Everything You Need to Know About Tumblr

If you're like me, you probably have tried most of the social media sites out there. Tumblr, owned by Yahoo!, began in 2007. While it's been around, its popularity has definitely exploded in the last few years. The simplest way I can describe ...more

10 Tips for Running in the Cold

If you follow my blog, you know that I love running, especially during the winter. Do you know that exhilarating feeling of working out in freezing cold temperatures? The main joy of running for me is the time I have for myself. I'm able to clear ...more

10 Embarrassing Things About Pregnancy

As women, many of us pride ourselves in our composure, femininity, and grace. I like being the woman of my husband’s life. In his mind, I do not pass gas, I am patient and kind, smart and quick witted. I am his wife and his best friend. We are ...more

Abou el-Yazed and Karate in Egypt

Abou el-Yazed returned to karate after marriage and childbirth, which just isn't done in Egypt. ...more

I May Have Made Myself Unfriendable

My longest friendships are with women I have known since childhood … and who currently do not live anywhere near me. ...more

Honey, Can I Have Sex with Other People?

It has been about three years since I popped this question to my husband; we had been together for eight. I had just stopped breastfeeding my youngest child and had finally gotten my body back post pregnancy. It was not that I was bored with the sex at home. I think it was more about the fact that I have always loved connecting intimately with people. I love exploring, trying new things, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone....more

12 Things I'd Tell My High School Self

I had a terrible time sleeping the other night, and a lot of times when I can’t sleep, I think of random blog post ideas ... this is one of those posts....more
I would tell myself to write down your dreams. Making them concrete would have made the empty ...more

Celebrating Dr. Seuss Is for Grown Ups, Too!

This is just small sampling of books I own. Image: Pauline Baird Jones Today is Read Across America Day! It’s a national reading celebration that takes place each year on Dr. Seuss’s birthday. While it’s focused on getting young people to read, I never pass up a reason to celebrate books and reading. ...more

No, You Really Can't Give My Kid Sugar

Dear well-meaning, loving, kind people who offer my daughter sweets, I would love to give my daughter cake just as much as you would. I would love to give her cheesecake on my birthday. I would love to give her more than one tiny bite of one little Swedish fish for Valentine’s Day. I want to say yes to her, and I want to say yes to you when you offer to give her a bite of your delicious pastry....more
lindasblogs I'd probably stop being friends with someone if I felt I had to lie to them to ...more

6 Homemade Spins on the Shamrock Shake

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and for many of us, that means it’s Shamrock Shake season. If you’re too embarrassed to hit the McDonald’s drive-through—you may have food blogger cred to maintain, after all—we’ve rounded up six recipes to help you get your fix. From boozy to healthy, BlogHer’s food bloggers have you covered. There are even recipes for Shamrock Shake-inspired cupcakes and a layer cake. ...more
That looks delicious! I love the shake that McD's does..oh yumminess! :)more

Why I Told My Daughter She Didn't Have to Go to College

"I'm not sure I want to go to college," my daughter said to me. I guess the look on my face made it pretty clear what I thought of that, and she hastily amended it with, "For the first year, I mean." "You want to take a year off?" I clarified. "Yeah. I just don't think I need to start right away." I chewed my lip, considering my words carefully. ...more
I actually want my daughter to take a year off before going to university. Not that I have said ...more

Do You Really Think Herd Immunity is Going to Protect You?

Pertussis? Come on now, it's like 2015! Why would I be concerned about a long dead respiratory illness? I should have been. ...more
TheBlackTortoise Full Disclosure: I was always more afraid of tetanus than pertussis with this ...more

Is it Really a Good Idea to Post Pictures on Facebook?

I worry that if I did join Facebook and posted things I did with friends, I may offend some people. For example, let's say I celebrated a birthday and got together with friends. It's something that would probably be important to me, and so I would want to post it. Obviously, if I have a party, I can't invite everybody. And that's the problem. Some of my Facebook friends would likely see my pictures and would be offended that they were not invited to the party. ...more

The Best Way to Celebrate Seuss Day? Greens, Eggs and No Ham!

Happy Seuss Day! Today's the birthdate of Dr. Seuss, the wildly creative American author who taught so many kids to love reading. If you have kids or grandkids in elementary school, they're probably having some fun activities to celebrate the day. I'm a huge Dr. Seuss fan, and when I taught elementary school, our cooks would serve the kids Green Eggs and Ham on this day, made by mixing eggs with green food coloring and then scrambling them with ham. ...more

I Spent 15% of My Salary on a Relationship "Coach" & All I Got Was a Lousy List

I spent 15% of my annual income (BEFORE taxes) on a dating/relationship coach. I won’t tell you the exact amount because A) You’ll know how much I make a year, and B) I’ll look like a total idiot.What I thought would be an intensive three-month program that would completely change my life was really six one-hour long phone calls, a CD, and a handful of emails…for 15% of my yearly salary....more
The thing about advice is that it doesn't take until you are ready to hear it.  You said that ...more

How Gwynnie Bee Totally Turned Me Around About Fashion

I was never into fashion … but then Gwynnie Bee happened, and suddenly I'm posting my outfit of the day on Facebook. Here's how the subscription works....more
AndHattieMakes3 The first month I was here and there with sizing. I have had good look with ...more

Thank You for Breaking My Heart

In my 26 years, my heart has never been broken by a guy. The boyfriends I have had, the men of my past, didn’t leave many scars when we moved on and went our separate ways. ...more
Yes, u are better for it:) Smile and go on. We all lose friends and get hurt. But life is like ...more

How to Make a DIY Pallet Bookcase

Decorating with pallets is one of the hottest fads right now....more

5 Reasons to Love Period Sex

Whether you find the idea of sex during your period gross or exciting is up to you. Perhaps colored by society – many cultures and religions consider it taboo – we shy away from even talking about it. But as long as you're prepared, sex during your period can be a great idea; just make sure it’s not the day you break out those white sheets!...more

Persistence Doesn't Have to Look Like Perfection

When I was in elementary school, as soon as something was boring, I'd stop. Just like that. Despite my teachers and my parents insisting that I was bright, I didn't believe them, because I always grew bored. I thought being bored meant being stupid, and because of that belief, I just stopped trying. I became a quitter. ...more
I totally agree with you about not quitting. Of course a novel after 15 years is better than no ...more

How to Make the Prettiest Kale, Peach & Almond Salad (Video)

What is my (and every other person's, it seems) favorite vegetable du jour? KALE, baby! There are all types of kale: curly kale, dinosaur kale (Umm, huh? Tyrannosaurus Rex? Oh, not that kinda dinosaur? Phew.), red Russian kale, and a few others. I love 'em all. Check out this video we shot of the making of this rockin' kale-peach-almond salad dish for your viewing pleasure!...more
You're making me want some kale and I errr do not like kale. :-)more

Asthma: Kids with Cat Allergies

Notice your little one sneezing a lot around the family feline? It could be a warning that the kid will need an inhaler before making it to double digits. Image: anomalous...more

When Dads Care for Babies, Their Brains Actually Change

The deeper I get into mothers' rights work, the more often I end up thinking about men and fathers. While there is no dispute that women, even now, do much more of the caregiving and homemaking than men, men's lives have changed both at home and at work as a result of women's leaps in education and employment outside the home. Changes in the activity of one gender are necessarily going to be felt, one way or another, by the other....more
This is very interesting. I see this in my own husband, who is an extremely hands-on dad. I ...more

5 Things Reality TV Teaches Us About Relationships

Driving along this morning I didn't see a wreck but I definitely heard one.  I really didn't want to...but like any complete disaster I just couldn't bring myself to retune the radio. My favourite morning hosts revealed to a pregnant wife that her husband did, according to the results of a lie detector test, cheat on her. The meltdown was spectacular as the hosts, and the rest of Phoenix, listened in to what was probably the beginning of the end....more
Such a great post! Each one is so true, let's hope more people take it to heart.  I personally ...more

10 Great Mystery Series Featuring Kick-Butt Female Sleuths

It's still the doldrums of winter, a time when I like to settle in with a blanket, a cat on my lap and an easy to read mystery.  I love literary fiction, but sometimes I just want something that slides down easily, like a chocolate shake — not as good for you as green tea, but tasty never the less. ...more
noodle's crew  Thank you.  Happy reading!more

Dear Teachers, Please Don’t Give Up On My Kid

I can hear it in the exasperation when we speak on the phone and you carefully craft your sentences, trying not to let on that you have no more solutions and have run out of patience. You’ll never say the words out loud, but I see them there behind everything you do say: You’re giving up on my kid. ...more
Heartbreaking!  I've been a teacher, so I have been there.  Your son will also know that YOU ...more

Are You There, Mom? It's Me With An Awkward Question

The book Are You There, God? It’s me, Margaret by Judy Blume, who recently celebrated her 77th birthday, is the reason behind my first “sex” talk with my mother. I don’t remember how old I was, maybe eight or nine when I read the book, but I do remember thinking that I was pretty savvy for knowing what a bra was. I guess that sounds fairly innocent now. Back then elementary school kids weren’t snapchatting pics of their privates. Anyway, I was proud of myself for understanding most of the material. ...more
Indeed she did.more

White and Gold or Blue and Black? The Great Dress Debate

I woke up this morning to the great Dress Debate, or #DressGate, or as it's trending on Twitter, #TheDress....more
Well this is weird.  Every time I see this dress at first it is while and gold, THEN when I take ...more

Should You Use Typepad for Your New Blog?

When I started blogging in 2004, Blogger and Typepad were the major blogging platforms out there, and if you were really trying to prove yourself, you used custom templates on Typepad....more
You just reminded me that the reason I left Typepad was because of the lack of widgets. But I ...more

Let's Make News with March's NaBloPoMo

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month? ...more

The 5 Cutest Ways to Wear Gray Jeans

It's time I come clean about my latest style obsession: I'm in love with gray jeans. They're a great "starter color" for anyone who is thinking about diving into the world of colored jeans. Gray goes with pretty much everything, and they're totally age-appropriate for everyone! ...more
Love your looks! Especially the one with the red blazer. I'd do that with the leopard print ...more

The Lessons an Unplanned Pregnancy Taught Me

I had everything under control, and then my pregnancy test turned positive. I was 21 years old. It’s a situation that virtually every woman has imagined herself in or avoided being in countless times over, so it’s probably easy to empathize with. Imagine being two months out of college, unmarried, no health insurance, no savings and a packed schedule of job interviews. You’re standing alone in the bathroom, and the positive pregnancy test your mother urged you to buy is lying on the sink. ...more
Signs are pointing to decade-long droughts within the next century. While your descendants are ...more

Will HBO's 'The Jinx' Seek Justice for the Murder of My Friend Susan Berman?

Robert Durst is linked to three deaths, and he had the chutzpah to pitch a television show about being suspected of getting away with murder. He was rewarded with a six-part documentary airing this month on HBO. Half of the episodes of The Jinx have aired, with three more to come. ...more
FernRonay it was her purse that was stolen. No, she got nothing back. That may be true about her ...more

What Do You Do If You Accidentally Curse in Front of Your Toddler?

Let me just start with me acknowledging that that some people are not going to like this post. The more I share on my blog about my mom-fails, the more people comment to me online about how horrible my parenting actually is. I fully recognize that I am not perfect, and in sharing posts like this, I am really trying to share my stories of what I have done (right or wrong), and hopefully I can help out other people who are going through the same things. ...more

Poem of Madame Royale

From Tiny-Librarian: A poem that was written by Madame Royale while she was kept in the Temple Prison. It was written in her own writing, and is addressed to Madame Renée de Chanterenne, who was brought in to be a companion to her after her Aunt’s execution. «...more

Louis XVII

A portrait of Louis-Charles, the "peasant child," later Louis XVII, who was so tormented in the Temple prison, after being torn from his mother's arms.. (More HERE.) Via Tiny-Librarian ....more

What Scarlett Wore featuring TeePeeTots&Co

I'm all about wearing comfortable and practical clothing on Scarlett and although I'm known to dress her in trendy little fur vests and dresses the articles of clothing that I like to invest in are the ones that are comfortable and durable because they're the pieces she will be wearing most days. It's just an added bonus when I can find comfort and durability that comes in adorable trendy little patterns! I have found all of this in TeePeeTots&Co, an adorable (and local) shop from Calgary ....more

MORP and how much fun teenagers are

In honor of the fact that my two teenagers are kicking off their sport seasons this afternoon, I thought I better do a little ode to teenagers here because I really like them a lot. I've said it before but I'll say it again...I had no idea how fun the teenage years could be. ...more

Autism and Legos should be partners...

Or should I say, Fragile X and LEGOS should be partners?(I guess that depends on the audience who is reading this.)So I thought it was just my daughter who was obsessed with LEGOS because of her Fragile X Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder causing things like Obsessive Compulsive Behavior or perseveration or attention to details to keep her life in order, but I was wrong.All kids love LEGOS.Yes, I know that.But, almost any parent on earth who has a child who has some Autism-related struggle knows all about LEGOS and the obsession they have created for our children.I can't tell you exactly what it is.They just are drawn to LEGOS.Brother, who doesn't have as many Autistic tendencies as Sister and Baby do, has never really been into LEGOS so much.I don't really like LEGOS because my feet and my vacuum have a unhappy relationship with them. I have learned to shuffle while in Sister's room though.When we started having Sister see a therapist I was worried she wouldn't do well...until he showed her his collection of LEGOS!It was instant admiration and friendship.Ben (her therapist) has been able to connect with her because of the LEGOS he has.One of the coolest things he's done for her (and others like her) is utilized LEGOS to help them identify the feelings they are feeling.I was so impressed by this idea, kicked myself for not thinking of it myself, and then asked him if I could put it up on my blog so that others had access to it!Voila!He said yes and sent me the files! Happy to Angry faces in transition Happy to scared faces in transition Please just make sure, if you use them, to keep his name on them.I just think it is a great idea and I am so glad that he is willing to share his creativity.That's my UP today—another useful tool in our home for our kids ....more

New on Netflix for Kids & Teens: March 2015 – How to Train Your Dragon 2, Monster High & More

New on Netflix in March for kids and teens, Hiccup and Toothless return in “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” aliens land on earth in “3rd Rock from the Son,” and a whole slew of “Monster High” students invade the streaming service. Let’s take a look at all the kids and teens titles hitting Netflix in March. Available March 1: Patch Adams (1998, PG-13) ....more

Lemon, Lime and Blueberry Cupcakes

Summer is coming to an end in New Zealand and there's no better way to celebrate the end of the season then with delicious late season blueberries. ...more

Music Monday: Retrogression

When I was teaching music, I was always hesitant to deduct points for certain chord progressions because I knew perfectly well those kids had this somewhere in the back of their skulls. Oh, and I’m still grooving on Gotham. I got nothin else but a moment of Zen Pencils ....more

Top Ten Favorite Books From The Last 3 Years

Top Ten Tuesday Top Ten Books You Would Classify As ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS from the past 3 years...more

Garlic Shrimp Stir Fry ~ #WeekDaySupper #McSkilletSauce

This garlic shrimp stir fry comes together in 20 minutes. It’s loaded with bold flavor, hearty veggies, and fresh shrimp. I found shrimp on sale a few weeks ago and decided to stock the freezer ....more