10 Things I Will Never Say to My Kids

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5. Always keep 25 cents in your wallet in case you need to call home.
A friend of mine posted on Facebook that he recently watched Back to the Future with his seven-year-old daughter. She enjoyed the movie, but had never seen a phone booth.

4. I'd rather wait until it is at the dollar show.
Blockbuster movies used to have a sweet spot: Between theatrical release at major theaters and their released on video date, you could go to a slightly grubby cinema and see it for a dollar. I am pretty sure I never paid more than a dollar for a movie for an entire decade.

3. You're out of Aqua Net already?
Aqua Net was a necessity until the mid 90s. I think it was the only brand that could freeze mall bangs into place. CFCs (prevalent in aerosol cans) and how they caused the hole in the ozone is also something my children are not likely to know about.

2. We can wait 20 minutes for a non-smoking table, or we can get a smoking one now.
Same goes for bars and planes. I am happy my mom always made us wait for the non-smoking option.

1. I didn't bring my camera, can you print me doubles of yours?
Now that the digital photo frame has come down in price, I am not sure my children will ever get a photo printed again, let alone print them for someone instead of sharing them online.

What will you never say to your children?


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