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"Unfortunately I can not give up my favorite Make up."




I got this also quite a lot. Really? If you really know what absurd, cruel and horrible tests companies do on animals I can not imagine that you still think it is worth having that lipstick or that Mascara. I just can´t. But of course- the choice is ultimately yours.

And I admit: some products might be hard to find a cruelty free option for. I have a hard time myself finding a deodorant that really works, a toothpaste that does not taste like pure salt, a laundry detergent that does not cost $17.99.

But honestly: for Make up or Skin Care I do not see a problem at all. There is fantastic choices out there. Please check again my list for Cruelty Free Brands and you will be surprised how easy this can be done.

In the beginning of the year I raved about my Rimmel Scandaleyes in nude because it opens up my eyes so beautifully and also has a fantastic staying power. But honestly: even though I love this product- I do love animals much more. My conscience does not allow me to forget what is happening in their laboratories! As long as Rimmel does animal testing I will not repurchase this for sure (but I will use it up).

It is absolutely unnecessary to buy Make up from brands that still test on animals. I do understand that certain medical conditions (for example super sensitive skin, acne or contact lense solutions) might require certain products. But a lipstick or mascara? Sorry. I can not understand it. But I know I must ACCEPT if you DO think this is necessary for your life...

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"There is not enough cruelty free options out there that I can afford/ or not enough options in the high end range."



Answer: WRONG!

C`mon! There is super affordable options like Elf, Wet n Wild, Jane, Milani, Jordana, Essence, LA colors, Nyx etc and also High End options like Too Faced, Nars, Tarte, Bare Essentials, Hourglass, It Cosmetics , Kat von D, Urban Decay etc. If you WANT to switch to cruelty free cosmetic, the options are endless!

Also: I like to mention that I was a self proclaimed Nivea and Loreal girl! I loved those brands for many, many years. And it is not that I did not know that they do animal testing. I knew that. But what I did not know was, how many cruelty free options we have now! I am no longer buying any Loreal or Nivea products- even though I really loved all their products! (I am very happy that I already found a fantastic dupe for my beloved Nivea Creme: Argan Oil works fantastic and is such a wonderful organic, all natural product without any chemicals).

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"I have sensitive skin or acne and can only use certain brands that are not cruelty free."




Like I mentioned before. I do understand those circumstances. But you can still TRY if another brand works. If it does not work- yes- do what is best for your skin.

Let me add that I am sure Paula´s choice (Paula's Choice Homepage) or Michael Todd (Organic Skin Care By Michael Todd True Organics) has options for every skin concern you might have (from very sensitive to rosacea, acne or mature skin). I also understand that these brands might be too expensive for you. Maybe Burt´s Bee or Yes to Carrots are cheaper alternatives to try?

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"In Europe they could end animal testing for cosmetics because the people demonstrate against things but we don´t do that here."



Answer: WRONG!

A dear blogger friend actually said this to me (I will not mention names!). One of the reasons why European countries have moved more quickly than the U.S. in banning product testing on animals is that they have issued laws that companies are required to follow.

But the FDA continues to accept the results of animal tests to substantiate safety, and gives companies control over the decision as to whether or not to use animals. Thus, companies have no incentive to change their practices.

In fact: one reason why animal testing in Europe got banned last year is by collecting signatures!

And we can do  right now the same here in the US! Don´t think that your signature does not count! It really does! Show that you care and support Legislation to End Animal Testing for Cosmetics! Please sign this!!! We can do this! I believe in YOU! :-)

Please support Legislation to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals! CLICK HERE!!

Take more Action:

Stop Air France from Transporting Primates to Laboratories! CLICK HERE!

Urge ABX Air to Stop Shipping Monkeys to Laboratories CLICK HERE!

Thank you so much for listening!



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