10 Really Cool Tech Toys for Kids

I tend to stay away from the store bought, big box toys, but I am a big tech toy believer. There are tons of new products out there that use technology as a vehicle for learning.  Some products... a little bit on the unnecessary side and others, wonderfully useful. Here is a list of cool innovative kids products you should know about.

IOBR Social Media Blocks for Babies



Ages: 6 months & up


Yes, you heard that right, Social Media for Babies. It is currently not for sale to the public yet. But it was too good not to share with you. The system is two-parts. It includes a Brio Shape Sorting Box and the ioBridge IO-204 to create a "status update". The toy looks identical to a traditional wooden sorting block toy.  Each shape block has a picture of a common baby activity (eating, sleeping, and brushing teeth). The baby must place the shape block in the cutout and magnets in the blocks activate sensors in the IOBR box to light up and serve as the"status update." Amazing, yes. Useful to kids learning... that's a big No for me.




Ages: 18 months - 3 years

Tiggly is an app suite that comes with physical shape toys and works in conjunction with a tablet. Your child must match the physical shapes with the shapes on the app. There are a bunch of interactive apps for kids out there but I love the simplicity of this one.




Age: 3-5 years

There is a healthy variety of learning apps to choose from and you can even track your child’s learning progress. It has two 2-megapixel still and video cameras (front and rear facing), so kids can take photos and videos and add fun stickers to them.  Since it's a tablet made for kids, there is no access to YouTube and the World Wide Web (a scary place for parents with young children).  It’s smaller and has a rubber border to help with slippage from clumsy kid hands. Winning!


Insignia Little Buddy GPS 

Ages: 3-10 years 

Drop the device in your child's backpack or pocket, and the computerized GPS tracking system will help you keep track of your child's location at all times. A little extreme if you ask me, but it will give parents peace of mind, especially if a baby sitter or someone other than yourself is picking them up from school.


iTikes Map

Ages: 3 years & up

This toy comes equipped with a smart pen and 6 maps with different subjects: dinosaurs, world facts, music, solar system, world cats and world dogs. To play, insert a map and then use the smart pen to click around the map to learn interesting facts. You can also connect it to your iPad, iPhone or iTouch for extra animated content. 


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