10 Best Summer Divorce Movies

take this waltz"Summertime and the livin’ is easy." Unless you are in the middle of a divorce! What could be better therapy than watching movies about other people’s problems, even if they’re fictional? No doubt the problems will be worse than ours.

I have chosen 10 of my favorite movies in the theme of either single parenting, divorce or both. All of the films on the list take place in the sweltering heat of summer (except for one). My list is not in any particular order as all the films are equally wonderful. Each film has a unique situations and characters and I think you'll identify with more than one! So let’s get started;

Top 10 Summer Movies for the Divorced Mom…

1.  Something to Talk About

A woman catches her husband cheating and moves out and into her parents home. This is one of my favorites because of its portrayal of extended family relationships during divorce.  In particular, father/ daughter, mother/ daughter and what happens when a good girl from the South decides to leave her husband. Bonus-if you’re into the horsey life, this one’s for you. 1999


Julia Roberts

Dennis Quaid

Kyra Sedgwick

2. Take This Waltz

A young woman is led astray by her curiosity in another man. A hot sticky Toronto summer is the setting. 2012


Michelle Williams

Seth Rogan

Sarah Silverman

3. Celeste and Jesse Forever

A young, childless couple learn to let go. Celeste and Jesse have loved each other since ‘forever’ but while Celeste is ready to let go, she has second thoughts until she is forced to. 2013


Rashida Jones

Andy Sanberg

4. Men Don't Leave

A woman becomes a single mother to two boys after her husband dies suddenly, leaving her significant debt. Learning to live on less with two sons will strike a chord with any single, divorced Mom. The relations between Mothers and Sons being central to this film may be just the one for you. A quiet, slower moving film. 1990


Jessica Lange

Kathy Bates

5. Georgia Rule

Grandmother, daughter and granddaughter live under one roof for the summer. Chaos ensues with issues such as blended family problems and sexual child abuse. 2007


Jane Fonda

Felicity Huffman

Lindsay Lohan

Find the complete list over at DivorcedMoms where I'm a regular writer...you'll love the site. If you haven't been there already, you'll be delighted.

What's your favorite?


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