10 Things NOT to Say to a Parent of an Aspie

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10. Life’s tough, he needs to experience these things to get on in life: oh! Yup! Course he does… but while your child might be able to deal with (insert supermarkets, walking on lines, not drinking from the right colored cup, getting a haircut) mine will have a meltdown for up to eight hours at a time. And by meltdown, I don’t mean tantrum -- there’s a difference. Your idea of my kid just needing to "harden up" shows a lack of understanding of Asperger’s.

Ok, I’m aware that some of these things may sound harsh and I know that often people say these things coming from a good place. But maybe, you’ll see that it can sometimes be a little insensitive to a parent who is loving an Aspie day in and day out. We are so lucky, but sometimes things can be hard.

As an alternative, how about:

“You’re doing a great job! Is there anything I can do to help?”

(if you said this, I might just burst into tears)

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