[06/20/08] BlogHer Conference Newsletter

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The clock is ticking.

I know there are plenty of you who, for whatever reasons, end up waiting till the last minute to do things. So take it from the one sending out this week's newsletter on a Friday afternoon, now is the time to get on your BlogHer '08 plans!

The conference is not sold out, but it's heading in that direction. See below to find out just how much time is left.

Thinking about printing business cards? Now is the time to order them! Check out our recommendations below.

It is the LAST DAY to vote on your favorite Conference tagline for our official conference tote bag, and the entries are fantastic! Read on to review the finalists and cast your vote.

Childcare at BlogHer '08 is officially open...but space is limited and the deadline is June 27! Meet our provider and get the registration link below.


When Will BlogHer '08 Sell Out?

Following a pleasantly surprising rush on tickets early this month, it looks like BlogHer '08 will sell out...soon. We can't say when exactly, but we suspect before July.

And no, we're not just saying this to scare you -- the truth is, our lovely and hospitable venue will simply max out at 1,000. Which means that once we're closed, we're closed.

So if any of you or your friends or family are still waiting to pull the trigger, now is definitely the time.


Business Cards For Your Blog

Even if you're not planning to attend the BlogHer '08 Conference, it's still nice to have business cards with your blog URL printed on them. It's simply a great way to promote yourself and your fabulous blog.

If you ARE planning to attend the conference, exchanging business cards helps you keep track of who you've met (and who you should be adding to your blogroll).

Check out the business-card advice given by these conference-going vets here. While I personally love all the options that CafePress.com and Zazzle.com offer, there's been quite a bit of buzz (and discount codes) around Moo.com.


BlogHer '08 Tagline Contest Ends Today

Hurry up! Today is the last day to vote for your favorite tagline, the one that will be featured on the official BlogHer swag bag along with the Reach! logo. We had a few hundred funny, clever, and poignant entries, but the finalists came down to these seven:

"I'm totally blogging this!" by Carmen S

"What she said" by kmiller

"We are your mainstream media" by Jenn Satterwhite

"Blogging : it's my bag" by dennehypr

"I think, therefore I blog" by Kristen McLane

"To Reach Her Own" by ovaries

"Girls Gone World Wide" by Candeelady

At this hour, only a couple votes separate the contenders, so go vote for your favorite right now!


BlogHer '08: Register Now for Childcare!

In case you missed our announcement, we have agreed to partner with KiddieCorp to provide on-site childcare on both Friday and Saturday of the event (July 18 and July 19).

Thanks to this year's childcare sponsors -- Care.com, LeapFrog, and PBS Parents -- we will again be able to offer childcare at the highly subsidized rate of $50/day per child.

To get learn more about KiddieCorp and to register your children, please click here: https://www.kiddiecorp.com/blogherkids.htm

Please note that space is limited, and -- yep! -- the deadline to register is June 27.

This is a copy of the BlogHer Conference Newsletter. Sign up here to receive this newsletter via email.