(PHOTOS) 10 Spring 2012 Fashion Trends I Love

What spring fashion trends can I expect to see arriving in stores throughout the next couple of months?
Expect to see color, and lots of it! From classic pastel dresses to neon colored pumps, this year's trends are sure to put that spring in your step.
From New York to Paris, the spring 2012 runways were bursting at the seams with fun new and old styles and trends to incorporate into our modern wardrobes. Here are the top 10 budding trends for spring:

1. Peplum: a short full flounce or an extension of a garment below the waist, covering the hips.


This is a surprisingly flattering style, as it conceals bulges and causes the waist to appear smaller. Though Dior paired their gorgeous peplum jackets with full skirts (as seen above), peplum is most flattering with a narrower lower-half. Think pencil skirts and fitted cropped pants. It's a fun style, as you can dress it up with satin or down with denim. It's widely variable and better in a thicker fabric but must be well fitted to look right. If you can't afford designer prices, find a vintage version and take it to your local dry cleaner or tailor to fit.

peplum black and red

2. Statement sunglasses: Look for round, cat's-eye or a combination of the two. Large square frames in plastic look modern as well. We're not seeing too many metal frames at the moment, though aviators always look great.

oversize sunglasses

3. Pastels: Ever since I was a kid I've worn pastel dresses for Easter, so it came as no surprise that pastels were all over spring 2012 runways. But pairing pastel upon pastel upon pastel is a refreshing take on a less than original idea.

pastel dress

4. Thick lace, eyelets, and crochets: Not your Grandma's drab lace curtains or sexy black lace (though black lace is always a great option). Think '60s flower-child instead, only modern, longer and in more classic silhouettes.

lace dresses

5. Ladylike: Proper dresses and skirt-suits in feminine colors add a softer look to the modern working woman's wardrobe. Crisp, clean lady-like short-suits are adorable, but are probably better worn in the fall with tights. That's a lot of leg for the office.

ladylike suits

6. Neon: Head-to-toe, color-blocked or used sparingly as an accent, it's a playful look reminiscent of the '80s, though a bit tamer. Not ready to revisit neons? Grab a belt, earrings, bracelet or a pair of shoes, pair them with neutrals like soft grays, nudes, blushes or whites, and you're ready to go.

neon collage

7. Brightly colored shoes: I think this one speaks for itself. But look for shoes with a few bright colors or one solid throughout. Click here for links to the shoes featured below.

bright shoes hero size

8. Tangerine: It's Pantone's color of the year . Each and every designer incorporated this bright hue into a handful of garments in their collections. Looks fresh with tans, browns and neutrals.

tangerine color dress

9. Head-to-Toe Prints: Not easy to pull off. Mixing prints is a great way to avoid looking like you're wearing pajamas. Though, actually, we've been seeing pajamas on the street-style blogs. So why not go for it? Just throw on your satin pj's and a great pair of heels.

head-to-toe prints

10. Drop-waist and a '20s revival: This sort of deco/art nouveau trend is always fun when it makes a comeback. Think flappers, but without the fringe and costumey aspects. Early Coco Chanel, soft pinks and blushes with black accents, pearls and marcasite jewelry.

flapper dress

What will you be wearing this year? What are your spring trends?

BlogHer Style Editor Maegan Tintari {@loveMaegan} is a Fashion, Home & Lifestyle blogger in Los Angeles. Go to ...love Maegan for your daily dose of inspiration!


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