$1 DIY // Yarn Container (Cat Proof)

Today I want to share a easy and cheap DIY with you. I love to crochet! I love my cat! But these 2 things don't get along very well. There are trazillions of times when I came home to something like this:
naughty kitty
via Pinterest
There must be a way to store your yarn so it's cat-safe, AND you can easily access it when you want to continue your crafts. 
I was cleaning and when I was about to throw away an empty container of wipes, I stopped and looked at it more closely. I did buy one of these fancy (and costly) "Yarntainers" not too long ago. And I realized: It is so easy to turn this $1 wipe container into a small yarn container as well! I got started right away:


 Yarn Container DIY

1. Grab one of these wipes at your local Dollar Store if you don't have one at home already. Look at the lid: It is perfect to hold the yarn! Remove the wrap carefully. You will need the measurements if you want to design your own yarn container wrap.
2. Measure and design! If you don't want to or just can't  do your own design, you can download my ready to print wrap here:  CLICK
3. Cut it out, and glue or tape it to your container! I used washi tape on the top and bottom part. It worked fine!
4. DONE! Your yarn is safe now, and no more knots and other stuff that could stop your crochet-flow! Or knit-flow... Or whatever you use yarn for :)



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