10 Things About Me

I haven't been on BlogHer in a while, and after checking in, I saw Bad Luck Detective's Challenge to share 10 things about ourselves, to connect with other bloggers. It's a great idea to foster connections among us, and it's especially a good idea for me, because I don't have any posts yet! (Sorry for being a lurker...)

Here are my 10 things:

1. I love going to the beach! I hope to get a trailer someday, for taking mini vacations.

2. I'm married to someone whose primary language is French... but I'm more conversant in Spanish.

3. My father grew up on a farm in Arkansas, and I think that's where I get my love of gardening (and mint iced tea!) from.

4. I wanted to be an entertainment journalist growing up. I interviewed Questlove of The Roots at his place in the mid-90s for a small hip-hop magazine. I also interned at Rolling Stone magazine.

5. I am a lady griller!!! Anything from vegetables to ribs and leg of lamb.

6. I'm very shy/socially anxious, etc. in person. Thank God for writing. And one-on-one conversations.

7. The first music I remember owning? The cassette version of Songs From the Big Chair, by Tears for Fears.

8. The TMZ TV show is a guilty pleasure--not so much for the gossip, but for how the staffers riff on the stories and razz each other.

9. I loathe okra and anchovies. But I eat just about everything else.

10. I may be the last person on Earth who hasn't attended a Zumba class yet. (I'm sure I'd love it, though. I love dancing and dance aerobics.)

That's a bit about me. Tell me about yourself! And thanks for visiting my page. Please bear with me, I think I'll be adding more content here in the near future. But in the meantime, I blog 3 days a week at tastydiet.wordpress.com.

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