10 Lessons Dogs Can Teach Us About Life

Hate dogs?

Just go, you have my blessing.

The biggest love of my life was given to me. They had four feet, a wet nose, teeny ears, were covered in fur and had really sharp bloody claws. She’s been out my life three years on Saturday, so let's see if I can actually get though this without sobbing (that's not her in the pic. That's Amber, other doglet.)

Ready? Oh, and if you have a brilliant lesson share it in the comments at the end, the more ah-ha the better.

Lesson 1# Don’t hold grudges.

A dog can eat your best bra, wee the floor, scratch the sofa, eat and spread about Cat Litter Tray Biscuits but all that is forgotten about in 30 minutes as you cuddle up watching telly. With humans, we like to have a teeny cross word and go to bed not speaking, then avoiding each other for weeks.

Lesson 2# Live in the moment.

Ball. Ball. Ball. Car. Car. Car. Food. Food. Food. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Repeat.

Dogs are present, living each moment to the fullest. The only games they play are games that they love. With humans, we appear to always live in the future, and play mind games with each other.

Lesson 3# Learn to Trust.

Sadly, we humans can do the cruellest, unspeakable acts to a dog (and any animal, the worst being eat them, oh sorry I let my veggie values out, I don't dislike meat eaters), and yet with time, care, love and in the right hands their trust can be won again.

We say ‘I’ll never trust’ again, and push away the love to protect ourselves. That makes no sense.

Lesson 4# Love the shite you’re in.

Dogs love the celebratory roll in fox poo during a walk, and don't let it affect the rest of the journey. We on the other hand, can have a few rolls in it and think it affects the rest of our life.

Lesson 5# Embrace your wild moments.

Let go. You don’t have to chase your back end, or run around in circles in the garden, but every now and then, let the wild you out to play.

Lesson 6# Live today as if your experiencing it for the first time.

For Maya, every walk was a new adventure, even though she had been there hundreds of time before. Every smell, every human, every greet with a new person, the seasons, the river she dived in, every day all new.

We repeat the same behaviour and habits over and over, live each day as if it's your last, great saying we click 'Like' to on Facebook, and hardly ever carry out the intent behind the words.

Lesson 7# Love hard...

It may leave you too soon and that sucks.

Lesson 8# Love unconditionally (as best as you humanly can).

Maya and I never argued, not once. She did her thing, I did mine. Why can’t it be that simple with human beings? It's not love if you want to change someone. That's control.

Lesson 9# Love your friends even though you don’t see them often.

But you don't need to sniff their bottoms, a hug will do. Make everyone feel special, as if you have missed them a lifetime.

Lesson 10# It's okay to growl every now and then

If you're angry, peeved, need to have words. Have them. You don't need to bite. Growling is a dogs way (generally) to say back off, back down, I'm scared, I'm not the happiest of canines. Own your feelings, but try not to draw blood, k?

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