10 Reasons I Am Going to Buy the iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

1.  The camera is now 8 megapixels. That's 60% more pixels than the iPhone4.
2.  The new lighting optics - better pictures in low light, better pictures in bright light.
3.  Faster shutter time on camera.
4.  Volume Up button now is a shutter release button.
5.  Dual-core A5 chip makes everything faster
6.  Siri - very cool personal assistant. It's kind of like having a robot in your pocket. Siri understands me and what I'm saying. Was thinking of naming mine Hal...then George...think I have settled on Molly. This thing is cool cool cool!
7.  ios5 - the latest and the greatest mobile software
8.  iCloud - will keep everything up to date, between devices.
9.  Better phone - fewer dropped calls.
10.Did I mention the new camera?????

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