10 Essentials Every Fab Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe

1) Shades that make you feel like a movie star
Every girl needs to hide behind her shades to feel more fabulous sometimes. A great pair says: "heyyyy everyone should stare at me and be jealous" which in turn hides the fact that in all reality, you have greasy hair and the remnants of last night's foundation still on. My 'Jackie O-esque' Chanel sunnies always do it for me, and when I'm in a more casual mood I'll opt in for my Fendi aviators. These Prada's are pretty freaking fab, or the fabulous girl on a budget's sunnies of choice are always the Ray Ban.

2) The "throw it in the bag" bag
Even though we would love to switch bags every day based on our outfits we all know that is just not reasonable. That's why Louis Vuitton invented the Neverfull bag-because it works with any outfit and it is something that you can throw your life's belongings into (hence the name 'Neverfull'.) We all need a Mary Poppins bag that we can use for any outfit and any occasion without thinking twice about. My favorite reasonably-priced bag right now is this Topshop bag.

3) A sturdy pair of black leggings
My best kept secret are black leggings. When I'm having a fat day, I throw on leggings with an oversized tee and some ballet flats or sandals. When I look into my closet and see absolutely nothing at least remotely appealing, I grab my leggings and add a long tank, a jacket, and some boots. They are the most comfortable, versatile, stylable piece of clothing that any girl can have in her closet. When I am in a pajama mood but I have to look presentable in public-leggings.

Now here's something even more crazy-athletic leggings are the sturdiest, most comfortable, and most flattering of all. The material never loses its color, doesn't attract lint, and and will not create creases or lose its shape. They are literally perfect in every way. My two favorite athletic leggings are the Zella Live-In Legging and theGap Gfast LeggingThe Zella leggings are great for girls with full tummies and butts, and the Gap Gfast leggings fit pretty tight, but they're great because they never ever ever stretch out!

4) The dark jeans that fit just right
Everyone has that fit or brand that they feel amazing in. Mine is Joe's because they cater to thick thighs, an average butt, and a full tummy. Every other brand of jeans that I've tried are way too tight around the thighs and waist, but baggy in the rear. I have four or five pair of Joe's because they fit my body perfectly and I just feel so good in them. Once you find your fit, you won't buy anything else.

6) A black blazer
A black blazer is the best staple in any fabulous woman's closet. I wear mine with jeans, dresses, slacks, skirts, flats, pumps, boots...you name it. When you can't find anything to spice up your outfit...turn to the blazer. This blazer is the best mix between reasonably priced and amazing. Stay tuned for a post soon that's titled: "7 Ways to Wear a Blazer!"

7) A quality boot
Good boots are a must. You will spend way more money on cheap boots in your lifetime if you don't drop some cash on a good pair now. (Plus, think of how much time you're wasting by not looking fabulous in great boots.)

The best quality and most versatile boots are Frye's. I don't really have a western/country style at all, but Frye's don't have to be worn in one particular way. They are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down. I wear mine with tights and dresses, leggings, and denim. Plus, they are the best quality leather known to man. I got a few knicks in my Frye leather the first time I wore them and I literally just buffed it out when I took them off and they looked brand new. They're the type of boot that if you shine them once or twice a year and re-sole them every five, they will last you the rest of your life. I have a riding boot by Frye and also a short motorcycle boot that I throw on with everything. These boots are so out of character for me to own because of their rugged and western style, but trust me-they go with everything.

8) The white tee
With skinnies and flats, under a blazer, tucked into a skirt or shorts, with boots and a jacket...a white tee goes a long way! It's amazing that there can be something so versatile yet so comfortable at the same time! Who knew that fashion could be nice sometimes?!

I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a white tee because of how dirty they can get (I am a food magnet in white) and because it can turn gray with dirt, yellow with sweat, and pink when tossed into the wash by mistake. However, I would not resort to buying the $3 tees from Forever 21. You want the top to at least look like it's good quality and fits you well. I would go with something in the middle of the road, like this LA Made white tee with a pocket, or this super plain Market tee. Please note that these tops are not skin tight! I also have a few Lush tees that have served me well.

9) A simple silky blouse
A simple silky blouse (preferentially with buttons and/or a collar) is a fabulous woman's best weapon. It just takes any outfit from plain to glamorous. I probably own about 25 button-up blouses and I wear them with literally everything. Jeans and wedges or ballet flats, shorts and sandals, tucked into (or left out of) a skirt with pumps...It takes the ensemble to the next level. Plus, a blouse has an element of simplicity to it so you can pair it with any accessory without competing against it.

I have blouses from all across the board-Forever 21, Trouvé, Banana Republic, Max Mara, H&M, Old Navy...the only requirements to a blouse are that it has to look like it is made with good quality and it has to be simple enough to be able to wear it at least 3 different ways. Something like this Rory Beca top, this Daniel Rainn top or this Joie blouse are 100% acceptable. 

10)The go-to LBD when all else fails

Everyone has that dress that they feel uber-sexy in no matter what the occasion. Don't have any shame in your game when you have to resort back to this dress when nothing seems to be fitting right. Mine is a simple black dress that hides my bodily insecurities and flaunts my good assets. It's also versatile for me because I can add a sun hat, a rope belt and some sandals to be casual or pair it with some pumps, statement earrings and a ton of bangles for a night out on the town. This NastyGal dress is also a hot go-to LBD when you feel like the fashion world is against you.

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