10 things that make my day 10x better




1. waking up to a clean kitchen. if i can go to bed without a dish in the sink-

i wake up happy. in fact, i can't sit and truly relax until the dinner mess is gone. cause i know tomorrow will make me want to kill small rodents just looking at the tragically upsetting space.


2. make the bed. {i give myself until lunch when spousal unit gets home},

but it makes a huge difference when it is. huge. just do it.

and one day, when my bed is cuter, that will be even more fun.


3. get dressed before 10. i have learned a few things about myself: 1} i feel better and accomplish more when i have jeans on vs. sweats, and 2} it makes my husband feel better when he sees me {though he probably wouldn't admit it} he didn't marry me for how hot i look in sweats.... cause we all know i do...


4. get ready- makeup, hair, brush teeth. if i am ready to go, getting out is easier to throw in the day.


this was my to do list when i was pregnant. WOW. why is it so much easier to get crap done now with less time?


5. get some vitamin D for the sake of getting vitamin D. truth is, it's easy to go days without seeing the sun and not notice it. but by then, i feel it in a bad bad way. just walking down to the mail counts, but if i can go on a walk or a drive, i feel like i'm on freakin vacation!  {i do things, i promise. just not always to enjoy the sun.}


6. something creative. i have too many started projects right now {thanks, mom, for that genetic dysfunction}.  apparently my upbeat personality depends on them like cocaine. second only to reorganizing drawers and closets, it's what makes me feel productive in a day. i love when my response to "what did you do today?" includes some new something i created.


7. read. like sit and read. a book, preferably. it has been a while, but i have 2 good ones i am reading now, one by day and one by night.  it's nice to do something for my mind.


8. something active. some days, life happens instead of our workout @ night, so i have to be able to get my groove on in case that happens. i try to walk as often as i can. i probably should every day... and soon i am going to start running again....cause i am starting to believe we were all born to run. i guess we'll see...


9. think ahead about dinner. i'm not the kind to have dinner waiting when my husband gets home. at least not right now. before baby, when Wife was my only title, sure. those days are on vacation for a while.  but if i can thaw chicken, or prep veggies...etc, then we can eat sooner after the workout. {truth be told, husband has jumped in the kitchen many times in the past few months and it's been so fun to invent recipes with him and cook together. i just need to bring my inner-boyscout to the table. pun-intended}


10. get in some QT for just us.  when bubba goes down, dinner is done, and before we even get to one of our 2 shows we will watch before bed, the cuddle and catch up time is what puts a pretty little bow on an otherwise just "good" day. 



so far, i have done 1-6.

why? cause i blogged about it.


what? did you think i do these every day?

excuse me, but hells no.

supermoms are highly overrated, and i am not one of em.


i just needed someone to sit me down and say,

"get your head in the game, missy!"

and since i can't ignore the blog.....



i am pretty sure today will be 10x better...


big red clifford

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