10 things women do when their man is traveling

 Let's just get right to it, shall we?

  1. Skip shower for a day, or two.
    Depends, if she's got to step out. which brings me to the next point.
  2. Call up the gals/chicas/homegirls/homies.women internet shopping cartoon
    Woohoo catchup time!
  3. Load up on coffee or booze
    as a result of the above.
  4. Shop! 
    Mostly done with a cup of coffee online these days, but malls are always "a good workout honey!"
  5. Catch up on reading
    while consuming foods you don't like.
  6. Watch chick flicks 
    Well this one should be understood. embarrassment perhaps for a few of us comes to mind.
  7. Roam in your pajamas ALL day
    Just cuz she can. Don't need to be hot, but doesn't mean that she doesn't feel sexy. (segue...)
  8. Self pleajaaah!
    sorry boys, nothing personal its just that sometimes she needs the fuss without the mess. ;)
  9. Clean
    Keeps her occupied, kills time and well, she can at least enjoy the house clean for a few days. Again nothing personal, we know there are boys out there who enjoy good housekeeping, right?
  10. Then there's the miscellaneous 
    Sneak in a smoke, work, G2 friends, gym, Facebook, Twitter, or if you are me, blog and all of the above!

This ones for you babe, with lots of love...

Have fun folks! And ladies if there is something I've missed, blame it on ah ah ah alcohol.


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