10 Signs You're A Bookworm

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  1. 1) You’ve learned to do many things one handed because  your other hand is usually occupied. 
  2. 2) You get so emotionally attached to a book that you put off finishing it, because you’re not ready to let go.
  3. 3) No one buys books for you anymore because you’re too hard to buy for. It’s true, you judge people based on the books they buy and read.
  4. 4) Talking books always turns into a heated debate. You are die-hard when it comes to certain genres and authors.
  5. 5) Your biggest turn on is a person who’s well read. If they really are your book soul mate then they’ll be able to quote the same books.
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  7. 6) You’re constantly running out of space on your bookshelf and so your perpetual first-world-problem is how to organize your massive book collection.
  8. 7) You never like the movie version better.
  9. 8)Reading is the highlight of your day, and night.  You’d go through withdrawal if someone took away your books.
  10. 9)You think you understand a book better than anyone else who’s ever read it.  Perhaps even better than the author.
  11. 10)Every time you read a book it leaves an invisible tattoo on your heart.



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