10 Remarkable Quotes From BlogHer Food '14

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I really loved laughing, connecting and exploring Miami's food and culture at BlogHer Food 14—but the soul of every conference, to me, is the wisdom I encounter, be it useful strategies and techniques or a brilliant insight that made me realize something about myself (and my community, and what I really can do, and what we can do together, and can you tell I'm not down from the conference high yet?). Here, my 10 favorite quotes from two days full of smart people.

You really do not have to spend a lot of money to take on the world if you share the truth.

From the Turning Food Ethics Into Action panel (read the liveblog).

Social media is where you're drinking and dancing, but your house is your blog. You have to convince people to come to your house.

From the Turning Online Into a Product Line panel (read the liveblog).

Work with brands to provide content and curate content. Both are useful for brands. BlogHer does both.

From the What Brands Will Pay For in 2014 lightning session (read the liveblog).

If it's a good networking relationship, you each want something from each other. You learn something from them; they learn something from you.

From the Next Steps in a Food Career panel (read the liveblog).

If you have a blog and you're looking to put together a proposal, the bigger and more engaged your platform, the better. However, if you get high hits and no one is commenting or engaging, publishers are not buying anymore. Now, publishers will look at slightly smaller platforms if they are more engaged. Show your social media and traffic numbers, and how your viewers are engaged.

From the Picking a Path: The Traditional vs. Indie Book Publishing Route panel (read the liveblog).

People really want to see that you are real. My life is actually very boring. Wake up, drink coffee, read the paper, take a walk. It's how you describe it that makes it interesting.

From the Friday evening innovator interview keynote (read the liveblog).

Mistakes happen. The way that we handle mistakes instantly is to fix the mistakes. Don't sweat the mistakes, vet them.

From the Be Boss at Being the Boss lightning session (read the liveblog).

Share, pin, and repin stuff you love. Be authentic and stay true to yourself and what you love. It's honestly much easier, and you'll gain followers because your personality will show through on your boards.

From the Pinterest: What's Now and What's Next keynote (read the liveblog).

It's not your advocacy we're hiring. It's your creativity

From the Brands and Bloggers keynote (read the liveblog).

(And lastly, one by me that I think all bloggers should live by:)

To be a good cook, you have to eat. To be a good writer, you have to read.

From the Unleash Your Creativity in Food Writing panel (read the liveblog).


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