10 Tips to Being a Happy and Productive Stay-at-Home Mom

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8. Limit electronics. Leaving the computer and TV on all day can cause you and your kids to become zombies. Shut them off and have some time to actually get down on the floor and play with your kids, read books, sing songs, do crafts, or play outside.

9. Slow down and include the kids. When you are cleaning or cooking, if your child shows interest in what you are doing, let them help! Most household activities kids can participate in with you, and it will make them feel like your big helper. It may take longer to get done, but it will teach them what you are doing and make them feel special. In the end they will be learning responsibilities and having fun with mom at the same time!

10. Show love everyday. The most important thing in my opinion, and it goes for everyone, not just stay at home moms, is to show your love for one another. I think that when you show love to your family it makes it easier for them to show love in return, which equals happiness. Hug them, kiss them, cuddle them. Make them know that they are loved everyday!


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