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How to Get Ready in a Flash and Still Look Amazing

My husband always brags that I get ready quicker than any woman he has ever met. After watching my mom and best friend get ready for a night out, I can see why he said that. I have always boasted about the speedy way I go from undone to dolled up. There are a few techniques I use to help me pull it all together in a flash. Trust me, I have been able to master the art of getting ready and so can you with these helpful tips. ...more

5 Simple Steps to "Fall Cleaning" Your Mind

For me, fall always feels more like a season of renewal than even New Year's does. And seeing that autumn is the new "hip" time of year, I'm apparently not alone on that stance. Who can say why the past decade or so has generated a sudden manic appreciation for pumpkins, but I'm not going to snub my nose at it. ...more

Apple-Cinnamon Spiced Breakfast Smoothie

It’s finally fall ya’ll!! You know what this means right? Cool, crisp temperatures, good prime-time TV, and spice filled drinks. ...more

Waiting For the Day I Can Be an Artist Again

This post first appeared on Semi-urban Mom. I recently had the pleasure of visiting an art studio with my daughter, who was invited to a birthday party there. It was your typical little storefront art studio: walls crowded with completed works of art, paint splatters on the concrete floors, the smell of tempera and modelling clay in the air. It was enough to make me want to puke. ...more

How to Make a Dollar Store Halloween Spider Vase

The dollar store can be a really great resource for making holiday decor items. You can get a really great looking finished product for only a few dollars!  ...more

'Hotel' Is Finally the American Horror Story That's Too Repulsive for Me

The creeptastic anthology American Horror Story has been always been a cringefest. It's certainly not for everyone and can crash and burn more than once in a season, but overall it usually offers provocation mixed with inventive stories, fabulous performers, stunning visuals, and a deliciously campy point-of-view.  I look forward to the upcoming seasons just to see what Ryan Murphy concocts, and anticipating this fall's AHS: Hotel was no different. ...more

6 Ways To Be A Better Friend When They Need You Most

I've recently had something sort of rotten happen: the man I live with and I are calling it quits. Even worse, we have to live in the same house together for a few more weeks before I can move out. I know everyone's got problems, and most of them are worse than mine. But right now this pretty much feels like the worst thing. I just feel so bad. During times of extreme duress, people tell you to lean on your friends. "Surround yourself with people who love you. Now is where your friends can really come through." Or where they fail you miserably....more

I Surprised Myself When I Became an Extended Breastfeeder

When I was pregnant with our first daughter, I knew I wanted to nurse. Like many moms, I chose one year as my goal. In retrospect it seems somewhat arbitrary, but that's the number you always hear, so that's where I placed a big red X in my mental calendar. Fortunately, breastfeeding came easy to us, and I relished the bonding aspect of it tremendously. Shortly after her first birthday, we started introducing cow's milk—again, because that's what you do, right?—and within a month, she was pretty much fully weaned....more

I May Miss New York, But I Will Never Miss the Cat-Calling

Though I now live in North Jersey, I put in my time living in Queens and Jersey City (which we considered a borough of Manhattan -- I mean seriously, it is) for seven years. I have also worked/trained/performed in NYC since my dad started taking me to auditions when I was ten. ...more

10 Ways to Strength Train with a Pumpkin

It's officially the season of Halloween decorations, too much candy, and pumpkins! We all know I love celebrating a season or a holiday to the max, and October is one of my favorites thanks to the ever useful pumpkin. Last year I did a three-part workout series using pumpkins on a tennis court, and I thought it would be fun to revisit the workouts to combine them for one epic pumpkin strength workout. You will need at least one pumpkin or a heavy medicine ball to complete. (I'm pretty sure a pumpkin is easy to come by this time of year.) ...more

What Peeple Totally Got Wrong About the Internet

Suddenly, an app with a great deal of financial backing is on the horizon, and it essentially stands for the opposite of my goals on social media. As much as the founders would like to believe otherwise, I believe this app will only promote an outlet for under-regulated personal attacks and the general approval of emotionally-driven judgments about people in our lives. In other words, I am not a fan. ...more

On Scoliosis and Unfunny Flashbacks to 'Sixteen Candles'

I sit and watch as Fashionista tries out a tumbling class. She is the type who would like to be on the Pom Squad when she gets to seventh grade and would like to perfect her cartwheels. I secretly sneer at cheerleaders. Glorified strippers, I call them. To be honest, this is mostly due to the fact that my husband dated a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader years before I met him. But I pretend it is purely out of feminist sentiment. ...more

ANA Food Allergies: Halloween Could Kill My Child

This morning I am mad. Really mad. I am mad because I am hurt....more
Oh my God. I can't believe this generation of parenting. As a food-allergy victim myself, I have ...more

No Candy for Halloween? That's Crazy Talk!

First of all, what? An apple? A toy? Gluten-free bar? A box of raisins? Before you beat me with your broomstick, let me tell you that I understand. I respect and appreciate all the reasons why we need to be politically correct, understand our differences, know that not everyone says trick or treat (but still goes trick-or-treating), and that some of us are allergic, trying to live healthy, trying to be gluten-free. ...more

When Do All the Single Ladies Get to Celebrate?

The mail comes.  It’s a pretty envelope adorned with fancy calligraphy on the front with my name and address; obviously another invitation for something.  I get a lot of those these days.Engagement parties.  Showers (bridal AND baby!).  Bachelorette parties.  Weddings.  Christenings.  First birthday parties. When your friends get married and have children, those invitations never stop arriving.  I started getting them in my mid-20’s and now, at 33, I’m still getting them....more

Why Did Buying Groceries Online Make Me Feel So Guilty?

A few weeks ago, I ordered my groceries online and had them delivered. It felt like an extravagance—a 1 percent kind of luxury that I shouldn't be able to indulge. But a friend of mine, who is a working mom, told me to do it. I balked that it would be more expensive. "It isn't," she insisted. "You can shop the sales, and because you stick to your list, you don't spend as much on impulse buys." The nominal delivery fee was waived if you got up to $100. I always get up to $100, even when I shop at discount stores. So, I tried it. Here's what happened....more

Why I Don't Feel Safe In Public as an Orthodox Jewish Woman

I know I may seem different to you, strange even. We look different, we keep mostly to ourselves, and we basically live in our own little bubble. I understand that you don't "get" us, but I don't understand why we deserve the hatred directed at us. ...more

Iced Apple-Toffee Oatmeal Cookies

I can't believe it's that time of year again; that time of year when every weekend has something planned, whether we want it to be or not. Last weekend, was just the beginning. ...more

I Am Proud (and a Bit Jealous) of My Adult Daughter

When I was 25, my life was a mess. I had left a brief mistake of a marriage, moved in with my father and his girlfriend, went back to a job I had left a year before and started over again. Shortly after, my grandfather died....more

10 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Blogging

Apparently, most blogs created fold within 6 months of being opened. I suppose I supported that theory. If you are serious about blogging, you will need to have a serious mindset. You need to treat it like a business. A business without dedicated leadership and vision would easily and quickly fold on itself, right? The same is true for blogging. You need that end goal in mind. Here are ten things I learned during my first two months blogging, which will hopefully save you time and aggravation when you are starting yours. ...more

Could You Work With Your Spouse?

I am spoiled. For several years I worked with my husband at the same company and now we work only a few blocks apart. This means that I am used to being able to have lunch with my wonderful husband on a frequent basis and that neither of us has to go out of our way to spend time together in the middle of the day....more

How the KonMari Method Taught Me About Joy

In her best-selling book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," cleaning consultant Marie Kondo recalls volunteering to straighten up her grade school classroom. When I was pretty much the same age, I was already leaning towards becoming a huge slob, starting with my resistance to make my own bed. Credit: Jing Qu...more

My Advice to My Sons About School Shootings 

I never again want to feel like I have to sit my boys down and tell them what to do if someone starts shooting. I've done it at least three times already. We were in the car yesterday on our way to see a movie screening at The Grove, a popular outdoor mall in Los Angeles. On the radio, we heard an account of the mayhem at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., where Chris Harper Mercer, 26, killed and injured more than a dozen people in the latest mass shooting in the U.S. The young man on the radio had been in a classroom near the shooting....more

Instagrammers Show Us Their Views of South Carolina Flood and Relief

For those of us in drought-stricken California, it’s hard to comprehend the devastation from torrential rains and flooding in South Carolina that has taken at least 15 lives. ...more

Gird Your Loins and Load Your GIFs, Because Here Comes Christmas Already

I'll be the first to admit that I am a lover of holidays. In all actuality, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the process of cooking and feeding the folks that I love. But there is just something about the spirit of Christmas that makes me grin from ear to ear and smile in anticipation of it. But I know I'm not everyone....more

(INTERVIEW) Pauline Campos on Launching Her Book 'BabyFat'

Pauline Campos, freelance writer, longtime member of the blogging community and co-host of the Multi-Culti party at recent BlogHer annual conferences,  has released her first book. BabyFat is a candid memoir centered on body image and the author's postpartum experiences as she took on losing weight gained with the pregnancy of her daughter.  She answered a few questions about bringing BabyFat to market.  ...more

We're Fighting Over the Kids' Screen Time. Is There an App For That?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My wife and I totally disagree about our kids and screen time. She is the Tough Mom, and basically thinks the iPad will eventually melt their brains. I’m the Relaxed Mom (a.k.a. I like my iPad!), and I think it’s totally fine -- and even educational --for the kids to Minecraft and iPad to their hearts' delight. How can we find a happy medium? Signed, Steve Jobs’ Black Turtleneck ...more

5 Fall Fashion Trends for Your Inner Sophisticate

With fall comes the welcome return of AC-free days, pumpkin spice lattes, and we'll admit it, cold-weather wardrobes. As much as we loved the shoulder-baring days of summer, we've been thinking a little more each day of ankle boots, long-sleeve flannels and cozy jackets. Here are 5 fall fashion trends that marry the sophisticated side of fall with the casual vibe of summer.   The Iconic Flannel  ...more

Grieving My Father in the Excruciating In-Between

"I love you." "I love you too." Last Sunday, when my dad and I had our last good visit, we said these words. As I crossed the parking lot to my car, I realized that he hadn't said what he usually says when one of us is leaving after a visit: "Be careful. I don't have any extra children." ...more

interview season begins.

I'm already getting a little nostalgic about Philadelphia. We survived Pope Weekend 2015!!! People running/biking on the empty streets with military cars along the side felt surreal ....more

How I Block Myself From Facebook

If you know me, you know that when it comes to Facebook I am either spending my time hating it or addicted to it and harassing people with posts they would normally ban if they could. ...more

“Who, Which, Except” Quiz: Answers and Winners! by Ree

Great job on the quiz, everyone! Here are the stats, answers, and winners! ...more

A Trick To Easy Weeknight Dinners

I come from a family with a number of working mothers. More who worked while raising kids than not, even when it wasn’t the norm. My own mom, my aunt, my grandmother, and a slew of other great aunts, cousins, and other female relatives mixed in between ....more

FF - I heart DubsmashWar Round Three

DubsmashWar Round Three has begun! They've added another incentive to the voting public - every $25 donation enters you to win a video chat with either #TeamCarter or #TeamShield (depending on who you donated to). Not to mention, each $1 donation (which equals one vote) also puts you in the running for the grand prize trip to Hollywood, and all the goodies that go along with it....more

Why Are More Young Women Choosing Botox Before Their First Wrinkle Appears?

Why Are More Young Women Choosing Botox Before Their First Wrinkle Appears? There have been a lot of stories in the media in recent months about younger and younger women using the anti-aging treatment Botox. Botox has been around for a long time now, and hasn't really been replaced yet as the most popular and effective way of reducing facial wrinkles as you age ....more

10 Vital Skills For A World Without Oil

This evening we had a long chat with a friend who works in the Canadian oil fields. He clearly has a bit of guilt about it – about four times tonight, he said, “I know, I know, I know the damage I’m doing to the environment with this job.” However, what I found very telling was the conclusion he has reached. We have ten years, and maybe less, before we will need something else to run our vehicles. The problem is, he says, that ‘something else’ doesn’t really exist yet....more

Types of Lines in Art Handout

I am working on some quick assessment sheets for key concepts in art class. I came across this famous lines handout from The Bees Knees Cousin....more

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

These heavenly Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars are a blend of two of my favorite desserts- chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake. They have a bottom and a top layer of chocolate chip cookie dough with a creamy layer of cheesecake filling sandwiched in between. This is a recipe from Tricia Yearwood who always seems to have winning recipes the whole family will enjoy ....more

12 Beloved Books to Read Aloud With Your Children

It's no secret that I love to read and that we read a lot at our house. This past summer I worked on getting back into the habit of reading out loud to my girls. I love reading to them ....more