1. Our Journey to joy...


*I am moving my blog here from Google, I originally wrote this post on August 20, 2012*

My family and I were recently introduced to a few theories that gave us hope.  We have been researching, reading, studying, watching everything we can get our hands on.  We have come so close to success so many times and always ended up baffled when things fell apart.  We are survivors, we bend and never break.  Eventually we would dust ourselves off and try again.... Pete and repeat.... What were we doing wrong? We wondered if we should just give up hope.

I thought maybe I would try to record our findings step by step.  A diary of how dramatically the movie and these books are affecting our lives. I know not how or where we will end up, however I believe that the cycle of failure has come to an end.  I have faith that we are on our way up and out of the troubles we have suffered.  I want to share with you as a person who is just beginning... instead of one whom has already reached the top.  A baby step by baby step analysis of our travels.

My journey started a little earlier than theirs.  I was searching the web in desperation for a believable way to lose weight, I searched and read and felt hopeless... I came across site after site and pill after pill.  I started to think that maybe "this time" a pill would work.  (NOT A GOOD IDEA FOR ME!) I found an advertisement that caught my eye about a pill that was trying to get passed by the FDA and thought maybe.... UGH!  At the bottom of the page was a tiny comment section and a little paragraph, I read that paragraph and literally sat straight up in my chair.  A man was stating that the pills never work... not permanently.  (I knew this but I was desperate) He was claiming that he had devised a way to not only lose weight to become his Ideal Body Weight but managed to keep it off for 25+ years!! Okay, that caught my attention! I went to his site http://theandersonmethod.com/  excitedly read each page and link and finally bought the book on a free Kindle offered by amazon... after reading my Kindle version really fast (relating to so much of the book that I knew,  just KNEW I had found my answer) I returned to Amazon and bought a hard copy.  I am almost 150 days in and have lost over 60 pounds!!  I continue to read at-least a paragraph from this amazing book every day.

W. Anderson writes to his readers about one of the things he was trying to teach, he mentioned a movie I had never heard of before.  Then at the end of his wonderful management lessons he suggests that we the readers never stop expanding our knowledge.  The importance of these two things did not hit me right away. I started losing weight right away and for the time being that was good enough for me.  I have spent most of my life struggling with being overweight.  The more I struggled the more I gained.  William explains a way that worked for me.  The struggle in that area... is no more.  It is easy!!! I continue to practice simple ways to lose weight and I know that I will be my ideal body weight by next summer.  I find it hard to express how truly grateful I am for his helping me.  However, reality in other areas started to sink in.  I had always believed that my inner turmoil, at times downright misery was all due to my weight.  So why wasn't I happy?

 *more to come soon*

Special thanks also goes to the owner of phatogrphy for allowing me access to use his beautiful photos!! He is a wonderfully talented photographer and has many different areas of expression! Visit his page here: https://www.facebook.com/phatography


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