10 bites is about right



Guys, I don’t think it’s ever not going to be Food Season.

The winter holidays have their butter-and-sugar laden reputation going on, but real talk: it’s July, and I just spent two very festive days in a lake house. With about 30 celebrating, hungry drunk people. And the large, laaaarge majority of what we ate anddrank would definitely be classified as “indulgent.”

When you’re faced with a seemingly endless buffet of less-than-nourishing (but crazy-tempting) options, there are usually two ways to handle it:

  1. Go HAM and enjoy the free-for-all, knowing how hard it’ll be to “stop” once you start. Swear you’ll get back on track tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month.
  2. Do it up right this time. Indulge in the food you love and actually, consciously enjoy it. Eat what you really want, and pass on the rest.

How to find the balance between eating in moderation, and going totally overboard? There are a couple of different ways. But here’s a pretty solid one:

10 bites is about right.

If you’re moderately hungry* when you eat, it’ll take about 10 bites of food to feel full. Think about that as you head down the buffet line/snack table/dessert line. If there are five different foods you want to try, you’ll only need about two bites of each to feel satiated. If there are three different foods you want, you’re looking at 3-4 bites of each.

Once you’ve finished your plate, wait a while–say, 20 minutes or so. You don’t have to cut yourself off from something that was delicious; you can have more when you want more. When you go to get it, though, really have it. Pay attention to what’s going on in your mouth. Don’t scroll through Instagram while you eat. If it’s a special occasion, make it special.

What do you do to keep the balance between enjoyment + overindulgence? Any tips/tricks you swear by?

*10 bites might not be as satiating if you’re completely ravenous when it’s time to dish up. If this is the case, eat a bowl/small plate of something super-nourishing first–veggies, fruits, whole grains–before embarking on the 10-bite trip down the buffet line.


This post originally appeared on Eat Well. Party Hard.

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