weekend treat. Let your mouths water :)Keep smiling, Whitney...more

FF - I heart this quote 2

I've enjoyed showcasing some of my favorite photographers during National Photography Month, and I plan to do it again next May. I can imagine how many eye-candy creators I'll be featuring, now that I have a year to plan! For my last photo post, I choose two pictures - one of Niles Beach in Gloucester, and the other of a Shagbark Hickory tree in my backyard....more

Let’s all wear foot jewelry this summer!

I’ve never worn foot jewelry in my entire life. ...more

S.O.S. Update

My S.O.S. Challenge (Sick of Stuff) has continued. My goal? 5 things out of this house daily ....more