Easy Needle-Felted Heart Banner Craft

Needle felting is one of those crafts that seems really daunting, but is actually very easy. If you can poke something with a needle, you can do needle felting. My first adventure into needle felting was inspired by some wool hearts I had left over ...more

Pepperoni-Garlic Knots

These delicious Pepperoni Garlic Knots are loaded with pepperoni, red pepper flakes, garlic, and two different cheeses. Baking them in a cast iron skillet gives them a wonderfully crisp crust‐you've got yourself a winner! ...more

Did Shonda Rhimes Get PPD Wrong Last Night?

Moms on Twitter asked Shonda Rhimes why she had beloved characters mock mental health issues that affect millions of mothers. But not all viewers felt that way. ...more

We Liked Taking Care of Each Other

I broke up with Nick two weeks after we signed a lease for a new apartment. ...more

Can You Afford to Leave Your Relationship?

I am all about saving for a rainy day; too bad that rainstorm was the ending of my marriage.  I don't think anyone ever plans to leave a marriage when they tie the knot.  I think most people, knowing the statistics going in, really believe they will be on the winning side of that 50-50 possibility of successful marriages today. ...more

Four Wearable Winter Makeup Trends

Sometimes I see makeup trends off the runway or in magazines and think, "That is so pretty and artistic—but how in the world would I incorporate it into my uber-glamorous preschool drop off red carpet?" I love experimenting with makeup and finding how I can wear it without looking too overdone for an outing with the fam, yet just enough to fulfill my inner beauty addiction. I thought I would show you four of my favorite winter makeup trends, and how I to achieve them! DEWY, NATURAL SKIN (FRESH FACED)...more
BlogHer thank you for sharing!! ☺️more

Stop Using the "P" Word, People!

At every age and every stage, this word finds a way to creep in.It has the same effects on us - whether we are learning how to draw, ride a bike, picking out our wedding dress, holding our first child, or juggling the craziness that is parenthood or a thriving career....more
There is definitely no such thing as perfect because everything can be improved on! The moment ...more

10 Foolproof Good Habits for People With No Willpower

Yes ... you can claim a happier and healthier you in 2015!...more
You've got it!! It's the little things that lead to the big things, and before you know it... ...more

My FitBit Made Me Feel Like a Loser So I Quit Using It

I felt like a loser. My friends were all out-stepping me. How did they fit 10,000 steps into a day, let alone 25,000 or even 35,000? Were they working while walking on a treadmill? (Apparently some of them were.) Others just found the time to walk a lot, I guess. Image: eVidaSana.com...more
You know, I totally understand your decision. I personally love my Fitbit and the competition. ...more

5 Deliciously Low-Carb Super Bowl Snacks

Have you finished planning your game day menu? I usually have menus planned well in advance, but I've not decided what our Super Bowl spread will look like this year. If you're still undecided, like me, I dedicate this series of game day posts to you! ...more

Which Silly 70's Stuff Do You Miss?

Barry Gibb, my personal hero (shut up!), once said that to this day, whenever he walks by a barber shop, he just assumes he can go in there and buy some Brylcreem. He hasn’t needed it in 40 years, but still he thinks, “I wonder if they have any Brylcreem in there?” Image: Dennis Bocquet That’s exactly how I feel about the products of my youth. You know what I thought of the other day? ...more
The 70's sure I recall..Do you remember running home to watch "Dark Shadow"...or shower to ...more

My White Friend Called Me A Racist On Facebook. And I Couldn't Be Happier.

I didn't have to wait for the holidays to brace myself for the deep discussions on race that were bound to take place at the food table.  I didn't get the chance to feel the build of the inevitable tsunami of conflicting views over race, our president, and our deteriorating cultural climate that right now is immersing our country into a depressingly sad state of intolerance right now, in the midst of passing each other the rolls and the gravy....more

Are Yoga Pants Any Worse Than Skinny Jeans? And Should We Be Policing Either One?

Perhaps some of you have heard about the controversial article author Veronica Partridge wrote regarding thewearing of yoga pants in public? Turns out her husband has an issue with it.  I guess he got fed up with men staring at his wife and women in general.  As a result he asked his wife to fold up the pants and not wear them in public settings ...more
Isn't it silly? As if what we wear controls the mind of a man. That said, I'm of the thinking ...more

Do You Dream of Finding Love Again After Divorce?

I play out the scenarios in my head at least once a day.  I think about the day I will be somewhere and meet a man quite by chance.  That moment will be like being struck by lightning.  His smile and his energy will feel like being electrocuted (but gently, in a good way).  He will feel it too and it will be obvious.  ...more
I swore that I would never get married again, my divorce was that bad. Two years later I met my ...more

What Vaginal Steam Baths Are Really Like: An OB/GYN Weighs In

You gotta love Gwyneth Paltrow. She's always so ahead of the curve when it comes to things like cooking. And conscious uncoupling. And parenting. And vaginal steam baths. ...more
I was looking for a more scientific point of view here. Too many "who knows?" statements for me.more

I'm Not an Idiot: Measles Outbreak, Vaccine Debates, and Your Name-Calling

When it comes to the vaccination debate, I don't usually "go there." I feel like we are all trying to inform ourselves make the best decisions for our families in a world full of misinformation brought to us by people more interested in power and money than the health of the general public. ...more
Nope. That's a legitimate reason. It's the illegitimate reasons that are stupid.more

I Was Wrong About the Asperger's Storyline on 'Parenthood'

Dear Ron, Jason, all the writers and every member of the cast of Parenthood: I’m sorry. I owe all of you an apology. A big one. Back when your new show Parenthood premiered (how could that have been six seasons ago? seems like forever, yet not long enough) I underestimated you. ...more
I've never seen the show, but it sounds worth watching!more

How to Make a WordPress Child Theme in 11 Easy Steps

Recently I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I either had to accept the security risks of using an out-of-date WordPress theme, or I had to figure out whole child theme puzzlement so that I didn't lose the customizations I'd made to the parent theme (Twenty Fourteen theme, in my case). ...more
pinesandpalmettos Thank you so much for sharing this post, Pines&Palmettos! I'm going to try ...more

How to Lose the Pregnancy Weight

As a fitness fanatic, one of the hardest aspects of pregnancy for me was the weight gain. Regardless of exercising four to six days a week and eating the healthiest I ever had in my life, I still packed on a hell of a lot more weight than what is considered "normal." ...more

How to Make Healthy Homemade Ginger Chews

Ginger is a fabulous aid to digestion, and these Homemade Ginger Chews are great for warding off those sugar cravings. Ginger chews are simple to make; I used agave nectar and coconut instead of sugar. Simple, sweet, and a hint of spice, just like a good life! Homemade Ginger Chews...more

How to Pop Some Color Into a Monochrome Outfit With Accessories

The weather is being nice and cooperative these days. Weekend temperatures have been a little more mild, which works for me because I do my photo shoots over the weekend. Initially, I envisioned an all-gray outfit, because I'm a big fan of monochromatic looks, and they typically work beautifully. For whatever reason, for this particular outfit, I just felt like something was missing. So I decided to add little pops of color via the accessories: a blanket scarf, my bag, and my shoes. ...more

Parenting In a Digital Age: Great Advice From a Millennial Mom

The summer before sixth grade, I got a new Tamagotchi and my very first screen name. I was now Petunia886, and as often as I could (or the phone lines would allow), I instant-messaged friends like GotMilk554, tinkered around with my Angelfire HTML coding and wasted hours searching for the perfect blinking .gif image to capture the ~*BFF-ness*~ of my friendships. ...more

"Dexting": Are You Dating via Text Messages?

It says a lot about your life when the guy that you've been "dexting" can predict what you are doing on your night "off" from life.I should take a minute to explain. My night off is when Luc takes Summer for the day or overnight or both. I could typically use this time to reinvent myself or go out and live the life that a twenty something girl should be living. Instead, I decide to just uncork a bottle of wine, put on some sweats, and veg out while watching Vampire Diaries. Total waste of time, but hey, we all have our things. Right?...more
awwrote yeahno.more

36 Questions: Brilliant or Bull?

In the 12 hours after that New York Times Modern Love blog came out about the 36 questions that can make you fall in love with anyone, ten people sent the article to me. Basically the premise is this: You're supposed to meet with a stranger, ask each other this list of questions - which are grouped into three sets - and then stare lovingly into one another's eyes for four whole minutes. (You can blink - I think?) Twenty years ago, psychologist Arthur Aron put two straight people in a room in a lab, had them ask each other these questions, do the whole creepy stare-thing, and six months later they were married. (Wow!) ...more

Could She Be The One? My Mommy BFF?

You guys. I just had THE most perfect second date. ...more
MelissaKaye Aww! I wish! I'll take Boston any day -- even in four feet of snow. :-) And I'd love ...more

My Super Fun and Sometimes Punny Birth Playlist

This is the story behind my Flippant Birth Playlist. It seemed like a funny birth playlist was necessary this time around. I didn’t have birth music when I delivered Flintstone at home four years ago. Being at home, I figured if I wanted to listen to music, I’d just have MacGyver put it on. Didn’t end up wanting any music anyway. ...more

Make These Pepperoni-Garlic Knots on Game Day

These delicious Pepperoni Garlic Knots are loaded with pepperoni, red pepper flakes, garlic, and two different cheeses. Baking them in a cast iron skillet gives them a wonderfully crisp crust‐you've got yourself a winner!...more
It looks easy and amazing... I will try it as following your steps. http://www.fairbuying.com/more

How to Make This Easy Needle-Felted Heart Banner for Valentine's Day

Needle felting is one of those crafts that seems really daunting, but is actually very easy. If you can poke something with a needle, you can do needle felting. My first adventure into needle felting was inspired by some wool hearts I had left over from another Valentine's Day project. I just knew I could repurpose them into something new and cute. ...more

How Do You Feel About Maternal Assisted C-Section?

An Australian mother to nine children took an active role during the c-section birth of her 10th and 11th children. After doctors cut open Gerri Wolfe, 41, she reached down to her lower abdomen and pulled out her twin daughters, Matilda and Violet. Image: BeautifulFreaks The so-called "maternal assisted cesarean section" was all a part of the plan, but only after Wolfe convinced doctors at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales, to step back and let her do the actual delivery. ...more

AHS Freak Show: Was it Good for You?

When I originally wrote about the season premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show, I had no idea how wrong I would actually be about the storyline, about the characters —basically about the entire season. ...more

The Playlist that Pulled Me Through Cancer Treatment and Recovery

It’s weird when the music you love stops sounding good to you. It’s happened to me before, once after a terrible breakup, and once during an awful day job, writing adventure travel brochures for the elderly. The breakup ruined The Band’s entire discography for me, and the copywriting gig ruined Tina Turner’s greatest hits. It’s been years, and I still can’t get through “Up on Cripple Creek” or “Simply the Best” without breaking into a cold sweat. ...more

6 Ways My Standing Desk Is Making My Life Better

My job is killing me! And making me feel like a hippopotamus. At least that's what all the recent research is showing. ...more
LisaKeating My standing desk consists of my keyboard and monitor being on two separate ...more

Jonathan Chait’s 'Not A Very P.C. Thing To Say' In a Nutshell

In this week's New York Magazine, Jonathan Chait discusses in his essay Not a Very P.C. Thing to Say how hard it is to be a white man these days. In case you don’t have the time or moral energy to read his 5,000 word opus of angst, here’s a brief rundown....more
BlogHer He needs to read this: http://tmblr.co/ZLvgpx1bvJDEL Having no empathy for people who ...more

Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Promote yourself. Netiquette reminders: Want to recommend someone else’s writing instead? Try the latest signal-boosting thread ....more

Sunday Gratitude 2.1.15

This simple ritual of giving thanks is especially important to me right now. It would be very easy to let my mind sink into the lowest, saddest places. I’m choosing to remind myself over and over of the truth, that we serve a loving God who loves Kalkidan more than we ever could imagine — […] ...more

NaBloPoMo: Add All Your February 2015 Posts Here!

Here's where you share the link to every NaBloPoMo post you're writing on your blog daily this month -- and share your words with the world! ...more

Sunday Snippets are Up!

Go check them out at the This, That and the Other Thing Blog! ...more

7-Quick Takes

Join the other Quicktakers at This Ain't the Lyceum.1. ...more

On Your Mark: Name Your Ten Favorite Movies

Oh boy. 10 – 15 inches of snow headed our way tonight into tomorrow. I know some of you to the west of us are already getting hammered ....more

This Month’s Recipes: January 2015

I very, very nearly wrote 2014 in the title of this post. Every year it takes me until at least July to consistently get the date correct, and then it’s nearly time to change again. Woe is me ....more

Best Super Bowl Recipes

Hey Ya'll! My name is Diane Roark. I blog about easy recipes to help you put dinner on the table quickly ....more

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Disney Princess Training

I’ve been training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon for the last 3 months. I haven’t shared much because I wasn’t sure if I could do it….. So I spend the last week being lazy ....more

Woman With Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Gives Birth to Twins After IVF [Photos]

28 year old Hayley Haynes, was born without a viable womb, ovaries or fallopian tubes. Throughout puberty she did not have periods, and doctors later discovered she had no reproductiveorgans thanks to a condition called androgen insensitivity syndrome. At 19, doctors told her she had XY chromosomes which genetically makes her male and that she would never conceive ....more