10 Simple Tips On Blogging From The Heart

Lately I’ve been getting such nice messages from readers and bloggers alike telling me how much they love my writing.  They often ask me, “Tina, where do you come up with your ideas on what to blog about?”  My answer is simple: it all comes from the heart.

I’m no expert blogger.  In fact, I’m no expert on anything really, except what I already know.  I still have a lot to learn.  Sometimes I feel like an amateur compared to most of the blogs that I read.  Even though I’ve been blogging since high school, there are so many things that I haven’t mastered yet.  Despite what naysayers may think, there is an art to blogging but it is not something you need to study like a maniac so you pass some blogging test.  Here are ten simple tips that I follow while crafting a blog:


1. Be Honest

- There is nothing more disheartening than reading someone’s blog saying how much they love something, then finding out somewhere else that they only wrote those things because they wanted some kind of credit.  I’m not saying you have to bash anything, but make sure whatever you are writing about comes from the heart and not for what you think will make people like you.  If it’s not something you’d normally approve of, then don’t write about it at all.  People read your blog because they want to hear about your opinions and what interests you.  You’ll gain a larger readership by being honest.  Honesty leads to trust.

2. Ignore The Naysayers

- Most times in life, when you tend to shy away from the typical, people come out from the woodwork and boy, do they have opinions.  That’s great.  Let them speak their minds.  Just ignore them.  What they have to say about you is really none of your business nor is it good for positive creativity.  Who wants to read the same blog with the same boring format, anyway?

3. Don’t Apologize, Yet Publish With Caution

- Every single person on this earth was put here to have different opinions and viewpoints.  We’ve all walked different paths so we may see things differently than others.  Do not be ashamed for having an opinion.  As long as you are not harming anyone, expressing an opinion is your God given right.  Also, don’t apologize for staying silent as well.  Silence, I’m slowly finding out, is more powerful than words.  Sometimes the things we say can lead us into a lot of trouble (Paula Deen, anyone?)  Either way, just make sure everything you say (or don’t say) is backed behind cold hard facts and experience.  Never apologize for being able to think for yourself.

4. Rave, Rave, Rave

- You can always find me raving about a band or a book I just read…or about those heavenly chocolate chip and vanilla bean frappuccinos at Starbucks.  I like to promote what I love.  Blogging is the number one outlet in raving about what you like, who you are and what you aspire to be.  Don’t waste your time and energy blogging about what you think people want to hear or what will get you noticed.  Eventually, the right people will notice.  Don’t force it.

5. Talk About Past Experiences

- People want to hear real stories, not something you’ve made up to sound important.  If an event or circumstance has changed your life, write about it.  If you feel alone or think others will never understand, by blogging about it, you just might get a lovely surprise.  Blogging gives people from all walks of life a place to connect with others who may be feeling the same way.  Pour your heart out.  It helps.

6. Keep It Classy

- I pride myself on being classy.  Sure I may sputter out a few swear words a lot (sorry, I live in New York and people are…well, rude) but I like to keep my writing G rated.  My family and friends read my blogs and I like to make them proud (not that I do anything worth hiding, but still.)  I always say your online reputation should match your real-life one.  Be smart. Be real.

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