10 Frugal Cooking Tips

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With the rising cost of food, saving money on food sometimes seems like a misnomer. Frugal meal preparation is possible, however, with a little effort on your part.


  1. Grow your own herbs, even if only on your windowsill or on a small patio. Use organic soil and heirloom seeds whenever possible for the healthiest food.

  2. Do the same with a food garden, even if growing everything in containers because there is a lack of space.

  3. Use the cheapest size eggs available, regardless of what the recipe says. You almost never need large, or even medium, eggs.

  4. When baking extra batches at once, eliminate an egg. It will not change the taste or texture of the recipe.

  5. Use reconstituted powdered milk when baking.

  6. Use water when making French toast, rather than milk.

  7. Bake multiple items at once to save money.

  8. Use plain, generic brand yogurt when baking, rather than flavored.

  9. Purchase store/generic brands whenever possible. In most cases, they are the same as the brand name version that the store sells. Other than the packaging.

  10. Freeze leftovers for stews, soups and casseroles. They will also be good in one-pan meals.


These simple steps will save you money on groceries each month.


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