10 Signs You've Watched 'Frozen' Too Many Times

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The other day my ten-year-old son went into the bathroom he shares with his sister and shut the door. I presume he had to take care of some business. Moments later, his little sister, age seven, came looking for him. She noticed the closed door, knocked on it, and sang, “Do you want to build a snowman?”

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And that’s when I knew. She had watched Disney’s Frozen way too many times.

But it wasn’t just her. Our whole family has watched Frozen way too many times, ever since it was released on DVD last week.

10 Signs You've Watched Frozen Too Many Times

Here, from personal experience, are the 10 Signs You’ve Watched Frozen Too Many Times:

1. You knock on every closed door and sing, “Do you want to build a snowman?”


2. You wave your hands around dramatically as if ice, snowflakes, snow, sleet and other magic stuff will shoot out.


3. Your next car might be a sled with a cup holder and you are thinking about getting a reindeer as the family pet.


4. You don’t need a coat because the cold never bothered you anyway.


5. You greet everyone by saying: “Hi! I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs.”


6. Rocks are now treasured. They might morph into friendly trolls who are Love Experts.


7. When you set the table for dinner, you always sing, “Who knew we owned eight thousand salad plates?”


8. You say prayers that the Disney Store can make enough Elsa costumes so that everyone who wants one can get one.


9. At least once a day you say, “Woo hoo! Big summer blowout!”


10. You instantly dislike anyone named “Hans.”


Have you and your family watched Frozen too many times? How can you tell?


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