The Calorie-Burning Workout You Can Do Anywhere

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is rising in popularity amongst the masses at supersonic speeds. Besides body weight training, HIIT is the top fitness trend of 2014. This upbeat, fast-paced method requires dedication, commitment, ...more

Grilled Veggie Gyros

Mushrooms, red bell pepper, zucchini and onions are grilled (or cooked in a stovetop grill pan if you don't have a grill.) Then they're served inside warm pita bread with the traditional cucumber-dill sauce that always makes gyros taste so amazing. ...more

Our New House Wish List

Chris starts his new job tomorrow, and we couldn't be more excited.  Once he starts, we'll finally be able to get serious about something we've been thinking about for a while - house hunting. Credit Image: Shashi Bellamkonda on Flickr ...more

Don't Leave BlogHer '14 Without Swapping Info in the Mobile App

One of the best parts of any BlogHer event is meeting and networking with your fellow attendees. And our conference app helps you do just that with a handy contact swapping tool.  ...more

Kerry Washington At BlogHer '14!

The actress and activist spoke at the Saturday keynote—and she ROCKED THE HOUSE. ...more

The 2014 Photos of the Year and Voices of the Year Readers!

They're here! Read on for the bloggers who read their amazing, passionate, hysterically funny, and poignant posts at BlogHer's Friday night Voices of the Year Community Keynote—and see all 10 brilliant pictures honored in BlogHer's very first Photos of the Year. ...more
WomenTricks Congratulations to all the great female #bloggers at #blogher14! Great to see you ...more

BlogHer, Huffington Post Join Forces to Address Work/Life Conflict. Join Us!

We have all been there. Or, more accurately, not been there. We have missed a soccer game, an important day at school, a key doctor appointment for a sick parent. Or we have had to make impossible choices: sending a feverish child to school, fingers crossed he won't get worse, so you can go to work; putting off doctor appointments you know you need because you don't know how to fit them into your work schedule; going back to work just weeks after your baby is born because your family simply cannot afford to go without your salary....more
Oh, I am sooo glad you are doing this. This topic is near and dear to my heart, having worked in ...more

BlogHer '14 Opening Video: "I Am BlogHer"

BlogHer '14 kicked off with a video that showed us in words and pictures and—most of all—faces what it means to be ... us. The community. The past 10 years have brought us together to start important conversations, support each other and reach through the ether with virtual hugs and comfort when one of ours stumbled and fell. Whether you're here with us right now in San Jose or watching along at home, you are our community. You are BlogHer. ...more
Great work, @shuggilippo (aka Jessi Sanfilippo)!more

I Finally Stopped Apologizing to My Kids for Divorcing Their Dad

My happiness vs. what I thought would be my kids happiness...   That is the place I was in, while considering leaving my husband. A decision I did not take lightly, an agonizing, heart breaking, painful decision. How could I take my children away from their Dad, how could I break up all they knew as a family. It simply came down to what I truly wanted for my children. Their happiness....more
As long as you tried your hardest you can't do much else :-) as long as your kids are happy and ...more

We All Want to Raise Strong, Brave Girls

First of all, just writing that title made me go “AHJHJKJgajgdajsgdjhagdhja” because we all want this for our daughters, don’t we? We all want our daughters to grow up brave and empowered, able to stick up for themselves in an unpressured environment that, frankly, does not exist. And that’s really the root of all of this, isn’t it? The world is a rollercoaster. How do we help our girls ride without puking? Is there an antidote? An emotional Dramamine we can prescribe to keep them from feeling sick as they go up and down and upside down and backwards? ...more
Girls are not always neat and sweet. They don't always measure up to an idealized, version of ...more

5 Lessons I've Learned from 5 Years of Blogging

When you first start blogging, everything's a mystery. At least in was for me. When I wrote my very first blog post on my very first blog, I had no idea the massive amount of work and learning that lay ahead of me. Fast forward five years, and I'd like to think I've picked up a few things here and there. ...more
Thanks so much for this post. I'm new to blogging, May to be exact, and it's been an ...more

Wisdom from Pathfinder Day that You Simply Can't Miss

Pathfinder Day '14 was a both with our attendees and those following the #PathfinderDay hashtag on Twitter. We rounded up some of the most inspirational, informative, and really just perfect tweets from the day for you in this one place. If you're trying to figure out what your next step is and you couldn't attend Pathfinder Day, start here....more

Beyond Disneyland: California Destinations My Autistic Son Loves

"We love it when our guests are happy!" That's what the red-coated Monterey Bay Aquarium official told me, as she and I stood next to my son Leo, who was blissfully sprawled out on the the floor looking up at a tank full of sparkling anchovies. I had just explained to her that Leo was enraptured rather than upset or injured, and I hoped it was OK for him to be on the floor since his sisters and I were ringing him and he wasn't in anyone's way. Autism acceptance as guest relations policy. What a wonder. What a gift. ...more
Its a shame places like this dont have one day a week or a month dedicated to those with special ...more

Weekend Through A Lens

I need a rest day from my weekend. Who’s with me? It wasn’t too busy, but between a long run, activities, and sickness, I’m wiped out ....more

Salty-Sweet Summer Treat: Peanut Butter Caramel Drumstick Cones

As hard-to-find nostalgic treats go, I’m not sure the vanilla caramel Drumstick tops too many people’s lists. After all, the regular vanilla version is all over the place, there are chocolate ice cream versions, fudge-core options, and even varieties with Nestle Crunch in place of the usual dome of peanuts—enough to make the casual ice cream eater gorge for weeks. (...)Read the rest of Salty-Sweet Summer Treat: Peanut Butter Caramel Drumstick Cones on Good. Food ....more

Ask Kate: I’m Not Enjoying My Travels

What happens when the trip of your dreams isn’t turning out as planned? This reader wants to know. Hi Kate,I’m currently farming with...more

Reduced Recovery Times After Workouts

The muscle building results you get from your long hours spent at the gym hit a plateau? As we get older building muscle becomes increasing harder consisting of longer and longer workouts or use of potentially dangerous injections or supplements. Stop wasting your time and start working smarter not harder! Researchers have recently found the perfect formula for a supplement guaranteed to get you the muscle building results you deserve and help you perform at your absolute best, 100% all-natural Blackline Elite.  ...more

New York Couple Found Dead Holding Hands In Bed at Hilton Hotel

In what seems to be a modern day Romeo and Juliet story, a couple were found dead in each other’s arms atop their bed in a New York Hilton hotel last Friday. The police say they suspect the couple of having committed suicide by overdose.37-year-old Scott Jacobi from Staten Island and 34-year-old Theresa Mateo from the Bronx failed to check out at the appointed time and workers at the hotel later discovered the couple's bodies in their room.They were found fully clothed and clutching each other in bed, less than 48 hours after they checked in, at about 6 p.m. on Wednesday.Since there were no signs of trauma or forced entry, investigators suspect an overdose of some sort, though police said no note or drug paraphernalia were found in the room.The city medical examiner will perform an autopsy to determine how the two died.Read more: NYDaily ...more

Meet the Contributor Team!

I’m so excited to introduce you to the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Blogging Team!! There were many outstanding applicants and I definitely had my work cut out for me narrowing it down! I tried to get in touch with all of you personally but if I somehow missed anyone I’m sorry about that ....more

25 of the Best Healthy Crock Pot Recipes

Back to School season is just around the corner...more

Restaurant Roundup: Stoic & Genuine

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a new restaurant I’ve tried. I mean, I have loved many of them, and written about them on this blog. But leave it to the masterful Jennifer Jasinski (James Beard award winning chef behind Rioja, Bistro Vendome, and Euclid Hall) to open the restaurant that finally lured me to fall in love with oysters.(...)Read the rest of Restaurant Roundup: Stoic & Genuine (419 words) © Michele for Cooking With Michele®, 2014 ....more

Getting Ready For A Sale

As you know I am getting ready for the White Lace Cottage sale. It has been fun pulling out pieces,I kind of forgot about some of the things I have. Yes that’s how it is when you are in this.. ....more

Burrata pizza

The summers that I remember are the ones that took place twenty plus years ago. It was when you could hop on your bike and travel 3 to 4 miles without your parents anxiously biting away their nails to see if you were OK. ...more