10 Signs You're the Mom of a Teething Baby


10).  You run a load of laundry without anything in the washing machine.

9).  You try to put your child's diaper on over her onsie, after already putting on her pants.  Extra points if you find out what you did the hard way.

8).  You spend an hour trying to boil water, only to realize that you haven't even turned on the stove.

7).  Meanwhile, you've left a faucet of water running so long, you can't remember why you ran it to begin with, and your dog's tongue is hanging out from dehydration.

6).  You aren't positive that you're even wearing shoes, much less if they match.  It's a tossup over whether or not you're wearing underwear.

5).  You're considering buying NoDoz for the first time since college. 

4).  The walls seem to keep running into you.

3).  You suddenly find Sesame Street more difficult to follow than a JJ Abrams show. 

2).  You see the zombies on "The Walking Dead" and wish you looked half as pretty as they do.

1).  You have brushed your teeth with diaper cream, and it took you a while to realize things just didn't taste "right."


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