5 Easy Ways to decorate Pumpkins

I love walking through my neighbourhood and checking out the fall decorations. I will always have a fondness for the traditional Jack-o'-lanterns I see perched on people's front steps, but I've never been a very good pumpkin carver. Luckily, pretty ...more

Surprising Statistics Show Family Leave Is Broken in the U.S.

In 2002, I had my first baby. Fortunately, I lived in California, which had just enacted its family leave fund. For the first weeks of maternity leave, I received a stipend, which really helped us as a young family starting out. And it didn't ...more

How Do You Feel About the Dreaded Pop-In?

Just a few weeks ago, I received an unwelcome surprise: At my doorstep appeared the dreaded pop-in. ...more

DIY Halloween Chalkboard Flower Pots

I know exactly what you're thinking. You think I've gone completely gaga over chalkboard paint. Well, my friend, you're right on the money! When Halloween is over, you can erase the message and write or draw something else. This is the craft that ...more

Here's the Definition of Rape Culture

When we talk about rape culture, we are talking about the pervasive belief that women deserve to be raped by simply existing in the world. Find that too strong of a definition? ...more

Leaning In Didn't Help So I Tried Twisting and Turning, Instead

"Lean In." I read the book. I was enamored with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s words. They spoke to me. It was like she had taken up residence in my brain and everything she said was meant for me and only me. I was inspired and the whole message made me want to lean even further in than I already had been leaning. After a few months of leaning I started to look like this: ...more

I Prefer Dating White Men: Does Race/ Ethnicity Really Matter?

My girls and I were having an all-out disagreement about why I liked white guys. I said it was a preference. The girls were of the opinion that I had been conditioned by society to hate black men. I pointed out that I loved my two black brothers and my dealings with countless other black men I had encountered and, uhm, experienced in my life. But they held firm, so I smiled and let it go. To put it down clearly, and never have to re-visit this issue again, my theory goes like this:...more
Date who you like.  Love who you love.  As long as you are following your heart and not hurting ...more

Would You Wear a Vibrator While Running Errands and Let Your Partner Control It?

The We-Vibe 4 Plus, if you haven't heard of it, is definitely a breakthrough in the world of sex toys. Not only does its shape make for an ideal snug fit (it's shaped like a U, and sort of clips into place), it has a remote control for fun within the home, but also, and the best part of all, it can be synced to your phone, too. What does that mean? Your partner can be anywhere in the world and control the speed and intensity of the We-Vibe 4 Plus as you wear or play with it. I know! I was just as confused, skeptical, and all OMG, too. So, my husband and I decided to put it to the test. ...more
Looks good :)more

My October Stitch Fix: FALLing in Love Again

It's STITCH FIX TIME! Am I a little excited? YES I AM! Am I making super corny puns in the post title? Heck, YEAH! That's right: There's shouting. And arms waving. And even a bit of booty shaking. Because I LOVE doing these posts, and hearing back from you guys! ...more
Julie Ross Godar You're totally right and thanks!!more

You Can Be Anything You Want -- Except a Homemaker

Have you ever watched the show Wife Swap?The premise of the show is that two families switch wives for a week or two in order to see how the other family runs their household. The people that run the show obviously try to match up families that are polar opposites of each other, all in the interest of ratings and explosive confrontations. The country wife goes to the city and vice versa; the rich wife goes to the family who isn't making ends meet, atheist wife to Christian family, etc....more
itallmattersmom BlogHer #SAHM hater in the #wifeswap house. Didn't #feminism fight for choice? ...more

Mummies, Ghosts, and More: 5 Spooky Homemade Halloween Treats

Sweet treats can get downright scary as Halloween approaches, and BlogHer food bloggers do not disappoint, with their gorgeous and ghoulish creations. Here are five of our favorites. Image: Courtesy of Cookies and Cups ...more
Love these... The first one is a work of art!more

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Pumpkins This Fall

I love walking through my neighbourhood and checking out the fall decorations. I will always have a fondness for the traditional Jack-o'-lanterns I see perched on people's front steps, but I've never been a very good pumpkin carver. Luckily, pretty decorated pumpkins are completely within in my reach. I've seen some stunning decorated pumpkins online and what continues to surprise me is how easy they are to make. Here are five easy and pretty ways to decorate pumpkins. No-Mess Sprinkle Pumpkins...more
Those sprinkle pumpkins are very cute.more

When School Asks You to Donate a Kidney, I Mean, Volunteer for the PTA

I have just returned home from our school’s first “PTA” meeting. I am feeling a bit mortified, really, at the way I behaved. I may have offended some people, and this was my first time meeting all the “middle school” parents. It's just that, having been told when someone asked me to become the “sixth grade class coordinator” that it was a “really easy, low key job,” I actually found myself gasping (audibly) for extra air so I wouldn't pass out in my kid's cafeteria when we got to item small “j,” under Roman Numeral X (ten), capital letter “Y,” regular number “8,” of the outline. ...more
I live in the south... have for two years. I'm still a foreigner here. I'm pretty sure my child ...more

6 Tests Every Woman Should Have as She Goes Through Menopause

As we get older, it seems like our visits to doctors become more and more frequent. An ache here, a pain there. Truth is, one way to reduce the number of doctor visits in perimenopause and menopause is to actually schedule a few crucial medical tests. That way, you can nip any pending medical conditions in the bud and get on with your, “I'm-not-gonna-let-this-hold-me-back” life. ...more
Great information Ellen!  If your doc doesn't know much about (or support) these tests, you ...more

Surprising Statistics That Prove Family Leave Is Broken in the United States

In 2002, I had my first baby. Fortunately, I lived in California, which had just enacted its family leave fund. For the first weeks of maternity leave, I received a stipend, which really helped us as a young family starting out. And it didn't cost taxpayers a cent. Under the California program, employees can choose to deduct a small amount from their paychecks each month, in a model similar to Social Security. It goes to fund a stipend you can use if you need to take extended leave to care for a family member, such a new baby or even a sick parent. ...more
BlogHer It's only surprising if you think corporations care about workers.more

I Can't Trust John Grisham After Hearing Him Defend Pedophiles, Can You?

John Grisham : former attorney, best-selling author, apologist for sex offenders who watch child porn. Grisham recently gave an interview to The Telegraph discussing the U.S. legal system, including what he sees as harsh punishments against men who "got online one night and started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, and pushed the wrong buttons, went too far and got into child porn." ...more
I neither agree with nor condone what he said but I do have to wonder if those who judge him so ...more

FetLife and The Single Gal: Submissive Does Not Equal Doormat

So, I've been on FetLife for a little over two years now and some of the messages I get still surprise me. Even when the messages seem sensible, I check out their profile and am caught off-guard by how different it is from the message. I guess things shouldn't surprise me since new members are always joining (and there are douches everywhere), but they do....more
Great read. Interesting how even FetLife brings the worst out of people.more

Fun Tips and Ideas for Trunk or Treating!

Have you heard of Trunk or Treat? It's often an event sponsored by a church or community group as an alternative to Trick or Treating. A group of people gather, typically in a parking lot. They decorate the trunks of their vehicles, and instead of going door to door for candy and treats, the kids go trunk to trunk. As a host of a trunk you can pass out candy, prizes, have games like bobbing for apples, fishing for small toys, bean bag toss, ring toss, and so on. ...more
Our family will be sporting the "black ninja" vehicle complete with ninja stars that glow in ...more

Why Does Gay Porn Turn Women On?

People watch pornography to feel sexual desire and arousal. The sensation of sexual desire (being turned on) is more highly rated and sought after in studies than the actual physical experiences during sex, for both men and women. We love to feel horny! But what makes men and women feel turned on differs....more

#TurnipforWhat? A Guide to Turnips

Michelle Obama gave one of the lowliest of veggies a place in the sun yesterday with an adorable Vine of herself holding a turnip and dancing to a healthy version of DJ Snake and rapper Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What." ...more
BlogHer you got me to chucklemore

5 Best Walking Dead Premiere Moments

Wow is The Walking Dead back! The show racked in 17.3 million viewers on Sunday night. It beat out Sunday Night Football for ratings. Does that register? Walkers totally beat out sports. That is just crazy, plus The Walking Dead is an AMC show and is not even on network TV. TWD just keeps getting bigger and bigger each and every year. Image: AMC ...more
It sure is ! It's awesomemore

Defending the End of 'Gone Girl'

SPOILERS AHEAD. BEWARE. My husband and I pretended to be wild young things last night and went to the late showing of Gone Girl. I've been excited about the movie for a long time, having loved the book, and my husband was game since he's a big fan of director David Fincher. I walked out with a super thrilled and satisfied grin, and when I asked my husband what he thought, he said it was great ... except for the end. ...more
I loved the ending toomore

11 Great Tips Writers Need to Know to Keep Getting Published

While getting your writing accepted by a website you’ve aspired to be published on is a great accomplishment, your work isn’t over as soon as you get a "Yes!"  Once you get that coveted letter from an editor saying your work is going to be featured, there are several things left to do, to ensure that you get the most out of your experience as a contributor, and that you are welcomed back to write more pieces in the future. ...more
This is a fantastic post - thank you for this! Yours truly,  A newbiemore

DIY Budget-Friendly Star Wars Halloween Costumes for the Family

Our costumes have always been homemade. The problem with homemade costumes when you're me is this: I have absolutely no sewing skills. Sure, I can re-affix a button to a shirt, but there have been several times my sweet, talented sister Jenny has attempted to teach me how to use a sewing machine and I've almost killed both of us. Multiple times. ...more
Lol thanks! Sadly only Noah will be wearing a Halloween costume this yearmore

Do Colleges Support the Satya Nadella Effect?

As my kids prepare for college, I wonder about the role of universities play in gender disparities in the workplace....more

Knowledge Is Power: Don't Fear the Mammogram

"Hmm. What's this?" When you're in the exam room getting your annual pap, having a natural conversation isn't easy. One of the most awkward — but necessary — things a woman must do in her life is to willingly, by appointment, leave the comfort of her home to don a paper gown and get poked, groped and scraped in her most intimate areas by a near-stranger, all while making lighthearted banter as if they just sat down together to have a casual cup of coffee. ...more
Ultrasounds snd MRis are much better at detection but often overlooked.more

Online Dating Sites Didn't Work For Me

The first time I wrote a personal ad was because my therapist twisted my arm. It was four years ago, I was moving back to New York City and, as they used to say in the print days, “ISO” women. Image: Brett Jordan...more
Met my husband on a dating site, and we are a month away from our 2nd wedding anniversary with a ...more

How Do You Remember People's Names?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I am the worst at remembering people's faces. Just today I introduced myself to someone I already met. I've been like this my whole life, so I know it's nothing serious, like memory loss. How do I avoid these embarassing situations?Signed,Face OffCredit: Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr Creative Commons...more
an_eye4style Ha! Me too! Related to this share from yesterday: Do You Use Your Kids As An ...more

Halloween Spider Wreath

Today, I was able to finish up the Halloween spider wreath I'd been working on in between coats of paint in my office. It ended up quite a bit different than how I pictured it when I began (does that ever happen to you?), but I'm pretty happy with the final version. ...more
@elisac @Issascrazyworld Oh, that is cute! (And I DID go to Michael's today. Hmmm...I guess I ...more

How You Know When There's No Going Back

“Transformation is never easy or painless, but essential to the growth of our soul.” Elizabeth Gilbert ...more
I wonder whether we sometimes imagine we're at a sacred threshold and step across, only to ...more

The One Fall Fashion Trend I HATE: Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits were made by the devil with the sole purpose of not letting women pee. Whenever I see a celeb on the red carpet wearing a jumpsuit, my very first thought is, "Is she wearing Depends?" Image: © MWP/ZUMA Wire ...more
Hey PJ-- I'm jumpsuit cursed, I have a long body and short stumpy legs so jumpsuits give me ...more

Intimate Partner Abuse vs. BDSM: Kink Only Hurts When You Want It To

October is Domestic/Intimate Partner Awareness Month...more
Safe, sane, and consensual. Without ALL THREE of these aspects, an individual /couple is not ...more

Do You Use Your Kids As An Excuse?

Do you ever feel like you hide behind your kids in certain situations? I know I do! I never used to leave the house in “work-out” clothes, and now I do it regularly and I don't even work out! Why don't I work out? Well, I have millions of excuses, and some of them involve my kids. See. It's too easy to fall back and use the “parent excuse.” At least it is for me. And yes, having young kids is time consuming. But they are not to blame for my decisions and priorities. ...more
My kiddo can longer be my excuse - she's out of the nest. So now I have to own it that I wear ...more

The Sad Silence of Pregnancy Loss

It was supposed to be an ordinary day. A doctor's appointment that should have been just a check for my peace of mind for a pregnancy that had been progressing normally up until that moment. I sat on the ultrasound table, floating in the eerie silence.  Somewhere, I became aware that I heard a woman sobbing.  It was that deep, shocked sort of sobbing, the kind where the person cries because there must be release, but the loss had not sunk in yet.  The room was so still, so airless, that until I felt the first tiny drop of wetness onto my hand, I could not connect that the woman crying out was me. ...more
I had a similar situation with my first pregnancy, except that I had to wait for another ...more

Reduce the signs of aging

As Dermajuvenate Review, therefore square measure the technologies and product aimed toward maintaining people’s health which younger look. As an individual age, lines and wrinkles begin to look and therefore the skin eventually begins to sag and lose its physical property. These square measure the items that the majority individuals would complain regarding and take a look at to unravel. once it involves skin serums, Derma Juvenate ingredient is presently one in every of the foremost advanced product out there within the market....more

Sexting as the new first base?

I have a friend with a name very close to my husband's. And I have to keep that in mind, because every time I pull up my husband's name in my phone's contact list, his name appears first. He's a good enough friend, so I've actually given him a fair warning that if he ever receives an inappropriate or confusing text from me to ignore it. (And preferably delete it.) Because when I send messages about being out of soap or a sappy "wish you were here" note, it was definitely meant for my husband....more

Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookie Bars

Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookie Bars: homemade chocolate cookie bars filled with a creamy pumpkin cheesecake layer. ...more

Lavender Vanilla Sleep Salve and Sleep Stick Balm

Life can be stressful and move way too fast at times. Sleep can be elusive. It's hard to turn off your thoughts at night when you have ideas for new blog posts swirling around in your head, baby chicks hatching, or you are trying to juggle, work, home, family and animals ....more

[BOY MOMS] Megan from Latte Everyday

Hi! I'm Megan from Latte Everyday, and I was thrilled when Elizabeth asked me to share a bit about my experience as a boy mom. I have loved following along with this series and hearing different stories and insights from other moms of rowdy little men ....more

OPI Pink of Hearts Duo 2014 Swatches/Review

As many of you know, October is breast cancer awareness month and each year, OPI puts out a duo in support of breast cancer awareness. This year, they've stepped up their game with a gorgeous creamy glitter and the perfect light pink. Mod About You is a lovely shade of baby pink, this is a classic OPI color ....more

Frost Me Cupcakes

Frost Me Cupcakes, a gourmet cupcake bakery that was a winner...more

Not Ready To Put The Race Medals Away

I am up earlier than I would like to be but I have a feeling it’s because my body is convinced it is time to get ready for another race. Running three races in two days and riding buses in the...more

Cranberry Jalapeño “Cornbread” Muffins

Low carb, grain-free muffins...more

Ultimate Guide to Running Hydration

The countdown for the NYC marathon is on and part of me is sad that I won’t be lining up this year, ready for redemption. Sure I PR’ed last year, but I also crossed the finish line looking pretty haggard due to the wind and likely mismanaged hydration/fueling. It’s no surprise that even the simplicity of water has become an area of confusion for many runners as studies change each week: drink before thirst…no, no this could lead to overhydration (hyponatremia), drink your body weight x’s 123, drink less, drink more, throw your hands up and wave ‘em around… What’s a runner to do? ...more