10 Things A Sleepless Mama Doesn't Need To Hear


Rose is a tough sleeper. Some nights, if I'm super, super lucky, she gives me a five hour stretch of sleep. Most nights she wakes every two to three hours. Some nights she just.won't.sleep.

I've tried soothing baths, feeding late, feeding early, changing her foods, letting her cry, not letting her cry, physical exercise, a soothing routine...and pretty much nothing has worked. I have been without a good night's sleep for about a year and a half (including the last 3 months of pregnancy, which were pretty uncomfortable for sleep.)

Keeping in mind that I'm short on sleep, exhausted mentally and physically, there are a few things that are JUST not helpful to hear! Oh, you can say them if you want my steely glare or perhaps the silent treatment, but otherwise, please, friends and relatives, keep them to yourselves!

Here are my top ten things that a sleepless momma doesn't want to hear:

1. You look tired.
You know, I know I'm tired, and I'm sure I'm looking harsh, but my self esteem is already suffering (why can't I get this baby to sleep? What am I doing wrong??), so pointing out the baggage I'm carrying under my eyes or the drool on the corner of my mouth certainly doesn't help that.

2. Oh, Was the baby awake last night?
The baby is awake EVERY NIGHT. If you know me at all, you know my baby is awake every night (as evidenced by the aforementioned bags and drool.) Pointing out that you slept right through the night is only going to fuel my feelings of jealousy for all you sleep-through-the-nighters.

3. You know she'll sleep better if you...(insert random advice.)
Please know that after 15 months of her not sleeping, I have researched the Internet, talked to the doctor, talked to other moms, and tried it all. Yes, EVEN THAT (insert random weird internet sleep fad here.)

4. It's a short span of time in your life, and she'll eventually sleep through the night.
I'm here to tell you, it's not a short span of time. It's eons, eternity, and the less I sleep the longer it seems.

5. Enjoy it while it lasts. You get to enjoy that time you have alone together.


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