10 year old girls commit suicide?

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I've developed a pretty thick skin when it comes to the latest health scare or statistic. I've said before that I barely listen to FDA warnings and recalls. Studies that indicate teens are at risk for x, y and z don't faze me. I've seen too much and I've heard it all. I can't afford to get caught up in every horror story or every health scare. I share info. I track down supporting links. I mention statistics and I keep moving to the next horrible issue. That thick skin works pretty well, most of the time. Today's study from the CDC seems to have broken through - just enough to get me ticked off.

Suicide rates for girls ages 10-14 increased 76% in 2004.

Wrap your head around that. A 10 year old should be thinking about having a suicide at McDonalds not committing SUICIDE.

There is some speculation that the increase in suicides could be related to the decrease in antidepressant use. I'm not really buying that, not for the 10-14 year old age group. Could the increase be related to bullying? Or to the perfect girls syndrome that many think is behind the rise in disordered eating?

I don't have the answers but I'd like some. What is going on in the world of a 10 year old girl or a 12 year old girl that causes her to think about suicide - to try and commit suicide - to succeed? What is the difference between her life and the life of the boy sitting in class with her everyday? He isn't trying to kill himself. Why is she?

How many of you have 10 year old daughters? How about 12 year old daughters? Look at them and then say the word suicide to yourself, very quietly. Does that word sound anything like something your daughter should be thinking about? When you pull into your child's elementary or middle school tomorrow, or see the kids getting on and off of the bus, look at those girls and think about child suicide. Look for warning signs. If you see them, get help.

While you're thinking about girls and suicide, could you spare a few positive thoughts or kind words for Young, Chic and Social? It sounds like she could use them.

So now that I finally decided to try and make a change for the first time in my life, its been disaster after disaster. My mother literally snapped when I told her, she has so so sooo many emotional problems of her owen and would never even think of seeking help well this defiantly triggered a “crazy attack” for her. The last week has been HELL to be around her, she bitches at me every 5 minuets. Because you know starting a new school because your daughter was unhappy to a point where she wants to kill herself is something you shouldn’t support at all.

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