10 Things About Me

When Suzie Ivy tells me to jump, I damn well jump. (It's the pink cuff links that do it.) And I jump, even when that jump means I have to do a 10 things about me meme. Yep, that's how forceful Detective Ivy is.

So here's my list, of more than 10... with a little help from some of the folks who live here.

1) I wear socks even though I hate them. (TW)
2) I am bullshit proof. (Prince J.)
3) I am, like Bad Luck Detective, a conservative Democrat, (like Detective Ivy!)
4) I love lists but I hate meme-type lists (so it should be a bit of a shock that I'm doing this one.)
5) I would like to have a completely private blog but I am really bad at being anonymous. (Another shocker, right?)
6) I don't like socks, but wear them anyway. (TW) And I prefer to wear mismatched sox because I don't like matchy things. (Elly)
7) I doodle flowers on notepads when I'm on phone calls. (Elly)
8) People often think I collect things just because I say that I like them -- which sometimes leads me to like those things less. See: Smiely Faces, Cats, Flamingos etc. (TW and Elly)
9) I'm never naked. (Which is ridiculous but it's a long-running joke around here because their mother is always naked.) (Elly and RJ)
10) I am the young children's father, though some of them are not suupposed to call me that. (RJ)
11) My alter ego is Darth Vader. (I am your father...) (RJ)
12) I am a stickler about having the toilet paper on the roll the PROPER way. (Elly) I am actually a stickler about quite a few things -- like loading the dishwasher (nobody does it right!) and picking up things that you drop on the damn floor rather than just leaving them there foreverrrrrrrrr.
13) I haven't had my haircut in a salon in 10 years -- but I have let my teen daughter cut my hair. And once, I consented to let someone cut my hair with a steak knife (during a game of Zobmondo aka Would You Rather.) (TW, Elly, and RJ)

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