The #1 Mistake Busy Moms Make at the Start of the School Year

The #1 Mistake Busy Moms Make at the Start of the School Year

The #1 Mistake Busy Moms Make at the Start of the School Year

If you answer the question of ‘How are you?’ with the word ‘Busy,’ you must heed my advice.

The biggest mistake that busy moms make in the Fall is signing up for volunteer activities at your child’s school when your child is not directly involved in the event.  OK, I sound jaded.  But hear me out.

In September, signing up to bake a tray of brownies in November seems like an easy task.  And agreeing to make 2 hours worth of fundraising calls in December seems like a nice way to give back.

What you can’t foresee in September, however, is that your in-laws will overstay their welcome in October, your water heater will break in November, and your family will get invited to 5 holidays parties on one weekend in December.  In other words, your family life becomes increasingly hectic as the Fall progresses.

Let’s break it down into real life examples.

‘Yes!  Sign me up!  Can’t wait to pitch in!’

  • Working for 1 hour at an event where your child is present (sports game, carnival, homecoming).
  • Helping your child’s class change into Halloween costumes for the Halloween parade.
  • Chaperoning a dance or field trip where your child is present.

‘No way.  I don’t have room in my schedule for extensive commitments.’

  • Baking cookies for a bake sale (you have to buy the ingredients, bake them, and then package the cookies for sale).
  • Joining committees (tons of emails, phone calls, social politics).
  • Fundraising phone calls (people hate when you call them).
  • Signing up for any job that has the term ‘mom’ in it: ‘soccer mom,’ ‘classroom mom,’ ‘ballet mom.’  Once you are the designated ‘mom’ for the job, you can guarantee that tons of responsibility and aggravation will fall onto your lap.

The key to enjoying your volunteer work at your child’s school is to choose wisely.  If you sign up for a shift at an event when your child is present, you will be able to enjoy giving back to the school and spending time with your child.  It’s win-win!



Lauren Napolitano, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist


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