10 Minutes for Me

One day a week I take my son to 2 year old play school. Last week I woke up earlier than usual to get ready for the day. I decided to forgo a few extra minutes of shut eye in return for time alone to apply some makeup. In case you haven’t tried it, trust me when I tell you that applying mascara while also preventing your toddler from dumping your makeup case is difficult and usually ends with the mascara wand in your eye. In my case, my son doesn’t raid the case so that he can copy me. Instead, he dutifully tries to open every container until he finds one loose enough to pry open. He then gleefully dashes to the bathtub where he promptly runs it under cold water. I can only presume the resulting splatter of color all over the white bathtub is his reward; a form of new-age finger paint.

The early rise made me wonder why I was bothering, after all it was just an hour of play school at the local community center. Tomorrow was just a play date with another mom and the next just a toddler swim class. If I didn’t bother to be groomed for one, than why any of the others? For me, an application of mascara makes me feel put together. I am convinced I look a little less tired. And I am already foregoing my pre-baby runs, yoga and fashion, I don’t want to lose my ‘face’ too!

I took the topic to my mom friends and learned I was not the only one who took a few minutes a day to ready herself. For some it was manicured nails or trendy nail polish, others wearing jeans instead of sweats, doing a blow out before bed, or even completing 5 sun salutations before starting breakfast. Whether we had done it intentionally or not, we had all realized that our previous routines could no longer be maintained to the degree they were prior to having children, but that didn’t meant we had to forgo them all together. Instead we each performed a sub-section of that which we used to have infinite time to do.

An observation of my friends with older children tells me that 5 sun salutations can evolve into a yoga video during nap time, to a daytime class at a studio with child care options. I am not intending to infer that this has to be a beauty related routine, it applies to anything that contributes to who you are as a person that has been scaled back since having a baby. 10 minutes a day to do something just for you. Read a chapter before bed to re-join your book club once the baby doesn’t nurse to sleep; Pin new recipes until you have time to make them; or even something as simple as applying mascara to just feel ready for the day.

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