100 Days to Hippie

I'm an environmentally-conscious, twenty-something single mom living in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm a middle school English teacher by day, blogger by night. My goal is to inspire people with my weird and random collection of hippie-esque projects. 

I've been a self-proclaimed "tree hugger" for as long as I can remember.
After reading this book at the ripe age of five, I convinced my preschool teacher to stop serving our juice in styrofoam cups, in favor of biodegradable paper. That was just the beginning.

I grew up with a compost pile, no red meat, and a total absence of fruit roll ups. My parents drove the same old Toyota Corolla for ten years. In my first foray into adulthood, I rebelled the lifestyle I was brought up with. I happily scarfed microwaveable frozen dinners, bought SUVs and minivans, and paid exorbitant rates for satellite TV.

Fortunately I regained sanity, got a divorce, and came back to my roots. I'm not an extremist. I don't live on a homestead with other hippies or cook biodiesel in my backyard. But I do try to make conscious choices every day to make my life healthier -- for my kids, myself, and the planet.

My blog chronicles those lifestyle choices, as well as particular ideas and projects I encounter. It also serves as reminder for me -- to be myself, to live my life the way I want to, and to take each day at a time.


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