100 Foods

I've been giving a lot of thought to the ol' Life List, lately.  Not that I fear grad school equals The End of Life As I Know It, or anything....


When I wrote my List, I was thinking about trying new things.  Really, anything.  Stuff that I had been saying no to for most of my life because I was too afraid, too busy, too focused, too committed to Getting Things Done.  Different food was one of those things.  Because what if I spent money on it and didn't like it, right?  What a waste!  Why risk THAT when I had a perfectly good selection of perfectly good food that was perfectly enjoyable?


Except that doing the same things, eating the same foods, walking the same path, breathing the same air, going through the motions, isn't exactly living.  And having crawled through the dark and viscous, rancid and dragging Hell of grief and loss....  Well, it's time to live.

So.  I have 39 days before the Student Portal opens for graduate students and I can get my learn on.  39 days into 100 new foods equal 2.56 per day, or about 18 new foods per week.


But still.  When one considers that we have three meals and two snacks every day, or 195 opportunities to eat something different, it's not that overwhelming.

Okay, actually it is.  And potentially complicated.  So, what if I were to just pop into the grocery store once a week, choose 7 things I've never eaten before, bring them home, and eat them?  That should work out to 100 foods in 100 days.  With the added bonus of sustaining me through hours of reading and research...

Optimism is good.

My daughter is thoroughly taken with the movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.  Her fascination ranges from tormenting her brother:  ("I smell...  I smell.... CHICKEN BRENT!")  To complicated plans involving harnessing the power of the sun to fuel her as-yet-to-be-built backyard treehouse lab, wherein external devices will be programmed to translate "squirrel" into English (sadly, we have no feces-throwing monkeys around) in order to be adequately prepared for gummy bear attacks and rat bird development.  Here is her vision board (i.e. sticky notes attached to bunkbed ladder):

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