10 Legit Work-from-Home Opportunities for New Moms

Being a new mother can put you out of the workforce, when in reality, you’re juggling a number of jobs – that of a cook, a cleaner, a chauffeur, a teacher, and many more. To quote Mildred B. Vermont, “Being a full-time mother is one of the highest-salaried jobs, since the payment is pure love”. As heartwarming as these words are, most moms I’m sure would be a notch happier if they got a chance to earn their own paycheck even with a baby at home. Am I right, or am I right?! I mean who wouldn’t want to pitch in to the family income if given a chance? So here are some legit opportunities you can pursue that’ll get in a decent paycheck and keep you constructively occupied.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Were you always a genius with numbers? You could be an independent bookkeeper, helping small businesses handle their accounts and financial records. Of course, it helps if you already have a degree in accounting or a related field. If you lack the background, find out if community colleges in your town offer courses in accounting and bookkeeping. You could even look for online programs so you don’t need to bother about leaving your kid at home. Check out http://www.online-accounting-degrees.net/best/online/ for further information.

Median pay: $16.36 per hour

Medical Transcription

If you had an inclination for all things medical but never really got a chance to pursue it, here’s your chance! Medical transcription allows you to be a part of the healthcare industry without having to step into a hospital! This job lends itself to the concept of working from home, and all you need are good typing skills and a knack for medical jargon. If it sounds interesting, check out the online course offered by CareerStep that’ll prepare you to be a part of this profession; and you can work for a hospital or a physician’s office or as an independent contractor, transcribing doctor’s notes and converting them into medical records.

Median pay: $15.82 per hour

Virtual Assistant

Just as the name suggests, a virtual assistant works remotely as an administrative assistant, doing just what an office assistant or a secretary would do in an office setting. You’ll be handling correspondence, making travel arrangements, setting up conferences, managing inventory, and doing general office duties, but from your home. Good organizational and time management skills will prove to be an asset. You can find dime a dozen virtual assistant jobs at CareerBuilder and Monster, if you’re interested!

Median pay: $16.66 per hour

Home Business

Starting a home business is the perfect way to capitalize on your hobbies and talents and make money in the process! Whether it’s making your own greeting cards or baking scrumptious cakes and cookies, or arranging kids’ birthday parties, there are a number of opportunities that present itself in the form of work-from-home options. Some states require you to have a license before you start your own business. So exploit your talents and invoke the entrepreneur in you!


A lucrative option if you have a natural flair for languages. Write articles for magazines, newspapers, take up projects related to writing brochures, proposals, and seminars, or manage your personal blog.Elanceand Odesk provide ample opportunities for freelance writers, do check them out! If you think you can and would love to write but haven’t yet gotten around to it just yet, draw inspiration from Holly Robinson’s blog on Huffington Post.

Median pay: $26.64 per hour

Customer Service Rep

Yes, and that too from home! Several large companies hire professionals who’re ready to work as customer service reps remotely. The job profile remains the same - answering calls and solving customer queries, but, from home. No more sitting in an office cubicle with a dozen coworkers all busy talking into their headsets! Virtual Vocations is a good resource if you wish to enter this field.

Median pay: $14.64 per hour

Financial Planner

This can be a good career option for you if you’re particular about handling money and saving for retirement. Utilize these skills and assist people in managing their finances! You can guide people on how to save money and build a nest egg by creating a budget and planning for children’s college expenses and retirement. This may involve meeting with your clients on a regular basis, so if you don’t wish to step out, consider investing in a small home office where you can meet people. If this kind of job appeals to you, take a tip or two from this article on Investopedia.

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