10 Blogs to Help You Become and Thrive as a Freelancer

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What does it take to make the leap to small business ownership? How can you thrive as a freelancer? Whether your gig as a solo entrepreneur is full or part-time, you need to learn to sell and you need to develop a new mindset and way of working than you do when you're sitting in a cubicle.  So, where do you start?  I say start with people who are already doing it and doing it well.

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That leads me to my roundup of what I consider some of the top blogs out there to help you make the leap and then make it work. Here are some of my favorites and the reason why I have considered them crucial to my own journey.

1) Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim
Frankly Pam's blog is one of the ones that started it all for me.  I started following her blog and then totally celebrated when her book hit the shelves. I even was blessed to interview her at which time I could gush about how much her work has inspired and helped me along the way.  If you're thinking of making the leap, her blog and book is one you don't want to miss.

2)  Self-Employed Success with Karyn Greenstreet

OK I admit, I am biased because I know the author and she once made me an incredible homemade dessert, but I didn't know her before I started my business. I have turned to her blog and offerings for guidance many times.  If you need information and resources that are practical and time-tested, surf over and fill your toolbox with goodies.

3) Web Worker Daily
If you need practical details of how to work on your own especially as it relates to technologies we use in our virtual offices, Web Worker Daily is a keeper.  I have learned a great deal as I've read the posse of authors. Practical, cutting edge, and easy to read/understand, you'll want the depth of their experience on your team.

4) Now What? Coaching Blog

This blog is a new addition to Laura Berman Fortgang's site, but worth reading if you are contemplating a career change or looking to reinvent yourself.  It's time we stopped trying to be so logical about our careers and looked a little deeper.  That's what this blog will help you do. (Disclaimer: While I'm don't benefit monetarily from this blog, I am an authorized facilitator of this work and offer it in my business because I believe deeply in the philosophy and approach.)

5) Women Entrepreneur

An offshoot of Entrepreneur.com this site offers you plenty of resources and inspiration for being a business owner.  Even if you are a one-person shop, you can learn from the mindset and thinking offered up in he resources here.

6) Energy Rich Business Blog
If you're frustrated or don't know how to build your business, read some of the articles here. I have personally worked with Heather Dominick and can honestly say that her system and approach yields results.  If you've been intimidated by the idea of making your business work you don't need to be.  The content here will free you up in ways you never imagined.

7) The Boss of You
It's a book. It's a blog.  It'll show you how to run your business your way.  With real-world insights and practical tips from Lauren and Emira you'll feel like you have a good friend showing you the way.

8) The Anti 9-to-5 Guide by Michelle Goodman

Nothing screams freelancer like anti-9-to-5.  If you think (and want to be) outside the cube then check out the blog and the book.  Once again another fine guide that will help you feel like a friend is showing you what to do and what not to do when you start your own solo gigs.

9) Freelance Switch
A community blog that spans many different fields, you can get great insights and advice from this site.  If you need to know the essentials and how to deal with sticky situations you're bound to find advice here.  You can also find freelancers to hire and find work to bid on at this site.

10) Succeed As Your Own Boss by Melinda Emerson
If you want practical, the SmallBizLady is for you. Specializing in navigating that transition from corporate employee to being your own boss her blog and book offers up a step-by-step system for making it work.

Hope this roundup is helpful to you... I know I've grown immensely from reading these myself.  There are plenty of resources out there so if you have one of your own favorites, please list it in the comments so we can all benefit from it.

Paula Gregorowicz, owner of The Paula G. Company, offers life and career coaching for women to help you boost your confidence and break through your limitations so you can re-ignite freedom and a sense of adventure in your life. Get the free eCourse "5 Steps to Move from Fear to Freedom & Experience Greater Confidence" at her website.


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