#1 Secret to Success as a Woman

Do you ever find yourself caught in the chaos of your own mind, trying to figure it all out, thinking about all the things you have to do and find yourself exhausted before you’ve even accomplished anything?  Have you ever considered that rather than trying to change your thoughts, you could change the questions you’re asking of yourself?

Like my friend Sharla Jacobs always says: The most successful people aren’t effective because of the thoughts they think, but because of the questions they ask themselves.

Okay, be honest… Do you ever catch yourself asking a question like…

Why can’t I ever get it right? Why do I feel so tired?  Why am I not having the success I’ve always wanted?
What’s wrong with me?

Think about this, the mind is designed to answer questions.

What kind of answers are you going to get when you ask yourself:

Why can’t I?

Your mind will LIST you in detail all the reasons why you can’t.

And how helpful is that?
Not very.

How about asking yourself a different question?
Wanna hear a few of my favorites?

How can this be easy?  How can this be fun?  What do I love about myself?

Now, you’re using the power of your mind in support of your dreams, rather than pitting it against you.  You see, Feminine energy doesn’t push, it’s more receptive and curious.  Can you also feel how using questions opens up the space in a feminine way to let the Universe come in and help you?

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