10 years from today....2024

February, 13, 2024 will be a Tuesday. I will have a 21 year old daughter and a 22 year old daughter. I will be 61 years old. My husband will be 60 and still working every day. <----of this I am certain.

As for what I will be doing....

Crap shoot. Toss up. Random chance.

I hope to be fully functioning. By that I mean ambulatory. I will be 46 years into my Rheumatoid Arthritis so baring a medical breakthrough CURE; I have the possibility of being in tough shape physically. You can only replace so many joints. Or so they say today...in 2014.

I hope both of my girls have been in college. I hope both have excellent health. I know my husband will still be an exercise junkie. I hope I am not too fat.

Ten years seems far away but the last ten years have almost happened overnight. Ten years ago I was working full time with my husband at the construction business. My baby, Lea, was 1 year old and my Grace was 2-1/2 and barely walking. I was interviewing nannies.

Today, the nanny I hired is a mother to her own beautiful set of twins, Grace and Noah. She is a successful Kindergarten teacher and I love her dearly.

Ten years ago I only had a replaced hip. Today, I have a new knee, all new finger joints in one hand, my neck is fully rebuilt with titanium screws and rods and wires and all the joints in my feet have been removed.  I could never have imagined such an eventuality.

My daughter Grace is 12-1/2 years without a seizure and her walking turned into running. Except for her right hand, which is slowly improving, you would never know she had a stroke. My prayers continue to include hope for continued improvement to this last remaining sign of her tumultuous first 3 years of life. She was given to us and I believe, this world, as a symbol of pure Grace. I predicted she would change the world, and she has already changed mine in countless ways.

My daughter, Lea, is a phenom in everything she does. She is bold, dynamic, and loud and lives big. Much like her father. I refer to her...secretly, as Boyd with a va-jay-jay.And that is a compliment. Her future will no doubt continue along this path. It is all within her grasp and she only needs to slow down long enough to grab ahold of it. Whatever the "it" turns out to be.

Ten years from now I will still be the proudest mom and most vigilant protector of my two wonderful girls. The greatest gifts I ever received.

My marriage vows will be 31 years old and we made those vows, till death do us part. So....assuming no death has parted us, Boyd and I will be kissing each other every morning and every evening just as we do today. I cannot imagine notbeing married to Boyd so there is that as well.

I rarely look ahead. One day at a time. Not because of AA, just for life management. So much gets crammed into every day and why would I wish any of these jewels away by thinking about tomorrow when I can bask in the glory of today. <------it rhymed and I couldn't stop my fingers from typing it out. Sorry for the early morning cheese.

Today's perspective is just that. Today's. I have not been successful at predicting the future. No one has yet to come back and let me know how it's going to go. I will keep on my path of coming from a loving place and hoping it translates into a happy life. What else can I do?

So far I feel pretty good about my chances, despite what I may have said or written in the past.....

As for me getting fat...I am adopting a new idea that I stole from someone else....

I am going to TASTE everything but EAT nothing.

I think I can make this philosophy work in several areas of my life if I stretch the meaning of EAT to include things other than just dinner.

It's my perspective today.

But alas, time will tell.....it always does.

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