10 Interesting Things about Me

This is based on BadLuckDective’s challenge over on BlogHer – list 10 interesting facts that people may not know about you and put them on your About Page or write a blog post. Suzie is a professional writer so she came up with 25 things for blog,  The Bad Luck Detective.

I accepted her challenge. Now I am an…ahem…over-sharer by nature (shocker I know) and am having to dig deep to come up with 10 things you may not know about me. Then again, some of you I’ve only met in person for a short amount of time so maybe I didn’t spill all my childhood secrets at that time. Then again I do over-share on social media so maybe none of these things will surprise you. It could go either way.

1. I have my Ham (Amateur Radio) license both in the US and Swaziland, Africa.

2. My favorite vegetable is fried okra. My 2nd favorite is green beans.

3. I am a MK, Missionary Kid. My parents went overseas with JAARS, a part of Wycliffe Bible Translators when I was in 5th grade. We were stationed in Juba, Sudan.

4. Because of the above mentioned facts I have several “unusual” talents. I can carry a bucket of water on my head and pee in the wilderness without getting any on me or my clothes. There is not enough room to share all of them.

I’ve used worse.

5. I can lay brick, tie rebar, float cement, and a host of construction-y type things. My grandfather was a carpenter. I have been on 2 construction type mission trips. I prefer to pay someone to do those things now.

tying rebar before pouring cement for new basketball court in Cyprus

6. I don’t like chocolate very much.

7. I have been attacked by African Army Ants. It was in Cameroon when we were doing our survival camp out night. It was not fun. Army Ants are carnivores. They eat meat, including humans. Feel free to imagine it – the African jungle, a dry river bed, no amenities, truly roughing it. My parents, me and my sister, the middle of the night and millions of carnivorousness ants.

8.  I played Alto Sax in band in middle school and high school.

9. We moved just about every 2 years of my life. My dad was in the oil industry and then the missionary work. I went to boarding school for 1 year and correspondence school one year.

10. I am scared of the dark and heights. Really scared of heights.  I once refused to climb the stairs to get out of some National Park cave we were touring when I was younger. I threw such a hysterical fit the park rangers closed the cave down and we went back out through the cave instead.

Well there are the 10 things I believe I’ve not shared with many of you, online at least. I am sure there are more recent things too but then again I have probably already shared those. I’m not called a blabbermouth for nothing!

This has me waxing nostalgic. I’ll have to dig out some photos from our Africa years. A few years I ago I scanned my parent’s newletters from when we were in Sudan. Maybe I’ll post some of those soon.



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