1. NEVER under-estimate an individual because they are on the spectrum. Some of the most intelligent, interesting, and most capable people I know have Autism. 

2. Don't assume that people with autism are emotionless or uncaring if they don't respond in a way you would expect others to respond. Often times people on the spectrum have a harder time displaying and sorting their feelings and emotions. Sometimes they see things so black and white that they may not see your side.

3. Do not judge someone's behavior who has autism. Over-stimulation can cause their bodies to react and sensory issues often accompany ASD. Lights are much brighter, sounds are much louder, tastes and textures are much more intense. Even something as simple as being touched can hurt some people with autism if their sensory issues are off. It can be like an internal traffic jam of signals. Being helpful in these situations is much more useful than being judgmental.

4. Give people with autism the time to get their thoughts out, it can take a bit longer for individuals with asd to decipher and process information.

5. Don't make comparisons. If you have met one person who has autism then you have met ONE person who has autism. Everybody is different.

6. Offering choices can be very helpful, but don't give out too many choices, it can be overwhelming.

7. Routine is a very important part of most people's lives who live with autism. If the daily routine gets messed up it can make things confusing or overwhelming. Be understanding.

8. People who have autism are VERY capable of love and CAN be close to their parents, friends, etc.. I actually had a doctor tell me that my son wouldn't have a close relationship with me if he had autism. That is FALSE.

9. DON'T assume that people who have autism don't understand you. Non-verbal or not, assuming makes an ass out of U and ME. 

10. RAISE THE BAR. Don't hold someone back because they are on the spectrum and you think they can't do something. Let them try.

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