10 Rules to Help You Set Goals

I have always been a goal setting junkie and have spent most of my adult years looking for ways to increase the odds of achieving those goals, both for myself and more recently for others. What I have found is that there seem to be a set of common strategies that predict the success or failure when it comes to accomplishing goals.

Goal Success Rules

1. Be Decisive – You must decide what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to achieve it. No one else can, will, or should do that for you.

2. Write It Down – Writing down your goals help to etch them in your mind and puts them in tangible form. Look at them often.

3. Stay Focused – Your ability to maintain your focus from start to finish determines the success of your outcome.

4. Plan, Plan – Thorough planning saves wasted time and effort. Know what you need to do and when so that you don’t get led off the path to your goal.

5. Enlist Help – Get support, in the form of mentors, advisers, accountability partners, collaborators, and resources of knowledge and skills.

6. Take Action – You can’t expect to achieve your goals without taking the necessary actions. Do the work and the results will come.

7. Welcome Failure – Accept failure. You will fail sometimes. Anticipate failure, regroup, and grow from the experience.

8. Reward Yourself – Think of ways to reward yourself for your hard work. You deserve to bask in the inner glow of a job well done. Reward yourself.

9. Revise Your Expectations – Situations change. Needs change. Wants change. Priorities change. You need to adjust your expectations as you move toward your goal.

10. Be Accountable to Yourself – You’ve set your goals and made a commitment to yourself. Now honor it. Follow through to the best of your ability. No excuses!

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