A Year After Eric Garner's Death, We're Still Wondering What to Tell Our Sons

Watch James Oliver, Jr.'s moving Voices of the Year presentation. ...more

How Majora Carter Brought Down the House at The Pitch

Majora Carter brought down the house during the inspiring The Pitch session at #BlogHer15. Her passionate description of her company, StartUp Box, which pairs tech companies looking for quality talent with entry-level employees in low-status ...more

The 2015 Voices of the Year Featured Honorees

They're here! Read on to explore the amazing work we featured at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Voices of the Year. ...more

My #BlogHer15 Experience: One Starfish at a Time

This moment defines BlogHer '15 for me. I looked down at my hand and my ring wasn't there. IT WASN'T THERE. I immediately flipped out, tossing everything out of my bag and crawling underneath the table. But here's the thing. No one sat there ...more

How to Talk With (and About) Autistic Human Beings

I’m currently in physical therapy to rehabilitate a surgically-repaired knee. The kind, competent therapists tend to make small talk, which invariably means fielding tentative, well-meaning questions about my autistic son. Which gives me the ...more

The Coolest Lentil Salad for a Hot Summer Day

Have you ever given much thought to lentils? These tiny but tasty legumes are one of the earliest cultivated crops used by man, and lentils (also called pulses) are used extensively in vegetarian recipes all over the world. ...more

How to Make Pottery Barn Knock-Off Sweater and Fur Pillow Covers

Don't ya love Pottery Barn? I could shop there every day if I had a huge spending budget for home decorating. But I can't. I love their pillows, especially those cozy ones....more

6 Ways to Be a Gracious Bride

Every engaged gal fears being called the B-word.  You know which one I’m talking about.  The one that insinuates that you’re being selfish, controlling, and/or unrealistic.  I’ll be honest – when you’re planning your wedding and things aren’t going quite as you had thought they would, it’s actually not all that difficult to slip into the role of a Bridezilla. ...more

The One Nosy Question That Can Send a First-Time Mother Reeling

When are you going to have another baby? I get this question quite often lately from everyone from co-workers to family members and even the check-out lady at Target. It's just small talk, and I understand that completely. It's one of those things that just naturally comes up in conversation. ...more

Q&A With Prof. Jennifer Lee: Asian American Success Isn't What You Think It Is

Pop culture often portrays Asian Americans as successful because of strict parenting or just plain hard work. But a new book debunks the "model minority" myth, revealing the way government policies have actually skewed those perceptions. I recently interviewed Jennifer Lee, Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Irvine, and co-author of The Asian American Achievement Paradox about her research....more

You Don't Have the Right to Serve My Kid Alcohol

Four young guys, high school students and month-ago graduates, were involved in a terrible car accident in which two of them died and one of them remains in the hospital. Alcohol was found in the car and at the party which they left. ...more
Yes to all of this!!more

13 Easy Posts That Will Get You Over Writer's Block

It's happens to all bloggers at some point. Blogger's block. You want to write a post. You feel like you need to write a post. You sit down to write a post. And the mind goes blank. You've got nothing. The harder you try, the more your brain freezes. Sometimes it's an indication that you need a break. Frequently, though, it's a temporary thing and all you need is a little inspiration (or a few tips) to get going again. Here are 13 tips to help you overcome blogger's block. ...more
Thank you for this. I am new to blogging and already feel like I have writers block. I think ...more

Remarrying and Blending Families After Divorce

The early days of the "blended family" projectSunday morning Benjamin came padding into my room -- make that "our" room -- around 7. "Mom," he said. "I was looking out my window and I saw a ... wait, what are those birds that are all red?"My brain attempted to swim up through the Jell-O of sleep and break the surface of consciousness. "A cardinal," I said."Cardinal," Joe mumbled, about one syllable behind me."Well I saw a baby one of those fall out of a tree," Benjamin continued."What?"...more

Cheating is a Form of Abuse

Did you know that cheating is also considered domestic abuse?Psychologists believe the pattern of abusers and cheaters can be very similar. Both groups often try to justify their behavior, deny their actions, or otherwise refuse to take responsibility. The person doing the betraying may originally feel a little bit sorry, but really shows no concern about his/her partner’s feelings, therefore minimizing or making light of the behavior....more
My ex was emotionally, mentally, verbally and sexually abusive - and I wouldn't bother to guess ...more

Double Dutch Braid Tutorial

A couple weeks ago, I posted this double braid on my Instagram, and a couple of people asked how to do it. I have no idea how I ended up with it, though, other than trying to get the appearance of a really thick braid. You will laugh at how simple this is! ...more
That does look easy!more

Fresh Summer Fruit Tart With Peaches, Figs, and Berries

Make this easy summer fruit tart with puff pastry and ripe peaches, figs, and berries—they come together in minutes and take less than half an hour to finish. ...more
This looks wonderful.more

I Was Raped

I was raped.  I hate using that word.  When I think of rape, I think of a woman walking alone at night, back to her apartment.  In the shadows, a man in all black and a ski mask lurks behind the bushes.  Like an animal watching his prey, he attacks her, tying her up and violently taking her without consent....more
I'm so sorry. No should have meant no. He knew what he was doing, even though in his mind he ...more

Hot Day, Cool DIY Craft: How to Make an Upcycled T-shirt Yarn Plant Hanger

Old t-shirts: Everyone has some. Around my house a lot of said old T-shirts are tie-dyed. Not a Grateful Dead fan in sight, yet we have a lot of tie-dye. ...more
who else loves thismore

My Pre-Schooler Hates To Clean Up Her Messes

Now that my older daughter's four, she's big enough to do chores and take responsibility for her own messes—or so I thought. Let's just say my attempts to get her to clean up after herself have not been so successful. Even when I sing that catchy little song, "Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere/Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share"—I'm the only one doing my share. My share is 100%. Image: nduran...more
Does anyone like to clean up their mess? lolmore

Wait, Nicki Minaj Can't Even Be Frustrated? What Emotions Am I Allowed To Have As a Black Woman?

Years ago, my visiting sister and I were teasing each other about one of those random topics siblings joke about. My roommate overheard us as she climbed the stairs in our apartment and gently admonished us: “Now girls, don’t fight.” My sister and I turned to each other with the same puzzled expression. We weren’t fighting. We were joking around, having a good time. What was she talking about? I considered my roommate’s perspective: she saw two sisters in conversation with raised voices, using animated gestures. ...more
I'm upset too. I don't like what's going on, there has been too much; I think we should speak ...more

Do Yoga Selfies Help or Hurt a Yoga Practice?

Yoga is usually done in a studio with a teacher and other students. The students will be of varying levels, each person with their own strengths and challenges. It's hard not to look at the person practicing next to you and not make a comparison. Trust me, I will not lie and tell you that I do not do this myself. I know how hard it can be. I use Instagram for my own photos and follow quite a few impressive yogis who seem to always be able to whip out an arm balance on a table or a handstand on a beach. I will see an insane pose from these yogis and think to myself, "There is no way I will ever be able to do that." ...more
I say let a person do what they want. It's not hurting anyone else. If anything, just make sure ...more

How to Get Started With Periscope

Oh look, another social media platform... Just what we need. I'll admit it; I was reluctant to get at first, but I LOVE Periscope! If you haven't heard of it yet, Periscope is a live-streaming app owned by Twitter. The fun part about it is that you have the ability to interact with followers in real time. If you're wondering how to get started with Periscope, here's how. ...more
I have been using it regularly, and think it has great potential for Brands to collaborate with ...more

RIP Mighty Mite, Thanks For Everything

My Mighty Mite vacuum drew its last breath on Friday. I was in my last room trying to finish what used to be biannual window washing, which has now become an annual event, when it happened. I was using the vacuum to inhale all the accumulated tree pollen, pine needles and dead bugs from the windowsills in our New Hampshire home when it died. If I were my sister-in-law, I would have seen the little yellow vacuum's demise as an excuse to buy yet another new one. She has purchased at least eight vacuums, from Hoover, to Dyson, to Shark, to Oreck, during her marriage. ...more
I know how you feel!  I'm dreading the death of my 30 year old KitchenAid.  We have been through ...more

The 10 Best Bachelorette Party Songs

It’s bachelorette party time! (Well.. almost… one and a half weeks but who is counting?)...more
mommysdressingroom  Thank you! Haha - I know - I was bopping at my dining room table as I was ...more

What Do I Tell My Daughter About Sandra Bland?

To my Little Magician: We’ll read this together when you’re old enough to understand. Motherhood has been an incredible adventure, but I have always been haunted by the guilt of bringing you into this world -- a world that has not been very kind to little Black girls who grow into Black women. ...more
I feel you.more

Three Things No One Tells You About Backyard Chickens

Seven months ago, we brought home a dozen adorable, fuzzy, sweet little chicks. I had dreams of going into the backyard and grabbing fresh eggs in the morning. I could watch the hens pecking around in the grass, and it'd be a lovely urban farm/backyard oasis right outside my home....more
This was such a fun post! I used to own chickens, but it was for a very brief time. It's cool to ...more

I Don't Breastfeed, I Pump

When it comes to discussing why I didn't breastfeed my child, I will happily tell my story to anyone who will listen. In fact, I've written several articles about exclusively pumping, and I've loved all of the support and advice that I've received over the years. Image: chrismc2011...more
I have a friend who exclusively pumps. Her baby gets the same benefits mine does, but she only ...more

A Guy Broke My Heart, My Dog Never Will

Breaking up and starting over with a canine in tow. I wasn't ready. No one is ever ready. But my live-in boyfriend at the time kept sending me the links from Petfinder. The pictures were all adorable. They all needed a home. They all stared back with eyes that said "please adopt and love me." The more I stared at these images, the more I began to consider it. I thought, hey, if we can do this together, share the cost, hire a dog walker, and forgo the house training thing with an adult dog, how hard could this be? ...more
I would actually throw myself in front of a bus for my two dogs (if there were a situation that ...more

Is Donald Trump Conspiring to Elect Hillary?

Donald Trump. He gives no fucks. He apologizes for nothing and backs down for no one. America loves to hate him, and stupider, crazier shit flies out of his mouth daily. He's now insulted Mexicans, war heroes, veterans, and most Republicans. The Des Moines register has called for him to "pull the plug on his side show", and many think he is making a mockery of the presidential election. ...more
Stephanie - I agree. There is a long time before the election and a lot can happen. However, the ...more

Live Like You're Not Afraid To Die

I knew that death was an okay thing, and just part of the deal of being here. I knew it to my very core: You get to enjoy good laughs and perfect peaches, but then you have to finish your drink and get out....more

Why I Don't Pin Your Content (and How You Can Change That)

Pinterest is a potential plethora of traffic, growth in readership, and exposure. It's easy to become mesmerized by the shiny, pretty packages it contains and become complacent about the things you pin and how you use Pinterest in correlation with your blog or business. But you really shouldn't. As a marketing professional, I see four common but huge no-no's that happen all too frequently, especially with bloggers. I'm going to share my industry expertise to help you avoid these common pitfalls of Pinterest. ...more
And there I was wondering why everyone's images looked so darn good. Thank you for introducing ...more

After Devastation and Loss, My Rainbow Baby Is Here

Dear Ruby, If you would have told me a year ago that I would go a day without crying, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you would have told me a year ago that I would laugh without guilt, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you would have told me a year ago that one day, my heart would once again be filled with joy, I wouldn’t have believed you. ...more
Definitely leaking all over my face right now as I'll be meeting my rainbow next week. Hope is a ...more

MTV Documentary #WhitePeople Examines American Perspectives on Race

Most white people are completely uncomfortable discussing race. And with 91% of white Americans having zero non-white friends, they kind of don’t have to....more
JosephatManyar you too!more

The 8 Stages of Toddler Naps (As Experienced By New Parents)

A normal day is 24 hours long. A day with a toddler is around 48. So, naptime is essential for all parties involved. When your baby can't fight it anymore and the magic moment happens, the feelings you feel are so real. As a new parent, here are seven stages of emotion you will move through when your toddler finally goes down for a nap. ...more

Things I’m Digging Lately

I haven’t done a good ole products that I’m loving lately post and I can’t wait to share some of my absolute favs lately! Is everyone a little burnt out from the Nordstrom sale or are you still excited to see all the boxes roll in? I have been on a total Fall weather clothes kick ....more

We Celebrate Marriages. We Celebrate Babies. Why Don’t We Celebrate Singles?

Here’s something I don’t understand: when someone is getting married, we shower them with gifts. There’s a bachelorette party and a bridal shower and then the actual wedding gift. You could easily spend $2,000 when all is said and done ....more

Planned Parenthood and Screams in the Night

Dymphna weighs in on the latest abominations. To quote: Whittaker Chambers once told a story of talking to a young European woman who told him how her father finally gave up Communism. It wasn't an intellectual argument that swayed him ....more

My Ulta Packing List: VACATION!

So i just returned from a week long vacation in the gorgeous Caribbean island of Sint Maarten......more

Dear Creepy Old Dude...Stop Staring!

Dear creepy old dude that kept staring at me at 24 Hour Fitness (and any other guy who enjoys awkwardly checking out girls).It's gut-churning to be checking me out at all, but when I am a sopping, pit stained mess of disgustingness, well that just hits a whole new level of "puke in my mouth."...more

For those of us who think visually, this may do the trick for water

Do you have trouble getting in enough water? I do, so I need every trick in the book to make me get my 8 cups in ....more

Don't Give Up the Apostrophe

This sign was outside the bathroom at the world-famous Woodman's of Essex. I forgive them, though, because... yum, yum, lobster roll.. ....more

5 Things to read

“I’m still going up and down!” he exclaimed today, a few minutes after walking away from the carousal at the zoo. This photo is actually a different carousal, taken last Thursday, but the feeling is the same. Up and down, around and around, and even when the whirlwind stops, I still need a few minutes to find my equilibrium again ....more

Selfies of Your Dog Otis

It's not often that I write these words, in no small part because I think things through fooooorrrreeeevvvvveeeerrrr before forming an opinion, but here it is: I was wrong. Totally wrong. Totally and completely wrong ....more