“Pass it right away” and read it later

Last night I listened to the President’s speech before the football game, it was a typical political speech. I heard a lot of the same spending and cutting request. The problem with the entire speech it will take months for the House and then the Senate to work their way through the details. Then they will have to discuss it and then the “Super Committee” will have to find extra cuts to find some money. It may take months if not a year before everyone agrees.

The most interesting part of the speech was all the buzz words and phrases that included the following:

Buzz word:

• Americans Job Act

• Pass it right away

• Pass the bill ~ 16 times

• Both parties have agreed in the past

Unique phrases:

• Political Circus

• Compared us to China

• More ladders out of poverty

• Hire veterans

• 1000’s teachers back to work

• No more earmarks

• Simple math

• Real choices

The speech was very well written with allot of buzz words and unique phrases were used to gain the attention and support of Americans.

Remember get the facts. There are many resources to verify what will actually happen. Although tax cuts for new hire sounds good it only gives an employer $5,000 for a new hire that could cost $30,000 and CBO estimates that the idea will only create about 50,000 jobs. We need millions!!!!!

Reality, The real problem is that businesses have 'budgets' something that the President and DC don't understand. When you are in dealing with millions, multi-million and/or billion dollar budgets and hear this speech you wait until Nov. 2012.


• There will be a deal made from some part of the President’s speech because he backed the Republicans into a corner and election time is right around the corner.

• Zero solutions to the trade deficit or interest on the national debt

• Political speeches are just that political speeches be careful what you believe without research!!!

• The President’s speech was well written but still weak, he changed from his 'red power tie' and Did he choke on "God Bless America"?

Start your research with the mess we with Foreign Trade to understand it will not be as easy as President Obama may want you to think.

Goods and Services Deficit Decreases in July 2011, http://www.census.gov/indicator/www/ustrade.html


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