zumba 10 list

I used to be a Zumba hater. I didn’t understand why anyone would want to “dance” as exercise. Everyone I saw in the class weren’t dancers. They were normal people trying to learn a hip-hop or latin dance routine…and flubbing their way through it. My bestie and work-out partner of 12 years started to do the class. She talked me into Zumba one day. I stood in back and felt ridiculous. I think most people do. It was so hard and I was running into people and feeling like a 12-year-old on the first day of middle school. I was so worried about how I looked and what other people were thinking of me. I noticed all the women around me smiling and laughing–not a care in the world. That’s when it hit me. Zumba isn’t about how you look or how good of a dancer you are. It’s about how you feel doing it. Once I took a few more classes and learned the routines a bit better, I started to become more comfortable. Feeling more comfortable meant that I could forget about how I looked, or how anyone else looked, because let’s face it, we all look pretty wacky. I began to have fun. Fun + exercise = Zumba. I now love Zumba. I now stand in front of the class. I’m now proud of my nerdy, quirky ability to shake my thang! You should try it. It will only make you happy…eventually.

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