10 Tips and an Inspiring Interview

From Ann Naylor 10 Tips For Being The Best You Can Be

No matter how frustrated, troubled or dispirited on the surface, deep down everyone I have met is truly extraordinary. However hidden, the human spirit, the diamond is always there; in you, in me.

For many of us, these times are rough. Perhaps now we can come to know and appreciate more fully our capacity for endurance and the brightness of our human spirit. What is more, we can take the polishing more into our own hands.

Huffington Post readers really seem to appreciate Naylor's tips. Definitely a post worth reading.

And, an interview with a 97-year old physician in Japan who has an infectious zest for life.

My inspiration is Robert Browning's poem "Abt Vogler." My father used to read it to me. It encourages us to make big art, not small scribbles. It says to try to draw a circle so huge that there is no way we can finish it while we are alive. All we see is an arch; the rest is beyond our vision but it is there in the distance.

Do you see any tips from either you might incorporate into your life? Any you would add?