“I Do!” But Only Until Death Do Us Part.

To my most significant other, my forever treasured Lancelot Knight.

You were always meant to be my soul-mate, my husband, and my friend.

Surely you know that you’ve always been my every sleeping and waking fantasy.

And truth be told, I dreamed about you before I ever knew you.

Surely, without you, I would have never braved to continue onward,

No, never, not without you!

“I Do!” But Only Until Death Do Us Part.

Together we’ve faced the world, fearless and inseparable,

Together, steady, we’ve walked forth; arm in arm and cheek to cheek.

When we were young we talked and worried over the great mysteries of life.

Now that we’re older we mostly talk of the years now gone,

Laughing, or crying, of silly, wayward things we’ve said and done,

But to the end, we’ll remain together.

Through the laughter and the tears every moment was worth the memory,

And every memory of the past 30 years has been worth the moments.

Because we promised: Though there be riches in abundance, or poverty and despair, together we’ll hold steadfast, faithful till the end.

I will love you forever and ever, from this day forward until our last breaths together.


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