100 Rep Workout

Here's a workout plan to get your blood pumping. This plan will take your muscles to exhaustion. It's a full body workout plan to rev up your metabolic burn!

  • The cardio element features jumping rope. Jumping rope is great for your heart. If you're new to it, be patient as it takes time to complete 200 rotations without tripping on the rope.
  • Your best bet is to use a plastic rope, which is easier to work with. If jumping rope isn't for you, do 200 jumping jacks OR 2 minutes hard on the stepper machine before continuing with the strength moves.
  • It's important when completing this plan to use LIGHT free weights. I suggest 5, 8, or 10 lb weights. The lower the weight, the better overall tone you will achieve while completing a heavy repetition plan like this one.

The Plan

Complete 100 repetitions of each exercise listed below.

100 Flat Presses  for Chest

100 Bicep Curls for Arms

200 rotations of jumping rope

1 minute rest

100 Reverse Crunch for Abs

100 Bicycles for Abs

100 Deep Squats for Legs

100 Hammer Presses for Shoulders

200 rotations of jumping rope

1 minute rest

100 Up-Down Planks for Abs

100 Mountian Climbers for Abs

100 Bent Over Rows for Back

100 Tricep Kickbacks for Triceps, 50 each side

200 rotations of jumping rope

1 minute rest

100 Straight Leg Toe Touches for Abs

100 Straight Leg Drops for Abs

200 rotations of jumping rope

Advanced level users should complete 2 sets of each exercise or, use 10-12 lb weight for exercises.

For more fitness plans, visit http://thisandthatcat.com/category/healthy-living/cardio-training/

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