10 Power Habits to Live By

I love people. It is amazing what we can learn from each other any given morning while chatting over coffee. Over and over, in between sips, I have witnessed how difficult it is for us to prove our self-worth and the many fantastic gifts we have been vested with. I blame it to old habits, many of which have been passed on through generations.

I don’t have all the answers. I am a woman in the process of learning and living. The best I can do is to pass on –yes, pass on – what has worked for me. In the fulfillment of happiness we must all follow our own path. I have chosen experience and intuition as my guides.

Taking a break from the conversation and placing the coffee cup on the table, these are the habits that have helped me grow and embrace who I am.

  1. Everything begins by believing in yourself and your abilities. Yes, if you love it, you can do it.
  2. Build a support system of like-minded people. Don’t be afraid of asking for help. Ask and you will be given.
  3. Stop judging- starting with yourself -and you will not be judged. Simple math, right?
  4. Learn to be happy with what is happening now as well as with what is about to happen. Remember, there are no mistakes but lessons to be learned.
  5. Focus on empowering others and you will be empowered to keep striving for a better you.
  6. Replace the good thoughts for the best actions. Go from the negative to the positive and make it happen.
  7. Remember you are not perfect and the best thing is that YOU DON”T NEED TO BE.
  8. Learn to enjoy your success. You’ve worked hard for it. Feel proud of your accomplishments.
  9. Create the kind of environment that nurtures your soul. Don’t settle for less.
  10. Life always comes full circle. Don’t rush. Walk steady but enjoy the ride. When time comes, you’ll arrive to your destination with a bag full of experiences to share with others.

This I heard once, “Don’t mold, fold, or hold. Don’t stress, press, or mess. Let the chips fall where they may. Let everything come full circle. Allow it to. “


Norma Casas



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