10 Easy School Lunch Ideas!

10 Delicious Easy School Lunch Ideas!

Its almost August and the first day of school is just right around the corner! Its time to start getting ready and of course, I think of food! My girls, aren’t thrilled about school lunch and a lot of times they will come home and tell me that they didn’t eat anything because the food is gross! I know that they are dramatic, but I still want to find something that they will eat! I came up with this list and figure, I can just rotate the lunches!!! 1.Teddy Bear Sandwich, Fruit Kabob and Pistachios. We all have cookie cutters and this is a cute way to jazz up the sandwich. Throw fruit on a stick and kids think your fancy. I found these sticks in the craft section and the ends are flat, so your child will not get hurt. Nuts are healthy and I was so surprised how much Lisa loves Pistachios. I try to surprise my girls with notes and I write them by hand because it makes it more special. They feel amazing because Mom or Dad took a moment to do something extra.WP_20130716_10_20_16_SmartShoot 2.Sushi, bite size cookies and a nectarine. My girls are 10 and 14, my Andie loves Sushi(14 year old)! I’m surprised how many kids of all ages love it. I bought this at the grocery store for $3.99 but if you have a talent of making it from scratch, more power to you. Kids love bite size cookies because they are so adorable and fun to eat. Again, if you slice the fruit, it just makes it more appealing. WP_20130716_13_18_56_SmartShoot 3.Veggie Salad, Cashews and Butterfingers. You can add any veggies that your child likes and add meat and something crunchy. You have a delicious salad that they will love! I found the container for the salad dressing at Fresh Market, for $4.98, a 50 piece pack. If you keep the dressing separate from the salad, it won’t be soggy when they go to eat it. My girls love nuts and what a great substitute to chips! I think its okay for kids to have a little treat, so give them a fun size candy bar.WP_20130716_13_32_34_SmartShoot 4.Mini Tacos, Strawberries with yogurt dip and Gold Fishies. I found these cute mini Taco Bell shells at the store. Fill them with taco meat and a little cheese and yum! Mix a little yogurt with Cool Whip and your kids will love to dip their fruit. They will eat ALL their fruit!!! You can’t go wrong with gold fish.WP_20130716_13_47_25_SmartShoot 5.Cheese Nachos, Carrots with Ranch Dip and Pretzels with Nutella. Kids love cheesy nachos and its makes it even better with a side of salsa! Kiddos love to dip and this lunch has a lot of dipping going on!WP_20130716_15_20_21_SmartShoot 6.Cheese and Crackers. Fruit Kabob with chocolate dip and Jello pudding treat! Andie loves the lunchables cheese and crackers but they never taste as fresh as what you can do at home. Use those cookie cutters again and make some adorable shapes. The kids will go crazy when they see what you did. We love to dip our fruit in somethin, somethin and I found a New Jif Whip! The flavor is whipped peanut butter and chocolate. Yum! Jello makes delicious little desserts that fit perfectly in the lunch box.WP_20130716_18_26_24_SmartShoot 7.Chicken Cheese Quesadilla.Sliced Apples, Strawberries with Caramel Dip. Yogurt Raisins. To make a chicken quesadilla is as fast as making a regular sandwich. Pack some salsa and light sour cream and they are ready to go! I thought the raisin boxes were so cute! Kids will eat things that are cute! The caramel dip has reduced sugar and tastes fantastic. Put a little lemon juice on your apple and it won’t go brown. WP_20130716_18_50_43_SmartShoot 8.Chicken Nuggets, Mandarin Oranges and Celery with Nutella and Yogurt Raisins. I love these chicken nuggets that are the shape of dinosaurs! You can cook the nuggets the night before. Mandarin oranges are sweet and fun to eat with your fingers. Celery can be a treat with the Nutella and yogurt raisins on top.WP_20130717_09_10_08_SmartShoot 9.Hot Dog and Cheese Kabob, Popcorn and a Squeeze Fruit. Most kids love hot dogs and cheese. Why not combine them on a kabob? Easy to eat and at my house, the bun doesn’t get eaten. Popcorn is a nice change to chips and your kids will feel so cool that you packed it. The squeeze fruit is almost like having a smoothie and great thing to have if you don’t have any fresh fruit in the house.WP_20130717_09_18_28_SmartShoot 10.Cheese Pizza, Mud Pie with sprinkles and Veggies! We love leftover pizza and its great for a school lunch. I took a Pillsbury biscuit and flatten it, to make the crust. Cooked it on 350 degrees for 13 minutes. Added the pizza sauce and cheese and cooked until the cheese melted. The mud pie, has crushed Oreos on the bottom, covered with pudding. I added a container full of sprinkles. The kids will love to add the sprinkles to the pudding! We need our veggies! Make them cute by cutting them with the cookie cutters. WP_20130717_11_44_24_SmartShoot I made all these lunches this week, so I could take pictures and Lisa totally loved them all! She made me promise to keep this up through the school year!


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