10 Non-Crunchy Steps To a Happy Marriage

  1. Learn to laugh.  You're going to need to learn how to laugh in all sorts of situations...together.  Learn to laugh together.  Even if you don't always feel like it, laugh together.  Even if you have a headache and just want to sleep, take a moment to laugh together.
  2. Find common interests.  You don't have to like all the same music, books, or movies, but it's good to find things to do together.  It's wonderful to have friends to do things with, but you need to be able to be able to spend time together, enjoying each other's company - with other people and alone.  Also, it gives great opportunities for #1.
  3. Communicate.  Even if that includes a Twitter conversation while you're both curled up in the same bed.  You can also Facebook message or text each other.  Then comment with your actual voice on the virtual conversation and do #1.
  4. Take time to throw down a blanket and watch for falling stars together in your back yard.  There are several things that can happen while doing this that can lead to #1.
  5. Don't confuse personal lubricant for any type of muscle rub, especially Thera-Gesic.  if it does happen, remember #1.  #1 becomes easier after time passes.
  6. Road trips are great for togetherness.  Most of our best conversations happen when we're in a vehicle together.  Lots of #1 usually occurs.  Sometimes we #1 so much that my stomach hurts.
  7. Hold hands from time to time like you're still dating.  Especially hold hands in church together.  Just that little contact can often make you feel like a teenager again.  Silly #1 may start spontaneously.
  8. There's nothing wrong with a little horseplay, even if you've been together for years.  Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you have to act old.  Be young at heart together.  It helps with the #1.
  9. #1 every time you have to be like the wife / mom on those Oscar Mayer "No" commercials, because it'll happen more often than you think.
  10. It's more important to be able to do #1 in bed together than to have moves like Jagger, though a few moves like Jagger can't hurt.  #1 is awesome, no matter how old you get though.  Remember that.