A News Site Took My Instagram Photos

As soon as I logged into my Instagram, I learned that a news station in Cleveland, Ohio was sharing photos from our New Home Photoshoot (Part I and Part II) and asking their viewers whether the craze of photoshoots for first time buyers was a neat ...more

Paleo Shrimp and Cauliflower Grits Recipe

Any attempt to be healthy requires you to eat certain foods only rarely. I love grits, and I really love shrimp and grits. Unfortunately, grits are ground corn kernels, and corn is a grain, so grits are no longer on my mostly paleo menu (unless I'm ...more

Found: Blogger's Missing Cousin, 14-Year-Old Jewel Fitzgerald

Editor's update: GREAT news: Renee reported on Facebook over the weekend that Jewel has been found. We'll add more information as it comes in.—Julie  ...more

Make a Peeps Woven Yarn Wall Hanging

Nothing says Easter like Peeps candy. Even if you have never tasted the hot pink sugar-coated goodness of these little marshmallow bunnies, you are familiar with them.  ...more

Some Surprising Facts About Women

These facts about women might surprise you.  ...more

Beyond Ellen Pao: How the Male-Dominated Silicon Valley Culture Hurts Us All

While a San Francisco jury sided with venture capital giant Kleiner Perkins in Ellen Pao's gender discrimination lawsuit, the four-week trial has given us a peek into exactly what kind of obstacles women face at big Silicon Valley venture capital firms and the broader startup world....more

You'll Love These Meatless, Paleo, Low-Carb, and GF 30-Minute Baked Eggs

I bet you've noticed it's spring, haven't you? We all get busy when winter's over, and if you're looking for a recipe for Meatless Monday, you want something that won't take long to get on the table. I swooned over this Baked Eggs Skillet with Avocado and Spicy Tomatoes when I shared the recipe on Kalyn's Kitchen. It can easily be ready to eat in less than 30 minutes—and the chile-spiked recipe is tasty enough that I'd happily serve it to guests for a meatless breakfast, lunch, or dinner....more

Are You Looking for a Way to Rekindle the Spark?

Perhaps it's been a while since you and your wife/ husband/ partner/ spouse/ girlfriend/ boyfriend got together, and maybe things are a little... stale....more

Rape Culture at the Department of Veterans' Affairs

Survivors of rape should not have to hear rape jokes at medical facilities that treats rape survivors. But they do. What is the Department of Veterans’ Affairs doing to combat its rape culture?   Image Credit: Bob Shepard via Flickr ...more
As executive director, how much power/influence do you have over things like this in practice?more

18 Extremely Helpful Resources for Blogger-Journalists

The resources below help me enormously when I work on news stories—whether working on a post about something in the news or doing original reporting. Bookmark and follow them, and you'll quickly become more informed, find story ideas, and add tools to your reporter's toolbox. ...more
This is awesome! Thank you, Julie!more

15 Things I Don't Pay for Anymore

DH and I recently took a hard look at the things we thought we could live without, make ourselves or cut back on. ...more
Bread... you can slice it & freeze it in quantities you're more likely to use.  I do that with ...more

Important Lessons Learned During Easter Egg Coloring

This past weekend I facilitated the coloring of Easter Eggs with my three and four year olds. The ordeal unfolded much like the way training an Angora rabbit to use a lint roller might. As with everything, it was a learning experience. I’d like to share some of the lessons I learned with you so that you might adjust your own egg dying session accordingly. ...more
"There WILL be crying and pouting."  I don't do egg dying, but my guess is that at my house, all ...more

How to Make Quick, Cheap, Last-Minute Easter Decorations

I have realized since we lived the student life for almost all our marriage, I don’t have very many decorations. I have decided that since my husband finished vet school last May, I am going to decorate better....more

17 Important Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

I guess it is time to get serious. I take very little serious in life, so it is always hard for me to buckle down and get stuff done. But many would say having a baby is serious business. For me, it happens so often around these parts the hospital stay is like a mini vacation with room service and everything. Shall we treat it as such? Why not. ...more

Find Your Workout Match With These 8 Workouts

You cannot do the same thing for twelve years, let alone a lifetime, and stay motivated or challenge your body. Plus life happens and different life seasons have not allowed me the same time and flexibility in fitting in certain workouts. Here are 8 workouts that... work. ...more

Would You Let Someone Babysit Your Child Over Skype?

The New York Time's Motherlode had an article recently about the parenting trend to have someone occupy your child over Skype or FaceTime in order to free you to do other things in the house. Think of it like babysitting from afar. Like really really afar. ...more
stirrupqueen In no scenario could I envision a Skype based babysitting service a good thing. ...more

I Fell in Love Outside of My Marriage... So What?

So my husband and I opened up our marriage (please see previous posts for more detail), and I was out exploring my sexual self with different partners. Many people do not understand why you would open up your marriage, because it involves the risk of meeting someone you fall in love with, and then your marriage is ruined.Or is it?...more

How Tinder Plus Encourages Age Discrimination in Online Dating

If you haven’t heard the news about Tinder Plus, brace yourselves.The free dating app is going to be offering a new premium paid service. If you’re 18-29, you’re in luck! The service will cost a mere $9.99. But those of you about to celebrate the big 3-0? Well, you can kiss more of your hard-earned cash goodbye. You see, you’ll be paying $19.99 per month for the premium service....more

What Do You Miss About Being Pregnant?

Pregnancy is rough. It's hard on your body, it's hard on your emotions and it's just plain hard. But it's also an absolute beautiful time of life and one that, once you're out of, you kind of miss. Today, I'm focusing on the good parts of pregnancy, and sharing what other moms miss about being pregnant. "Me time. It's few and far between now that my baby is my number one priority!" –Katie R. "Eating whatever I wanted, and blaming it on 'cravings.'" –Claire D. ...more
Always getting a seat on the bus.more

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Career

It can be scary to step away from your steady job to follow your dreams, especially when the passions you want to pursue aren’t connected to a salaried check. ...more
I am glad you enjoyed it... if interested, please check out more food, fashion and finance ...more

Facial Exercises to Get Rid of "Resting Bitch Face"

Every so often when I'm at the computer, I look up, unwittingly catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and am always surprised to see a furrowed brow and grumpy expression. I may be deep in thought, engaged in whatever it is I'm doing, but I look really pissed off. My 6-year-old granddaughter asked me recently what was wrong, to which I answered, "Nothing." I was sitting there reading peacefully, thank you very much. ...more
Michelle Candice, there's a cure!more

What Do You Mean, "WHAT'S A HAM BALL?"

All my life I've thought everyone had ham balls at Easter. That is, until this week, when I casually mentioned to my co-workers my need to pick up eight pounds of chopped ham so my husband could make his most-coveted holiday recipe for my extended family. This is odd? Other people don't know what ham balls are?...more

Being Sexually Submissive Doesn't Make Me A Bad Feminist

I would passionately state that I am a feminist. From day one, my mother raised me and my three sisters to believe that women could not only do anything, but that we could do it better than boys. She was pro-choice and discussed abortion at the dinner table. She marched in protests for the union she worked for. She encouraged her closeted lesbian friend to “come out.” ...more
Thank you! I struggle with this at times.more

If You've Never Seen the Astonishingly Talented Sarah Jones ... Prepare to Be Impressed

I would like to introduce you to Sarah Jones...and Lorraine and Nereida and Habiba and Anna and Praveen... and a dozen others.I want to introduce them all to you because they all deserve to be seen and heard, and they are—through Sarah Jones. Image Credit: United Nations via YouTube ...more

Read This Before You Give a Bunny or Chick for Easter

Live animals don’t belong in Easter baskets. As adorable as baby bunnies, chicks, and ducks may be, they aren’t great gifts. They require an intense level of care and have life expectancies of up to around 20 years. ...more
Very good reminder. They aren't Easter gifts but need a forever home prepared to care for them.more

5 Reasons Our Large Family Was the Coolest on the Block

I have read several articles lately about the downsides of coming from a large family, and I must say that after reading the first one, I was ready to write THIS post to set the record straight. I realize that everyone’s family experience is different and I honor all families no matter what their size, but I have a totally different feeling about big families. Even if you didn’t have the best home life, you have blood relatives who understand you and your life experience and who can understand the things that have helped you to become the person you are today. ...more
Jennifer, big families are great and kudos to you for raising a large family now.  Your children ...more

What Is Porn Teaching Us About Desire and Consent?

Anal sex.  Everybody's doing it... or so the internet would have us believe. In today's money shot culture, images of women being bent over have become commonplace....more
I have a feeling this answer isn't going to be popular, but part of the problem you're ...more

Here Are Your DIY Blogger Cliff's Notes From SXSW!

One of the things I learned early on as a crafter and entrepreneur is that business is business no matter what you are selling. ...more
Some wonderful tips here. I've made a list of things to consider, and right at the top of my ...more

First Look! Favorite Pieces From the New Lilly Pulitzer x Target Collection

I am so excited about the upcoming Lilly Pulitzer x Target Collection launch! I love Lilly's signature Palm Beach-inspired prints and preppy resort-wear vibe. And prices range from $2 to $150! Read on for my five absolute favorite items from the collection … ...more
Love the prints in this collection, thanks!more

Middle Age Snuck Up On Me and I Don't Like It

I turn 50 in a few months, and I wish you'd just shut up about it. I know I brought it up, but shut up, anyway. Middle age is not looking the way I thought it would, so I'd rather look away. I kind of figured by 50, I'd be dignified and pretty all-knowing, and possibly even wearing a monocle, like the Planter's Peanut guy. I mean, who's more sophisticated than that? ...more

Credit Cards Really Are Loans, Too

I'm frustrated by some of what I see in some of the personal finance forums I participate in, specifically when it comes to credit card use. Image: frankieleon via Flickr...more

Grow Your Blog With April's NaBloPoMo

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month? ...more

Special Needs Students Take to Social Media to Save Charter School

In the United States, the National Education Association estimates that three out of every four students with disabilities spend part or all of their school day in a general education classroom. For students with special needs like Autism, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Asperger syndrome, or Sotos Syndrome, it may be difficult if not impossible for them to learn in a general education classroom. ...more

I Want You To Hold On To The Magic In The World

My youngest son Liam is currently obsessed with Harry Potter. This is not surprising, given that my husband, my oldest son Ronan, and I are also in love with the wizarding world that J.K. Rowling created, and encourage the frequent reading and re-reading of the novels in our home. ...more
Totally tearing up over here. Beautiful! Helping kids/people hold on to wonder is so important.more

Oyster Sun-catchers

Sun-catchers are an amazing thing, and I always appreciate the charm they add to my windows day as well as night. I always have held a special place in my heart for them since I was a little girl, and it's because my first memory of a sun-catcher was at my Nana's home. My grandmother always had one in her window, and I remember when it was time for a nap how the sun would hit the crystal just right… Little rainbows arching all across the walls, ceilings and carpet. What's a little girl not to love?...more

The one where I hope my posts aren't ever read post-mortem

When they’re little, you watch them with a hawk’s eye, ready to swoop in and save them from harm. As they age, you stand a little way back, hoping they make their own way, and feeling your spirit crushed when they hang back or get shoved aside – metaphorically or literally – by others. But you hang back ....more

Motivational Monday #103

Happy Motivational Monday, Friends! Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I haven't really been in much of a writing mood, and when I've tried to write a post, it seems kind of forced ....more

Weekly Book Giveaway: <i>The Truth Commission</i>, by Susan Juby

This week's Book Giveaway pick is Susan Juby's upcoming novel The Truth Commission. (Please note: we don't ship unreleased books until their official publication date, which in this case is April 14th.) Juby doesn't write a ton of books, but when she does they're awesome, so we're super excited about this release. A full review will follow later today ....more

What I'm Reading Now April 2015

I'm starting a new series on the blog called "what I'm reading now." Anyway, you may wonder what a list of books I'm reading has anything to do with a creative blog. I find that reading, whether fiction or non-fiction, recharges my creativity. I enjoy design centered non-fiction and fantasy fiction which is really me getting a glimpse of the author's creative mind ....more

What’s Current: Why protect accused rapists with anonymity?

Wealthy white man receives Internet death threats over show about cars. Best of UK police force immediately stops what they’re doing to protect him and investigate perpetrators. Eight-year-old Yemini child dies of internal injuries on wedding night at the hands of 40-year-old husband ....more

Creamy Cashew Cream Pasta with Lemon, Spinach & Tempeh Bacon Bits

I love cashew cream pasta, aka Vegan Alfredo. But I wanted to lighten it up a bit, add the sauce to taste, add some greens and lemon and tons of flavorful crispy little bits. AND make it into a one bowl wonder meal ....more

Monday's Biggest Laugh

Today I had no Fosters to watch, and I did take a stab at Days but I got distracted, and I know I get yelled at for not watching General Hospital if I'm in a soap mood, but news from that realm made me grumpy today. So B&B it was, despite no attention to the Maya storyline. So I won't say much, but I just couldn't let today's most hilarious dialogue go unaddressed ....more

What a trip.&nbsp;Yes

What a trip....more