10 in September 2010

Here's the background on the X in 2010 Challenge! Join in!.

Oy. I tried to type 10 in August 2010 because I am so not ready for September, how about you? I did a great job with my August 2010 list but only because I padded it with stuff I knew I could do and stuff that I HAD to do. I'm going to have to do that this month, as well. (And probably for the rest of the year... ugh.)

Here's my 10, with two carry-overs from August that I really want to do.

1) Eat out less!!! (I can't really define less which is a problem, isn't it?)
2) Figure out Christmas. Our budget has to be small unless TW gets a new job quickly...
3) Get some exercise. I mean it!
4) Read 15 books from my challenge lists. (13 so far)
5) Clean out the "cold room".
6) Blog! (I was doing well with this for awhile and then stuff happened...)
7) Hang Liz's rainbow.
8) Figure out which books for review I haven't read (or haven't reviewed) and get that DONE. (Three down, four to go.)
9) Take the dog for some shot or another that he needs prior to BlogHer Food.
10) Clean up my blog(s).

That's it - what's on your 10 in September '10 list?

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