10 Beautiful Sentences From 10 Favorite Novels in 2014

The "best of" season is in full swing and I can't resist the opportunity to share my opinion. I have written about 2014's Best Books You Might Have Missed and now I'm turning to my favorite fiction of the year. Since I've already gushed ...more

5 Creative Apps Writers Will Love

So you need to buy a gift for that special writer in your life (doesn't everyone have one?), but you know she already has all the common ones such as Editorial or Dictionary. What you really want to get her are apps that will support her craft and ...more

Why Hanukkah Shouldn't Compete With Christmas

The pressure to compete started early again this year, despite the fact that Hanukkah itself is starting later, not on Thanksgiving day as it did in 2013.  ...more

Last-Minute DIY Holiday Food Gifts

Even as winter's chill descends upon us, there's still plenty of DIY gifts you can concoct in time for the big holiday. Here's a few ideas for gifts, some of which can be whipped up in mere minutes.  ...more

The 6 Best Makeup Foundations Out There

If there is one thing I need in life, it's options! When Chris asks, "What do you want for dinner?" I always reply with, "I don't know—what are my options?"  ...more

My Breast Cancer Diagnosis and the Unlikely Friendship

I didn’t like Gail, and Gail didn’t like me. If grown-up life is just high school replayed, the two of us had all the makings of a cafeteria girl fight. ...more

10 Reasons Why Single People Might Hate the Holidays

The holidays tend to be a pretty polarizing time: You either love them or you hate them. For so many there's the pressure of family get-togethers, big meals, and even bigger gifts. For others it's a magical time with snowglobe snow and an extra reason to spend time with your favorite people. I tend to swing between the two ends. One the one hand, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. We spend it with one of my best friends and her family and no matter what we do we end up laughing until we cry and eating so much good food, stretchy pants are now a mandatory requirement. On the other hand, the holidays throw into sharp focus the fact that I’m alone. Every year I try very hard not to let that overshadow all the good, but it's still always there. ...more
Sadly---so very true.  My least favorite would be #3 and #10---but it's all bad, sad stuff.  And ...more

Make The Grinch's Who Hash and Delight Your Family

If you can't get the little chompers to down some leftover corned beef around Christmastime, this should do the trick. Print out the cool Who Hash label I've designed up, stick it on a container, pop out a green tablecloth, and serve 'em up, Dr. Seuss style. ...more
Animal Cubs eat humans, Humans eat Brownies. Therefore, Cubs eat Brownies. What a shame!more

Stop Telling Me to Get Married!

“When you’re young, everything seems so black and white,” I say to my friend. “As you get older, grey areas become more and more frequent.”Later, when the third person in two weeks tells me that I should get married, I find myself returning to this conversation. Did I ever dream, when I was young, of being married? I’m sure that I did, I mean, all little girls do, don’t they? And yet I don’t remember thinking much about it....more
moonsoar thank you, lovely!more

When You Meet Someone Who Also Lost a Twin Daughter

I recently became friends with a mother on my daughter’s cheerleading squad. There was an instant affinity between us, though we had little enough in common. She’s the mother of five; I have two. She works full time; I stay at home. She has an au pair (a real one, from a foreign country and everything); I don’t even know a neighborhood kid that I could call to babysit. But we bonded anyway, over the shrill yells, mistimed choreography, and the joy of watching our daughters be a part of a team. And one day, we bonded over something else. ...more
Thank you for sharing this. I lost my 8-year-old's twin sister 2 days before they were born at ...more

Do You Know the History of Policing in America?

Have you ever seen the movie Crash starring—among others—Don Cheadle (my celebrity crush), Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Larenz Tate, Ryan Phillipe and Terrence Howard? ...more
Rita Arens Me, too.  It was hard to watch, but I find all of this hard to watch/live also.more

5 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Office Party

It's creeping up whether we are ready or not: the holiday season! This time of year brings family and friends together. We get to shop a little more and not feel guilty, and we get to enjoy all the yummy food that comes along with the last several weeks of the year. ...more

The Comeback Kid: 6 Ways You Can Improve The Holiday Handover

No matter how much you know and trust that your child is safe, loved, and well cared for with your ex, it can be difficult having your kids away for a week or many weeks at a time. Being able to walk into your child’s room and see them sleeping or to be able to give them a hug whenever you feel like it are good, good feelings. However, handovers involve at least three people’s feelings and that can complicate things. Here are some tips to make the transition as smooth as possible....more

5 Tips to Keep Your Blog From Being Hacked

I've been blogging since 2008. I thought I was knowledgeable about blogging. Boy, was I wrong. Out of the blue, my blog was hacked. I couldn't access it to fix it. I felt vulnerable. I felt helpless. I'm writing this post so you don't have to experience this for yourself. ...more
Sorry you had to go through this ordeal Jenn. Was the hacker ever penalized?  Anyway, thanks so ...more

Revamped and Restyled Retro Christmas Village

My mother recently gave me her old Christmas village. These little snow-capped ceramic homes decorated my parents' house all through my teenage years. My three-year-old son is slightly obsessed with the miniature "winter wonderland" displays at our local craft store, and Mom still had all the pieces of her village boxed up to pass on for Baxter to enjoy. The catch: I was not in love. I'm a Kitschmas kind of gal, and this village was way too traditional for my taste. Lucky for me, there is nothing a can of spray paint and some glitter can't fix. ...more
I have a sudden urge to go thrift store shopping to find things to paint.more

The Culture of Compliance: A Precursor to Rape Culture

In the spring of 1972 at Madison Junior High in North Hollywood, Calif., math teacher Robert Odian, also known as “Mr. Odious,” wrote a math problem about six feet high on the chalkboard and asked Beth Marron to solve it. Image: curiouseth...more

12 Incredibly Creative Latke Recipes to Try

These recipes all tweak the traditional recipes. They either lighten them up and go gluten free, or they swap out potatoes for sweet potatoes, or they run wild with ideas for for rainbow latkes, latke nachos, poutine latkes, kimchi quesadilla latkes and chicken waffle latkes. Which one would you make? ...more
Yum. Can't go wrong with potatoes and cheesemore

My Neighbor's Decorations Are Ruining My Christmas

Dear Mouthy Housewives,One of my neighbors really loves Christmas. Like, really, really, really loves Christmas. ...more
Talk about a Grinch! Who reports someone to HOA for Christmas decorations?more

Before You Complain About That Crying Baby On Your Plane, Think About This!

Traveling during the holidays is stressful enough. Throw a baby into the mix and it’s enough to push even the most skilled baby whisperer over the edge. There is no shortage of advice for people flying with their children: /center>...more
Babies crying are the worst! Just experienced a 3 hour flight with one on Tuesdaymore

Make Sure Your Blow Jobs Don't Blow

Noggin DOs to Make a Blow Job Fun and not a JOB that BLOWSIf I ever run into a genie, my "world peace" wish would be that all the cum tastes like the cream filling of a twinkie, it doesn’t make you fat, and ingesting it cures cancer....more
I have been celibate for 15 years while taking care of my sick mother who died a year and a half ...more

Can You Guess What Happened at the Campground?

Every summer, my extended family goes on a great drunk-out I mean camp-out. Maybe it's my chronic aches and pains, or maybe it's because I'm the type of responsible drinker who can't let myself get wasted while caring for small children around fires and rivers, but I never have much fun, and my participation is sporadic. Also, the big selling point of shared meals and rotating kitchen duties doesn't appeal, because we're vegetarians and my extended family is exactly the opposite.It's all more work than fun, and I'm a big spoil-sport....more
amyreese Oh no! I hope you didn't have to drive far!! That reminds me of another story. Let's ...more

A Plea for Broken Hearts in Peshawar

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to one another." - Mother Teresa I keep coming back to this quote, partly because it never stops being true. But I also keep coming back to this quote, because we keep forgetting. I’m compelled to write today to implore us to remember....more
There is not a nationality that falls outside this plea for compassion. Our grief must extend ...more

These Speculoos Christmas Cookies Are a Party In Your Mouth

What could be perfect on your dessert spread this Christmas than homemade traditional Speculoos (Biscoff) Cookies? These spice cookies are a huge hit in Europe, specifically Belgium at Christmas, but are now popular all over the world. ...more

Entertainment Trend of 2014: The Year We Were Obsessed with Obsession

Obsessives always have found safe harbor on the Internet. You can easily research all day and all night down the lowliest of rabbit holes, or you can find your tribe of geeks who are equally obsessed with your fascination with backyard bantams, Beyoncé or television shows that break the fourth wall. That's what this world wide web of wonder is designed to do. 2014 took the entire concept of "obsession" to the next level, though. ...more

How to Go Vegan in 9 Easy Steps

SURPRISE! The blue-haired hippie is a vegan! Who'd have guessed it, right? There are a number of reasons why people go vegan, which is a post for another day, but in this one I'm going to assume you already have your reasons and are ready to take the plunge. Making a change like this can be really intimidating, especially when you realize that vegan is a lifestyle and not just a diet. But you're not alone! I'm here to walk you through all the basic steps. ...more
I just want to add, avoid vegan junk food if your purpose is improving health! Remember that ...more

Can Santa Help You Quit Your Elf On The Shelf?

The elf on the shelf—it began easily enough: a flurry of imagination and excitement, visions of a new avenue to pave with fond family memories. And so year after year, this delightful little visitor would show up to make mirth, merriment and messes in my home during the busiest of seasons. His antics were great fun, and all of the labor that went into his amusing tableaus was absolutely worth the joy it brought. Eventually, it was less fun though....more
Elizabeth J White http://www.silvertowne.com/c-327-christmas-silver-medallions.aspxmore

10 Cool WordPress Plugins You Probably Aren't Using (But Should)

One of the many great things about running a WordPress blog is the ability to extend its functionality with plugins. Today I'm sharing a list of 10 cool WordPress plugins that I personally use and love that you may not have known exist. ...more
Thanks for the list. I definitely need the Publish Confirmation button!more

Dear Amy Pascal: What Were You Thinking?

Amy, Amy, Amy. Boy, do we need to talk. In general I write these clever little letters to public figures who have behaved poorly (Mama June, etc.) where I have a polite build-up with some funny ‘isms that really get the reader going. It’s kind of my thing, if you will. ...more
She was thinking what she feels. I don't understand why she used the company's email to post ...more

13 Things I Lost During My Divorce

As my divorce papers are about to be filed these are just some of the things which I have lost so far:  1. My Husband and Best Friend He was the person who knew me best in the world and the person who I shared everything with.  He was the person who, at one time ,was my biggest fan; at times he believed in me more than I believed in myself.  ...more
I gained peace of mind the first night alone without him. Much bigger than all my losses.more

Creator of #IllRideWithYou Speaks Out on Hashtags and Solidarity

Have you been following the hashtag #IllRideWithYou on Twitter? It's the latest example of online solidarity, with all the many recent discussion about how to be an ally to a less privileged group (think: #CrimingWhileWhite and the recent blog post by The Blind Side subject Leigh Anne Tuohy). ...more
Reading through these posts yesterday blessed me with so much hope for humanity. I needed every ...more

If You Want to Be Happy, Don't Have Kids

If you want to be happy, you shouldn’t have kids. That’s a fact. Or at least, Time magazine and the sociologists who conducted this study so. Parents get less sleep, have less money, and less independence. Parents have more stress, more marital arguments, more expenses. And although those facts are indisputable, when I see them my feathers get all kinds of ruffled. I feel defensive. Angry. ...more
It is easy to understand your joy, Cindy Blevins. Though I remember our hardships I can now ...more

My Family Doesn't Need a Perfect Holiday

As usual, I went into the holidays with Pinterest inspired dreams. I dreamed of a perfectly decorated tree and a house that Southern Living could do a feature on. Of course this was completely unrealistic for many reasons. ...more

Why Hanukkah Shouldn't Compete With Christmas

The pressure to compete started early again this year, despite the fact that Hanukkah itself is starting later, not on Thanksgiving day as it did in 2013. ...more
Melissa Ford Thanks Melissa. I'm sure others feel Christmas gets inflated too. It's complicated, ...more

20 Things You Need to Know About Pregnancy

I will preface this tale with a small disclaimer: If you had an easy pregnancy, you are one lucky bitch.This is not normal. Should you feel compelled to discount the torturous experiences that many of us have had, please save it for the baby book. Also, congratulations. I am jealous. Pregnancy. There are those who have been there, those who are there right now, and those who are trying to get there. We who have been there have much to tell, but what will you disclose? Will you tell your deepest vagina dramas to your pregnant friends, or take them to the grave? ...more
I would have run for the singleton, child-free hills if I had come across this list while ...more

How to Start building Muscle Fast

The path to building muscle is usually a long and complex one, but luckily some ways have been discovered because of the rising knowledge of training physiology.Nutra Tosterone...more

Pretty Woman! Genevieve Nnaji Shares Make-up Free Photos

Genevieve Nnaji is still enjoying her American vacation and taking things very easy. In a couple of chilled out black and white photos the Nollywood actress who had spoken before that she is no fanatic of make-up decided to go completely without. And she is still rocking her natural hair too ....more

Thanks Thanks "Good hotel for unpretentious tourists" of zvezdOtzyv written weeks

Thanks Thanks "Good hotel for unpretentious tourists"  of  zvezdOtzyv written  weeks ago Rested with her husband and daughter  years from  to  November Flight Flew Nord Wings Flight delay is small about  minutes  Nutra Tosterone  Flew back normal Back on takeoff the plane strongly thrown up and threw it down Impression as if on a roller coaster Lasted a couple of seconds Women and children screamed One flight attendant told us that was hit by lightn...more

Favorite Christmas Cookies + {Giveaway}

Have you done your Christmas cookie baking yet? What’s your favorite Christmas cookie to make? Or maybe I should ask…what’s your favorite Christmas cookie to eat? ...more

Sold into Marriage

Very sad that this is still going on. From The Washington Post: In a village about 50 miles from Marigat in Baringo County, Kenya, among a tribe that practices genital mutilation as a rite of womanhood, a teenage girl is sold into an arranged marriage. Her price is 20 goats, 10 cows and a few camels, paid to her family over several weeks ....more

Smart Tips For Using Your Keurig

Last year, for Christmas, I gave my married adult kids, my parents, and myself a Keurig machine. Even though I don’t drink coffee, we use it all the time. We have purchased some of the apple cider and hot cocoa cups, but honestly, I mostly use it as an instant hot water dispenser to add to my own Homemade Hot Cocoa mix...more

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Muffins

My daughter loves red velvet anything. And her eyes really lit up when she saw these. Soft, fluffy muffins...more

Than a blowtorch can melt icecubes

Than a blowtorch can melt icecubes the road that leads straight to yourbrand new body your brand new life download that newlife bowl I'll as you consider putting the system towork for you imagine Nutra Tosterone how crazy you will soon look how healthy and sexy liveyou'll soon feel remember this is the one plan wouldpersonally guarantee we'll work on your trouble spots your hips thighs glutes your abs and doit with unheard-of speed antiques and don't forget howtime-sensitive this operates if y...more

Test Post

bloglovin - google - pinterest ...more

Tungsten alloy,Tungsten alloys,tungsten alloy price

Zhuzhou Teyou New Material Co.,Ltd ,established in the 1990s,have been dedicated to the production and development of tungsten , molybdenum , tantalum , niobium , titanium and other products.all of our products have been sold to more than 50 countries such as American, Japan, German, Sweden and Spain, and widely used in the industries of medical, machinery, electronics, chemistry,construction, aviation ,aerospace and so on....more