The 10 Best Blog Posts I Have Read So Far This Year

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As a blogger, I blog a little and read other blogs a LOT.  I have been keeping track of my very favorites and decided to post them today since I am hearing a lot about Christmas in July and figure I will make my own New Years in July.

This probably seems like an odd mix, but these are just the ones that grabbed me the most for various reasons.

Here they are in no particular order…

Favorite Blog Posts

  • What’s Up, Doc? (Tracy On The Rocks) – This is the account of Tracy’s annual GYN appointment with her elderly doctor.  Not for those who don’t enjoy a little lady bit humor and poking fun at the elderly.
  • My Boobs Are Full Of Surprises (Outmanned) – A HILARIOUS account of all the things Mary Widdicks has found in her bra.  This was the first post I read from Outmanned and I have been a fan ever since.  I actually had 3 of Mary’s on my list, but I picked this as my favorite.
  • Dear Frank (Life Wit Greyson on Mamalode) – File this under things that make me well up just reading the title.  A story about the kindness of strangers and how you never know what a someone else is going through.
  • 10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body (Imperfect Life) – There is a lot to read on this topic, but I really liked this one and could relate.  It almost made me want to run out and post some photos of my own thigh dimples…almost.  She is AWESOME!!
  • Edenland – This is a blog link, not a post.  I love everything she has written and can’t choose.  When I see a new blog post from Eden, I feel like I am getting an email from a friend who I just want to hug.  She really takes honesty to a new level – about 300 levels beyond where I am willing to take it.  Love her.

What is the best blog post you have read so far this year?



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