10 Reasons I'm a Stay at Home Mommy

The new report showing the rate of stay-at-home mommies is increasing is no surprise to me.  I am a Stay-at-home mommy of three myself and I am very fortunate that my family is able to allow me to stay home but it’s not all by choice.  I know circumstances are different for every family and what is important to one family is not to other but these are the factors that have led my family to decide for me to stay at home with our children:

 1)      Even though I have a master’s degree, because my background is in education (dance and early childhood) my income potential is barely enough to cover the cost of childcare for my children making getting a job not worth the stress it would place on my family (my analysis of income to childcare can be read at “Cost of Care”)

2)      I’m an avid breastfeeder.  I  have chosen to never give my children formula and so this makes the prospect of being away from my babies questionable since pumping and bottle feeding is not always successful (though I know many mommies who have done so successfully!) and I am not willing to possibly sacrifice my goals or take on the unnecessary stress .

3)      I want to raise my children.  As an early childhood professional, I know the importance of the early years and I want to be the one caring for them, loving on them, guiding their learning and influencing their moral and social development.  I have chosen to keep my children at home until they are old enough for school (in Florida, where we live, there is a free Pre-K program for 4 year olds which is when we have decided to start our children in school).  I believe good parenting is much more important than pre-school.

4)      I can’t get a job.  Yep, I fall in that category of mommies who can’t find a job.  I do teach ballet classes a few hours a week and I’m fortunate that most of that time is outside of my husband’s work hours so we don’t have to worry about childcare but it certainly isn’t enough to make a financial difference and every early childhood job I’ve applied or interviewed for in the past two years has resulted in no job or a position which I am over-qualified or would be underpaid for (see #1!)

5)      I don’t want to spend all our weekend and evening family time doing chores.  I appreciate that I can do the dishes, laundry, grocery shopping and other household chores during the day so that we can spend time being together doing fun things as a family when my husband is home. 

6)      I want my children to be able to do activities without it straining our family.  By being at home, I can decide when, where and how often my children get to do extracurricular activities and playdates.  If I had a work schedule like my husband’s, my choices would be much more limited and it would take away from our family together time.  We wouldn’t be able to have weekend adventures or daily family dinners because of the social and activity schedules.

7)      I don’t want to miss any of the firsts.  My son is soon to be taking his first steps, I want to see it!  I want to be the one to wrap my children in a big hug and exclaim “you did it!” for every first they have.  It’s called a first for a reason, if you miss it, it’s gone and you can never get it back again!

8)      I want to be involved in their lives outside of the home.  I want to know the parents of the children they play with.  I want to know their teachers, principals and program directors.  I want to be able to volunteer, help out and be involved with programs, activities and special events.

9)      I want my children to be my main priority.  I don’t want them to miss out on impromptu opportunities or have to miss things they are doing at school.  I don’t want doctor’s appointments and illnesses to be a burden.  I just want to be able to be there for them whenever they need me. 


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