10 ways to beat the holiday blues

how to beat the holiday blues

A few weeks ago, I talked about having a case of the sads. There were some specific things going on in my life, but I think a lot of people can get down around the holidays in general. Here are some oh my personal tips for avoiding the holiday blues and what works for me -
1. Exercise. This is a no-brainer, right. We all know that exercise creates endorphins, which puts you in a better mood (see also, Elle Woods' argument in Legally Blonde re: happy people don't kill their husbands). Plus, if you are anything like me, you're eating your face off this time of year - there's so many parties going on with so many tasty morsels. I'm not one to not partake, so I gotta get my exercise on to attempt to counterbalance some of those extra calories.
2. Decorate. Physically decorating for the holidays can be annoying since dragging out a million boxes and rearranging all your stuff is a pain. But my house feels so much cheerier with the holiday decorations. I hate the cold weather, but the pretty decorations make it a little easier to bear.
3. Light a fire and/or snuggle under blankies. If you're like me and trying to beat the cold, a nice warm fire makes me so happy. If you don't have a fireplace, they have some great affordable stand alone fire/heating units (like this one) or you could even just get this fireplace dvd. Or just crank up the heat and snuggle under some comfy blankies. Including a loved one and/or a snuggly pup/kitty optional (but recommended).

holiday blues

4. Eat your face off (sorta). This is the opposite of #1, so if you do this one you should probably do #1 as well. You probably shouldn't go too overboard but the holidays are a hard time to be 100% healthy. Absolutely continue to eat healthy most of the time but enjoy your favorite holiday treats especially when you're celebrating with family and friends. Try to get a plate full of some of the healthy stuff at parties so you can indulge in some treats relatively guilt-free. Though the diet/healthy eating shouldn't go completely out the window, you have to indulge a bit. YOLO, as the kids say. Do they kids even still say that? Whatever.
5. Check out all the pretty Christmas decorations. I hate the cold but I love sparkles and twinkly lights. If you want to hide out from the cold, brew some coffee at home or get some starbucks and drive around a pretty neighborhood and ogle the lights. In a non-creepy way of course. 
6. Drink any warm beverage. Booze optional. A tasty hot chocolate or a frothy latte is perfect this time of year.

holiday blues

7. Presents. Though all the money spending during the holidays can stress me out, finding the perfect present for someone is a pretty good feeling. There is still plenty of time to shop online now (and avoid the craziness of the malls) and still get your items in on time. Some of my favorite gifts haven't been expensive but instead have been super thoughtful. Giving a great gift to someone you love is a great way to stay cheery this season.
8. Donate/volunteer. Along the same lines, this is a great time to donate to charities. Studies show that giving to charity is good for you. It makes people happier and more satisfied. The end of the year is a great time to give to a local charity, even if it's just a few dollars, or volunteer. It'll make you feel good and it'll remind you of the things in your own life that you should be thankful for.
9. Buy something for yourself. On the other end of the spectrum - with all the shopping for others and gift giving, if you are feeling down/blue, get yourself something to cheer yourself up. There are lots of sales now so it's a great time to find a deal.
10. Dress up your pet(s) and laugh at them. This one always cheers me up!

Hope that no one is struggling with the holiday blues too much. But if you are, hope some of these tips will help you out. What are some of your ways to beat the holiday blues?

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend and hope to catch up on life a little. Last weekend, me and my ocd-ness was busy decorating, planning our party and then cleaning up from our party. So it'll be nice to relax. Remember to link up your own home holiday decor here (open all month) and your pet-related post here (open through Sunday night)! I'm also doing a flash ad sale - get 35% off of all ads with code "pugmas" through Sunday night. Everyone have a nice weekend!!

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